Best Children’s Nonfiction People & Places in 2022

Children's Nonfiction Books About People and Places

Your kids will enjoy the many books about people and places, whether they're biographies of inspiring people or historical fiction. You can find all kinds of children's books for this genre, including biographies of historical figures, biographies of inspirational people, and science-fiction. The list is endless! So, get reading! Here are some of our recommendations. Let us know what you think. And remember: make sure to include fiction books as well! They will definitely benefit from the creative process and imagination.

Historical-fiction books

For kids, historical-fiction books are a wonderful resource. In addition to being entertaining, they can also foster contextual learning, build intergenerational connections, and teach history in a compelling manner. They can also help bridge generational divides and create an appreciation for change on a local and global level. To start, consider a book about slavery and escape from it. The plot will be how the heroine managed to escape, and the theme will be that all humans are created equal.

Another historical-fiction book for kids is The Knox Brothers, which focuses on two brothers who were part of the American Revolution. The two brothers were frustrated by their lack of progress, but they were short on supplies and were waiting for the right time to strike. When a typhoon strikes the city, they are forced to retreat, but their plight is not over. Then they meet a woman named Soupsy who shares their frustrations. This story will help kids become interested in history while learning about the people who fought for freedom.

Some examples of historical-fiction books for kids include Ahimsa and Strong as Fire Fierce as Flame by Supriya Kelkar. In these books, a thirteen-year-old girl named Meera (Supriya) is married to an English officer. But during a mutiny, the British kill her husband. Her plight inspires her to practice Sati and go against oppression.

There are many other historical-fiction books for children, including the Harry Potter series. Achieved readers should be able to understand the dialogue of the characters. These historical-fiction books for kids are filled with vivid descriptions of life in the past. As they become more independent, they will eventually be able to read beyond the curriculum. By the time they are reading the historical-fiction books, they'll be able to understand most of the word meanings.


Biographies for children differ from their adult counterparts in a number of important ways, including their choice of subject, structure, and presentation. A children's nonfiction biography generally follows a parallel plot, but it is more likely to incorporate real situations and behaviors. Biography for children rarely lists sources, so the author uses dramatic devices to convey accurate facts. Nonetheless, it is still important for parents and educators to select books carefully.

For instance, the Boy Who Asked Why may have been written for a young audience that understands caste and class. Nevertheless, biographers for children are generally more creative when they present the hero's challenges and failures. Many writers of children's nonfiction biographies include historical notes to illustrate how important the life and actions of the hero were. However, these biographies must be written with caution to avoid the tendency to make children feel superior to others.

Although children's nonfiction biographies have less detail and scope, the writing skill required by a biographer is still very high. As children's biographer Elizabeth Minot Graves notes in Commonweal magazine, "a child biography requires more skill than an adult biography." In particular, the author must be adept at pacing the narrative, ensuring consistency and clearness. This is not easy to achieve with a nonfiction book, so children's biographers must be especially diligent to ensure that they present the subject as truthfully and accurately as possible.

Another example of nonfiction biographies for children is the "once upon a time" series. One of these series explores the lives of important cultural figures and provides background on how they came to be where they are today. It's also possible to find biographies of historical figures, such as Thomas Jefferson. The biographies of the great John Adams are another popular genre for children. In fact, many biographies for children are not written for an adult audience, and the subject's viewpoint is still the main character.

Science-fiction books

Young readers are sure to love science-fiction stories. Children's stories are often about strange new worlds, aliens, and new technology. These tales can be fun, educational, and inspiring. And while they may be scary, these books can be great for both young and old alike. Here are a few recommendations for science-fiction books for kids that will get your kids' imaginations buzzing. And if you're in the market for a new read for your child, there are many excellent options to choose from.

Several sci-fi series are available for children, ranging from picture books to easy-readers. You can choose from middle grade science fiction to books for the tweens. There's a book for everyone! Here are some recommendations for middle-grade children:

A popular sci-fi book for middle-school-aged readers is The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm. It follows Ellie's grandfather, who discovers the secret of youth, in an enjoyable story that's both educational and entertaining. This book even has a sequel! If you're looking for a sci-fi book for kids that will entertain your children while teaching them about science, I'd recommend "The Fourthteenth Goldfish."

The genre has a long history. The genre is popular among adults as well as children. It's a great way to expose children to different genres. From fantasy to sci-fi to historical fiction, science fiction will fascinate you! With its exciting plots, fantastic characters, and engrossing plots, science fiction for children is perfect for reading aloud. But if you're looking for something new to read, you'll probably find something that appeals to you.

Biographies of inspirational people

A children's nonfiction biography of inspirational people and place might focus on a woman's life or a family member's. Bessie Coleman, the first black woman to fly an airplane, was born into a poor family and struggled to achieve her dreams as a child. She worked hard to earn money in the cotton fields but longed to be important. Despite her circumstances, she studied everything she could in order to become a pilot. Another biography focuses on the life of Susan B. Anthony, who was aggressive for women's rights. She was arrested for voting and eventually became a suffragette.

Reading children's biographies of inspiring people can be a powerful tool for shaping their worldview. They learn that their dreams can be achieved if they work hard and follow their dreams. By reading the story of people who have achieved great things, children can gain an appreciation for their own goals and those of others. By introducing them to biographies of inspiring people and places, parents can also help their kids realize the importance of hard work, persistence, and determination.

Young readers will be inspired by the story of the explorers who changed the world. There are many books on the history of science and how it's applied to everyday life. Some are based on famous scientists, such as Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla. Young readers can learn about the pioneers of science and their contribution to society. Young Innovators are changing our world today and influencing our lives. A biography of a woman who discovered the Earth's crust is also a great choice for children.

A children's nonfiction biography of inspiring people and places might include the first black woman to play in the Major League Baseball, or the legendary runner Wilma Rudolph. Whether your child is 7 or eight, these biographies are sure to inspire their minds. Whether your child is a youngster or a teen, these books are perfect for parents and teachers alike. A children's biography of inspirational people and places should include the life and achievements of these individuals.

Books about real-life events

If you're looking for books for younger readers, there are a number of good options for this age group. These books can be historical or modern, but the common thread is that they are based on real events and people. Children's nonfiction books make excellent gifts for elementary school teachers and school librarians. Even kindergarten teachers will enjoy a collection of these books. To help children understand how important real-life events are to society, consider purchasing books about the Holocaust, the atomic bomb, or other events that have occurred in the world.

This section of children's nonfiction books can be used to teach valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and endurance. These books also help children learn about the importance of being kind and compassionate. Several books in this section feature the exploits of people who were affected by the events in question. For example, one children's nonfiction book is called Trapped by the Ice!. It narrates the adventure of an explorer who was trapped on the Antarctic ice in 1914 and survived by helping others.

Other popular nonfiction books are based on historical events. One popular subgenre is historical fiction. The characters in this genre live in a real place and time, but the events are based on factual events. For example, a fictional character is a Civil War soldier's daughter. She dresses up as a boy to join the army, and the reader gets to experience the harsh realities of life during the era.

Children's nonfiction books about real-world events are an excellent source of information for younger readers. They can be books about real-life events such as the Iditarod sled dog race, a famous historical figure, a vacation, or the solar system. They can also teach children about the importance of art in their lives. A wide variety of children's nonfiction books about real-life events can inspire a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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