Best Children’s Pet eBooks in 2022

Children's Pet eBooks

Looking for Children's Pet eBooks? Choose from a variety of titles, from I Wanna Iguana to Lucky Leopards, to Pigeon Wants a Puppy. There are books for every age range, and all of them have something your little one will love. Below, we'll talk about five titles to get you started. And don't forget to check out the reviews for each one, too.


Lifetime children's pet eBooks give children an opportunity to learn about different animals. For example, they will learn how the caribou sheds 10 sets of antlers, how woodpeckers drill thirty roosting holes, and how seahorses give birth to 1,000 babies. Many of these books include facts not found anywhere else, which will encourage children to think about numbers and consider their endlessly fascinating lives.

When a Pet Dies explains how pets die, and why children experience so many emotions. It also helps them understand that their sadness and anger will soon subside, and that they will eventually be able to feel happy again. Children will find it comforting to read about a pet's death because it addresses the questions they may have. This book also offers children the opportunity to discuss how to deal with the grief process.

I Wanna Iguana

If you're looking for a fun eBook for young readers, consider I Wanna Iguana. This delightful story is about a young boy's wish to have a pet iguana. Alex and his mom engage in witty written exchanges about why the boy should have the animal as a pet. Children will love the colorful illustrations that capture the imagination of a full-grown iguana. I Wanna Iguana is an excellent read-aloud for teaching point of view and persuasive writing.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy

The Pigeon Wants a Puggy is a picture book by Mo Willems, which was published in 2008. This is a story about a pigeon named Thepigeon who wants a puppy. In this eBook, you can read the story yourself. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a student, you're sure to love this book!

Pigeon wants a puppy and promises to take care of it. He will water it at least once a month, play tennis with it, and take good care of it. He won't give up until he gets it. This eBook is a fun way to share this story with your child and to help them learn about different animal care. You'll love reading this cute eBook about a pigeon that wants a puppy!

If you're looking for a cute story about a pigeon who wants a puppy, you should check out Mo Willems' The Pigeon Wants a Puggy eBook. The author is famous for his pigeon books, and his lovable pigeon is no exception. Willems knows when to exaggerate and when to draw back. You'll be reading the book in no time.

When a Pet Dies

A child will never forget their beloved pet, and the sadness that follows its death is natural and part of true grief. The little elfin guide to good grief acknowledges and validates a child's feelings. It acknowledges that these new, confusing, and frightening emotions will be present. This is the first step toward healing. When a child's pet dies, it is normal for a child to feel sad and confused. This eBook helps children deal with these feelings and helps them heal as quickly as possible.

For kids, honesty is the best policy. They need to know that their parents are open and honest with them. However, keeping this information a secret may prevent them from expressing their feelings. Remember that every child is different and will react differently. Some children may not show signs of emotion for days. In these situations, you need to be patient and understand that processing may take a while. It's important to be as honest as possible without triggering any more emotions in children.

When a child's pet dies is a non-fiction book that explains what death is and the grief it causes. It includes helpful information on how to deal with feelings of anger and sadness. Children can also relate to the photographs of pet families, which have long been used as illustrations in the book. This eBook also contains suggestions for how to deal with children's worries about the death of a beloved pet.

Tails are Not for Pulling

For young children, Tails Are Not For Pulling is a fun book about animal behavior. It helps children learn about proper pet care and how to approach animals safely. It connects to a child's life, and even includes an animal-related story for parents to read to their children. The story also teaches children how to properly approach animals and what to look for in a distressed animal. Children can use the book to train their own pets, as well as those of friends.

While toddlers might find it fun to chase family pets, adults can't explain why their little ones might be bothering their pets. They might growl or even show their claws when they play with the animals. A child who pulls a cat's tail will likely get hurt or cause the animal to feel fear. And if they don't give up, the child will eventually get a bite.

Eye Wonder: Mammals

For younger kids, Eye Wonder: Mammals is a fantastic book to explore the lives of their favourite animals. Filled with interesting facts, colorful illustrations, and interactive games, this book is a great way to teach young children about different mammals. With a variety of interactive activities, kids will learn about different animals and the people that live in their habitats. It will also encourage curiosity about various animals and their habits.

This book is filled with beautiful photographs of different kinds of animals. This book will engage young children and help them develop a love of animals and the world around them. It also includes activities and games that can help children develop their study skills and help them understand the ocean's diverse ecosystem. Whether it is for parents, teachers, or kids, this book is an excellent choice for introducing children to the world around them.

This book features 21 different mammal orders. With the use of fun fact boxes and cutting-edge photography, Eye Wonder introduces children to a range of species. Mammals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The book includes a glossary of important terms, as well as their habitats. Children can identify and name the various species in the mammal alphabet. If they are interested in more information, they can also check out the Eyewitness series.

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