Best Children’s Mystery & Detective Adventure in 2022

Children's Mystery & Detective Adventure

A Children's Mystery & Detective Adventure can be a great way to introduce your child to the world of detective stories. These stories often feature a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or candy. A child can solve the mystery and get a reward for solving it. Adding a villain to the story adds more storytelling potential. You can choose a variety of characters and themes to fit the age and stage of your child.

Daisy Wells

In Daisy Wells, Children's Mystery '& Detective Adventure,' our heroine is a self-described Sherlock Holmes. Despite her ambition to be a detective, she and her friend Hazel Wong find themselves in a bind - there are no cases to investigate. When their tutor, Hercules Feltwright, stumbles into a job at the country house of Willet Goody, Daisy is thrown into an investigation that will lead her to a hidden treasure, a gypsy seance, and the tomb of Midas Goody.

While there are several mysteries in this series, each one is unique in its own way. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are best friends, who team up as the Junior Pinkertons and solve crimes. These girls are the perfect mix of intellect, imagination, and loyalty. However, they aren't without flaws. In addition to her brazen nature, Daisy also has a knack for solving crimes. While many characters in the series possess the same traits, Daisy is definitely more interesting.

This series is set in the 1930s and is a perfect blend of intrigue and adventure. The main characters of the series are extrovert Daisy Wells and introvert Hazel Wong. The pair's friendship has proven invaluable in the series, and they're both eager to find the truth. The story also explores the complexities of family and friendship relationships. Daisy Wells is a good role model for children in school and will grow to love these books as they mature.

Hazel Wong

In this children's mystery adventure, Hong Kong native Hazel Wong and her new school friend Daisy Wells form a secret detective society. As detectives, they solve crimes, enlisting the help of their friends and other members of the school community. But what's really going on? Who's really killing the girls? Will they ever get to solve the mystery? Will Daisy find out and save the day?

Despite their bumbling attempts to solve a murder, the children of Deepdean School are never far from a mystery. Daisy's glamorous mother is hosting a birthday tea party, and her friends and family, including her eccentric aunt Saskia and her dashing uncle Felix, are invited. They've also booked a holiday on the Orient Express. Each first-class passenger has a secret to hide. As their trip draws to a close, they're forced to confront major changes in their lives.

The book starts with a death that has not yet been solved. Hazel finds the dead body of Miss Bell, the Science Mistress. She initially believes the death was accidental, but when she and Daisy return five minutes later, the body is gone. They soon realize that the body was not discovered by the murderer, and that the killer could strike again before the girls solve the case. Aside from figuring out who killed Miss Bell, the girls must also solve the mystery before the police arrive.

Robin Stevens

In her latest children's book, Murder Most Unladylike, a young girl named Alice discovers that her nanny has committed a shocking murder. The young detective sets out to solve the crime, but she'll need a little help from a new friend. But when a mysterious letter arrives at her door, she'll need more than her keen observation skills. In order to solve this case, she'll need to work fast and find clues in the nanny's apartment.

The first book of the Deepdean series has a plot that is reminiscent of classic Golden Age mysteries, but Stevens' writing isn't entirely reminiscent of the genre. The protagonist, Hazel, is a bright, perceptive, and methodical detective who works well with Daisy. Her methods are complementary to Daisy's, making for a highly entertaining reading experience. But the book's most interesting element is its focus on the children's psyche and how they process information.

The characters are well-read and smart, and the two friends form a detective agency to solve crimes. They must solve the first case. This sharply-written debut by Stevens is the first in a new middle-grade mystery series set at a 1930s boarding school. Stevens clearly enjoys the traditions of boarding school stories, as well as the Golden Age of Crime fiction.

Megan Rix

The award-winning author of Lizzy & Lucky, a series of books for young readers, is about two deaf sisters who work together to solve mysteries. In the first title of her new illustrated series, these young detectives are joined by their faithful Dalmatian sidekick. In this charming mystery novel, the two friends must solve a slew of crimes, from the mysterious disappearance of a puppy to the theft of a buried treasure.

The sequel, The Mystery of the Missing Puppies, continues the adventures of Lucky and Lizzie. They must find Rudy and save their friend from the evil magician! This children's mystery and detective adventure will captivate readers of all ages! There is something spooky about the magic show that attracts the kids of all ages, so it's no surprise that it's a hit with parents and children everywhere.


If you're looking for a book for younger children, look no further than Kelly's Children's Mystery & Detection Adventure. Kelly, the most adorable detective in history, teams up with her childhood friend, Mary Shelley, to solve cases that go beyond their ordinary responsibilities. Their first case involves a stolen heirloom and requires them to use their math and analytical skills to solve the mystery. This children's book is a great way to introduce STEM to young readers and encourage STEM careers.

Brett Helquist

Blue Balliett's Chasing Vermeer is a debut children's mystery novel that introduces two precocious children. Petra and Calder are classmates in sixth grade who barely know each other. Their friendship deepens as they discover they share a passion for art and blue M&Ms. Then a thief steals a famous Vermeer painting, which forces them to examine art more closely.

The book is based on the life of America's first female detective, Nell. She is 11 years old and ends up at her Aunt Kate's doorstep, although her aunt would have preferred to give her to an orphanage. As Nell grows older, she proves useful to Aunt Kate, who works for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Hannigan deftly weaves several storylines into the narrative, incorporating historical content into a fun and engaging children's mystery.

In this exciting adventure novel, 11-year-old Nicholas has a baffling life. His senile grandfather has just arrived and his life suddenly becomes complicated. He hopes to find hidden treasure, but his journey takes him through a dangerous maze of tunnels, seances, and other mysteries. Along the way, he meets a host of misfits, including his friend's grandfather. The chase begins, and he is determined to find it.

Julian, Secret Agent

The adventures of Julian, Secret Agent in Children's Mystery and Detective Adventure begin when he steals a box that contains a Japanese code book. In Singapore during the 1940s, Lizard survives on hustles and quick wits, but he soon finds himself drawn into the world of wartime espionage. This gripping story will keep readers turning pages. Julian and his secret friend Lili find themselves embroiled in one adventure after another.

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