Best Children’s Orphans & Foster Homes eBooks in 2022

Children's Orphans & Foster Home eBooks

Read a Children's Orphans & Foster Home eBook to learn about what happens to the kids at children's orphanages and foster homes. You'll also learn about the stories of other children and their adventures. Here are some of our favorite eBooks: The Joy of Avery, Under His Wings, Sometimes..., and It's Okay to Wonder. I hope you'll find one of these eBooks inspiring, too.

Joy of Avery

The Joy of Avery Children's Orphan and Foster Home eBooks will encourage foster parents and children to talk openly about their experiences. The Straightforward Words and Full-Color Illustrations will bring comfort to young readers, as well as their foster and birth parents. For parents and teachers, the eBooks will provide information about the benefits of foster care and children's orphans and foster homes.

It's Okay to Wonder

The author, Rhonda Wagner, worried about her grandson in foster care. Her book, It's Okay to Wonder about children's orphans and foster homes, explains the feelings of biological children who are adopted into foster homes. Avery, who has mixed feelings about her new foster sibling, learns that she's not alone in her uncertainty. She finds comfort and understanding from her foster uncle Finny and Miss K.

Under His Wings

The religious curriculum, Under His Wings for Children's Orchards and Foster Homes, offers hope for the children of foster care and orphanages. This book is aimed at children ages nine and older and uses the story of Moses to help adoptees process their emotions. In the book, the child compares himself to Moses and discovers that there is a way out of the difficult feelings he may be experiencing.

The children at His House benefit from the Kids Keeper program, which helps foster youth develop life skills and independent living skills. The youth can also enjoy memorable outings and campus activities. 85% of the organization's operating expenses go to programs, and only five percent of that goes towards administration and fundraising. His House also prioritizes its foster youth program. Interested? Learn more about the programs and services provided by Under His Wings for Children's Orphans & Foster Homes.

The foster care files include a brief note from the boy's mother, Marcel Henkel. The boy had a congenital condition called spastic quadriplegia, which renders him unable to walk, talk, or eat. Kramer's foster parents, Marco and Sven, became his caregivers and fed him strawberry milk. They also removed mucus from his lungs using a suction hose. They bonded with the foster parents and spent hours riding their tire swings.


Foster care and orphanages have their own pros and cons. Sometimes, orphanages are more nurturing, while other times, they may not. While the latter are a good choice for some children, there are also many pros and cons to both. Sometimes, foster homes are more nurturing than orphanages, and sometimes, children can thrive in either setting. Foster parents, however, need to be trained and supported, as they are often paid by the government.

Although child care workers responded to critics of orphanages by creating new models that mimic a typical suburban home, they continue to face the same challenges. For example, modern-day orphanages have campus-style homes, like SOS Children's Villages, which were founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Austria. These homes mimic a real family environment with siblings and a mother. These homes can be found throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Kinda Like Brothers

If you're a fan of middle-grade novels, you'll love Kinda Like Brothers, the first novel in Coe Booth's series of foster care and orphanages eBooks. This middle-grade novel is told from the point of view of eleven-year-old Jarrett, who is struggling to keep up at school and prove to his peers that he is tough. Then his mom takes in another foster kid, Kevon, who is older, taller, and better at sports than Jarrett. This book is a touching portrayal of foster care from an adolescent perspective.

This book is part of a trilogy about siblings who have been separated from their parents. The author takes the perspective of a child who was abused by an obsessive mother and then put into foster care. Pelzer is now struggling to adjust to his new surroundings and cope with the emotional and physical toll of his situation. His foster siblings, Kevon and Treasure, are adopted, and they come to live with Jarrett and his sister.

The Great Gilly Hopkins

The Great Gilly Hopkins is a Newbery Honor book about a foster child who is a bit of a misfit. She's been passed from home to home and discovers that her foster care family is not the best fit for her. Gilly is a troublemaker and wishes to be with her mother, but isn't sure how to get there. The author has done a great job of creating a believable character.

The Great Gilly Hopkins is set in an orphanage, where the children's foster parents can't find her birth mother. She has lived in many foster homes, but she is the only one who remembers her birth mother, Courtney Rutherford Hopkins. She sends Gilly postcards from her foster family, but the correspondence between the two is strained. The book also shows Gilly's resentment towards her foster family and the difficulties that she is facing.

The Great Gilly Hopkins Children's Orchady & Foster Homes eBooks

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