Best Children’s Religious Biographies in 2022

Children's Religious Biographies

The importance of reading children's religious biographies cannot be overstated. These books help children learn about different life events in the lives of famous religious figures and saints. The first event in a person's life is their birth, which marks their entrance into the world. Other life events include accident, sickness, or death. The books help children learn about these events and how they shape the life of others. The following are some reasons why children should read these biographies.

Simonetta Carr

Simonetta Carr is a celebrated author of Children's Religious Biographies, which are a visual delight and teach biblical truths. Her books are published by Reformation Heritage Books and feature beautifully-illustrated pages. Simonetta Carr also has written a semi-fictional biography, Weight of a Flame: the Passion of Olympia Morata, part of the "Chosen Daughters" series.

For young readers, the Christian Biographies for Young Readers series introduces kids to key figures in church history. With beautiful illustrations and superior materials, the stories in these books go beyond factual information and show how God used the person throughout theological history. As a writer, Simonetta Carr shows her skill as she delves into the complicated world of English history, adding explanations to unfamiliar events and situations. The series includes titles on Augustine of Hippo, John Calvin, Lady Jane Grey, and the Reformation.

Jonathan Edwards' biography is another well-researched book. The ten-year-old son of the founder of the United States spends an entire year on a mission trip with Indians. The theological contributions of Edwards are briefly explained, but not in great detail. In addition to his concern for the church, Edwards was an outstanding example of a pious man.

The main facts of Athanasius are summarised in an engaging way. Simonetta takes the time to explain details drawn from history, while never overwhelming the main storyline. As such, children will enjoy this volume of Children's Religious Biographies. The Reformation Heritage Books series contains five books that are both informative and entertaining. When considering which to purchase, be sure to check out the publisher's website for more information.

Matt Abraxas

One of the most well-illustrated children's religious biographies is Anselm of Canterbury by Matt Abraxas. It's not only a beautiful book, but it also tells a story. The beautiful illustrations by Matt Abraxas will captivate young minds. The book features a timeline and full-color photographs, enhancing the story's educational value.

The Christian Biographies for Young Readers series focuses on important figures in the church and history. Matt Abraxas and Simonetta Carr have crafted a series that introduces children to some of the most influential figures in the history of Christianity. These books include a biography of Augustine of Hippo, Puritan notables, and Church fathers. Each title includes a brief biography, a timeline, maps, and background information about the character, as well as the events of the person's life.

David Livingstone

If you're reading a religious biography for your children, you might want to include the life of David Livingstone. David Livingstone, the first European to explore central Africa, was an outstanding figure who earned the royal Geographic Society of London's gold medal. His missionary efforts and achievements as a missionary earned him continued recognition in British society. Historians consider him to be a pivotal figure in the history of Europe and the world.

In the nineteenth century, Livingstone represented the tension between religion and science. His life in Africa was complicated, as he straddled the lines between the two. But despite these complexities, Livingstone's work helped to spread Christianity to many unreached peoples. In children's religious biographies, Livingstone's life story is a compelling one. Children will learn about his life in a compelling way and develop a love for God.

Growing up in a mill town in Scotland, David and his family struggled to make ends meet. He was a talented and resourceful young man who read all the science books he could find. He dreamed of exploring the unknown. He eventually became a missionary doctor in Africa and traveled to places no other white man had visited. He not only healed people through his medical skills, but he also reached their hearts with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While the story of David Livingstone is fascinating, it's also important to remember that he was not a saint. He had a rough childhood in Blantyre, Scotland. His parents were cotton factory owners, so Livingstone had to work in the cotton mill from an early age. As a child, he often endured twelve-hour days as a piecer, tying broken cotton threads to the spinning machines.

Elisabeth Elliot

When Elisabeth Elliot was just a young woman, she was working in the jungle of Ecuador, when a tribe of Stone Age people attacked them, spearing their husband. So they decided to go on a mission, taking their toddler daughter, a snake bite kit, a Bible, and a journal. They lived with these primitive people for two years, eventually coming to faith in Jesus.

The author, Janet Benge, has written the children's biography Joyful Surrender, which focuses on the life of Elisabeth Elliot. Elliot was raised in a strict Christian family, but later married her college sweetheart, Jim, who was a professor. Elisabeth spent the next five years teaching and sharing the gospel in Ecuador. Her first husband, a Wheaton College graduate, died in a jungle accident, but her mission continued and she walked into the village in 1958. She made careful notes and recorded the language and culture of the Aucas tribe, and eventually became the first female Christian bestselling author.

The first part of the book is an examination of Christian womanhood, and the author's Christian values are clearly evident. Although she firmly believes in intellectual and spiritual equality of the sexes, Elliot also teaches her readers that women must fulfill their predestined role in marriage. Submitting to her husband is not weakness, but instead, an act of obedience to God.

During her lifetime, Elliot suffered many hardships, including the sex of her husband, and the isolation she felt from her family. She was forced to wait half a decade before he returned, but he was later killed while working in Ecuador. Now, she has a toddler and a mountain to climb - and the responsibility of running a jungle station.

Martin Luther

A graphic novel-styled children's religious biography of Martin Luther tells the story of the Protestant reformer who began the Reformation movement. Luther was a man who desperately sought peace with God and peace in his mind, and this book beautifully captures both. Simonetta Carr's engaging text shows how God's grace changed Luther's life, revealing the truth of Scripture. The Reformation resulted in dramatic change throughout the world.

The printing press was a crucial tool for Luther's reformation, allowing his message to be quickly spread. It also made it possible to create illustrations of Luther as a heroic figure, challenging policies of inequality and poverty. Woodblock printing, which was also common at the time, required more time and produced a poor quality of material. Martin Luther's stories inspire children to remain faithful to God and the truth. The Who What Why series includes FREE Reformation Lapbooks.

A children's biography about Martin Luther will teach children the value of faith, virtue, and freedom. Many children may be unaware that Luther was born into poverty and later fought against the church's views. This updated biography focuses on the most widely accepted version of the man's life and reveals surprising details. It includes illustrations by renowned artist Agostino Traini and paper engineer, and contains numerous pop-ups that allow children to follow the story.

Children's religious biographies about Martin Luther should explore the story behind the reformer's marriage. This scandal affected the reform movement, but it also tarnished his image. However, despite the scandal, Luther and Katharina eventually married and increased the family's wealth. They converted the former monastery into a meeting place for reformers. In 1510, Luther travelled to Rome on behalf of the Augustinian monasteries and was shocked at the level of corruption that he found.

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