Best Children’s Mysteries & Detectives eBooks in 2022

Children's Mysteries & Detectives eBooks

If you're looking for a fun and educational eBook for your kids, you should consider downloading some Children's Mysteries & Detective books. These books feature a child detective named Nate the Great and his dog Sludge. Nate's detective skills include collecting clues, applying his problem-solving skills, and interviewing the elderly residents of his grandfather's retirement home. These books also include a few fun adventures, such as finding a missing baby monkey, a murder victim, and more.

Sammy Keyes

For young readers, a collection of Sammy Keyes Children's Mystories & Detectives eBooks will keep them entertained for hours. The series' mysteries are fast-paced, funny, and thoroughly modern. Sammy finds himself in a variety of sticky situations, including the murder of his mother's love interest, a chase after a thief, and the plight of his mysterious father.

Sammy Keyes is a seventh-grader, living with her grandmother while her mother pursues her acting career. She is curious and is often tormented by her mother, who forged her birth certificate to make her look five, instead of her actual age. In the course of her investigation, she discovers that her mother has been murdered - and that the real culprit is her best friend.

Continuing the series, the eighth Sammy Keyes book is the perfect Halloween-themed read-aloud for children. While it isn't quite as twisted as her first adventure, Sammy learns that a missing perfume heiress is a prime suspect in a murder case. As she investigates the crime, she gets distracted by her diva mother, her almost-boyfriend, and her pouffy lavender bridesmaid dress. With this blend of mystery, comedy, and fairy dust, the series is sure to be a hit for young readers.

While Casey and Sammy are friends, Heather and Warren Acosta are still on their way. They haven't met in a while, but he's already rekindled his interest in Sammy. Despite their differences, they eventually come to know each other. In "Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls," the two become official lovers.

Fancy Nancy

The bestselling picture book character of the same name has been brought to life in chapter books with a new series called Fancy Nancy Children's Mysteries and Detectives. In these new books, Nancy takes on the role of detective as she seeks to solve the mystery of a missing classmate's prized possessions. Along with her friend Bree, Nancy investigates the mystery and follows clues to a surprising source.

The first book in the series follows Nancy's investigations in a local museum. In the town of Shady Oaks, two people go missing. However, their faces are in old photographs on display. It turns out that one of the photographers was cursed by a former lover, and Nancy, Bess, and George must solve the case before it's too late.

Baby Monkey

If you are looking for an engaging book to read with your child, you may want to consider the many eBooks available for children that explore the world of mystery. Children will find joy in reading stories about a beloved character and pursuing the truth. Children's mysteries and detectives are great ways to introduce young readers to the wonders of science. In addition to their fun storylines, these eBooks also offer interesting facts about the subjects they tackle.

This book is full of mystery and intrigue! Little kids will love the adventures of this little girl. She observes everything around her, and writes her observations in a notebook. The problem is that her notebook ends up in the wrong hands! She discovers clues to her father's disappearance, and she must work out how to restore her friendship. While she may be a spy, she also loves the truth.

The Jack and Bunny mystery series is a good option for newly independent readers. The two detectives must overcome their differences and work together to solve each case. These books are great for kids who haven't yet ventured into graphic novels. Their simple sentences and vivid pictures will keep them engaged as they read along. For more complex mysteries, read The Stargazer Chronicles. These books will appeal to fans of David Baddiel, Robin Stevens, and Luna Valentine.

Lemony Snicket's books are packed with juicy words and characters, so if your child isn't yet ready to read them, consider purchasing the eBook version instead. Lemony Snicket's books are fun and educational for children, and many of them have been translated into English. For older readers, there are even more options to choose from. These eBooks for children can be great resources for teaching the basics of detective work.

Charley's Ghost

For young readers, mystery novels can be an exciting way to explore the mysteries of the world. With a great collection of detectives and mystery books, young readers will enjoy this exciting new series. In Charley's Ghost, an award-winning author tells the story of a boy who accidentally ends up ghost hunting. This eBook is perfect for young readers and is available on Amazon and other eBook stores.

In this absorbing children's mystery novel, the narrator is an adorable 12-year-old. He is also a comedian and presenter, and his debut novel features his two dream team of detectives: Charley and George. Charley is an internet sensation, while George is a whiz at cameras. Both are determined to make it big, and prove that they are not international criminals. But they aren't able to do it alone - high-profile heists keep hitting the headlines.

In Charley's Ghost eBook for children't be missed, Fairday Morrow is eleven years old and moving to a new town. She's leaving her friends and her boyfriend behind in the big city, but her new town is a lonely place for her. Her new house is haunted, but that doesn't stop her from investigating the mystery. The ghost of the house next door, who goes by the name Charley, knows about the teens next door. She warns Marin to stay away from them, but Charley has a lot of painful secrets of his own.

A seventh-grade class investigating a missing treasure finds themselves on a quest for the unidentified treasure. They are tricked into investigating the case by the mysterious person. While searching for clues, they discover that the answers to this mystery are closer than they thought. Whether they solve it or not, this is a thrilling adventure for young readers. This eBook for children's mysteries & detectives

Meg Mackintosh

Young readers will love the Meg Mackintosh mysteries! These fun, exciting tales are perfect for the mystery club. Each book involves a different type of clue and challenges the reader to solve the mystery before Meg does! This 4-book series will keep young readers engaged and entertained as they race across the country to solve a series of mysteries! It's a great way to help your child learn about the history of the United States!

Readers can develop their own sleuthing skills by solving a mystery along with Meg. In her first mystery, Meg is searching for her grandfather's stolen autographed Babe Ruth baseball. The ball was worth $35,000 in 1998! In the second mystery, Meg investigates the disappearance of a treasure map while on a whale expedition. A humpback whale is easily identifiable by its breathing pattern. It breathes every twenty to thirty seconds and dives for two to three minutes.

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