Best Children’s Musical Biographies in 2022

5 Tips For Choosing Children's Musical Biographies

Books about individual musicians can fascinate children and adults alike. The recent spate of creatively designed and beautifully illustrated biographies has focused on black and female composers who have been neglected by history. By better understanding the music of these artists, we can fill in some gaps in humanity's musical heritage. However, before reading a children's musical biography, make sure to familiarize yourself with the following tips. Here are a few of the tips you can use to choose a great book for your child.

Ken Whiteley

"My father was a drummer, and my mother was a harpist," begins Ken Whiteley's children's musical bio. The story of their family life, which was rich with musical tradition, is the inspiration for his music. He started recording at age fourteen with his older brother Chris. His musical biography highlights how he used his musical talents to run a coffeehouse and record music, as well as his personal struggles and triumphs.

The band began recording in 1971 with a CD called "Singable Songs for the Very Young." The project, which he produced with Raffi and his wife Debbie Pike, featured various world musics and instruments. Ken wrote the arrangements and chose the musicians. The album features 19 original songs, including several that feature the mandolin and other instruments. This award-winning children's musical biography is also available in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Multi-instrumentalist Ken Whiteley was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Toronto. He performed folk music, jazz, and blues as a teenager and began recording with children's artist Raffi at age 14. His brother Chris Whiteley joined him onstage frequently as well, and the duo grew into a thriving and successful career. It was during this time that Ken Whiteley became a household name, and he is now widely recognized in the world of music.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a country music legend. But she wants a quiet life after performing for so long. And what better way to do that than to write a Dolly Parton children's musical biography? She's been recognized for her musical talents and her many awards, including induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999, the Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime achievement, and a special Grammy in 2011.

Dolly Parton's charitable endeavors are no secret. She has contributed to the Imagination Library by providing free books to children, and she continues to support this cause by creating programs that help preschoolers learn about reading and writing. She even renewed her wedding vows with her husband Carl Dean in 2016, and proceeds from the photo sales were donated to the charity. This kind gesture has become an important part of her legacy.

Dolly Parton was born into poverty in Sevier County, Tennessee, as the fourth of twelve children. Her parents were sharecroppers, and her family was very poor. After she finished high school, her family moved to Nashville, where she found a great place to sing. She credits her mother, who taught her how to sing, for encouraging her passion for music. Her grandfather, Bill Owens, was a Pentecostal minister who supported her musical career.

Florence Mills

This children's biography of the legendary singer, actress, and dancer tells the remarkable story of how her talent was born. While her family was living in poverty in Washington, DC, she began performing on the streets. At five years old, she was already making her stage debut. She soon joined by her older sisters, who began performing together in black vaudeville shows. In addition to her solo performance, she also participated in buck dances and cakewalks. Her talented voice and acrobatic dancing landed her an audition for the Broadway musical, Shuffle Along.

After becoming an international star in the Blackbirds production, Mills also became a passionate advocate for the rights of African-Americans. She married Ulysses "Slow Kid" Thompson in 1921 and was still married when she died. Her children were raised with her spirit and her literary works including Florence Mills, Harlem Jazz Queen, and Little Miss Flo. Her personal papers are held at the New York Public Library's Schoburg Center.

This acclaimed author-illustrator team has created a children's musical biography of the celebrated singer. Inspired by Florence Mills' incredible life story, this inspiring true tale will be a favorite of young readers everywhere. They'll learn about her burgeoning career and the struggles she faced as a child. And they'll learn that racism can be overcome by persevering. Ultimately, her talent made her an international star.

Jimi Hendrix

The biography of Jimi Hendrix, a member of the electric blues band, has become an increasingly popular subject for children's musical biographies. The biography, by author Michael Green, was published in 1995 and contains many quotes from the legendary guitarist himself. While the biography is a valid evocation of Hendrix's influences, it suffers from stilted dialogue and banal descriptions of Hendrix's life.

When he was a young boy, Jimi Hendrix lived in a house in Seattle, where he attended Leschi Elementary School. There, he met his closest friends. Jimi occasionally joined Terry at Grace Methodist Church, where he first listened to gospel music. Jimi Hendrix was a gifted student. His first music lessons were in kindergarten and were made possible by the generosity of the church's minister, Pastor John.

In June 1949, the Hendrix family reached a breaking point. Al and Lucille had lost their jobs and were struggling to feed their children. They began eating at neighbors and eventually became accustomed to doing this. In the late 1949, Al and Lucille Hendrix returned to Seattle and Jimi went to school at Horace Mann Elementary School. Hendrix's career as a bassist took off.

In a children's musical biography, Jimi Hendrix's father was a jazz musician. He had a difficult time finding a band, but he was able to find his friends and play in his neighborhood. Although it was unorganized and unamplified, Jimi Hendrix was able to make his music despite his parents' divorce.

Bob Marley

This Bob Marley children's musical biography explores the life of one of the world's most beloved musicians and songwriters. Originally from Jamaica, Marley had eleven acknowledged children by seven different women. They range in profession from writers to musicians to business impresarios to fashion designers. Through their biographies, Marley's children reveal how it felt to grow up with such an influential father and singer. Children such as Cedella Marley, Rohan, and Ziggy Marley tell their stories about growing up as a child star and dealing with pressure to pursue music careers.

Despite the fact that Bob Marley and Rita Marley were legally married, they had a close relationship and had three children together. While they had a long-term relationship, they raised their children outside the marriage. Their first child, Rita, was born in 1960 and died at age two, while the other two were born after their marriage. Despite these challenges, the Marleys remain close to each other and have three children of their own.

Three of Bob Marley's children have their own musical careers, including singer, songwriter, and actor. Rohan recalls the smell of his dad's house and says, "My dad made it smell so good." The youngest Marley, Stephen, was born in England. He also works with the family's Kaya Festival. The Marley siblings are still touring together, and many of them collaborate with the Marley children.

Paul Rogers

Jazz ABZ, illustrated by Paul Rogers, is a colorful children's book about Wynton Marsalis. The artist's illustrations are as striking as the music itself and complement the jazz icon's colorful musical career. He has previously illustrated books for children and worked with Pixar Animation Studios and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, among other projects. Paul Rogers lives in Pasadena, California, with his wife, Jill.

Following his graduation from Rollins College in 1951, Rogers worked for various broadcast companies, including NBC and WQED in Pittsburgh. In 1955, he wrote the songs for a television show called The Children's Corner. He also performed puppeteering duties during this time. Thirty segments of the show aired on NBC. Afterwards, Rogers earned his divinity degree from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and was ordained in the United Presbyterian Church.

As a former child activist and folk singer, Seeger faced numerous challenges due to her race. Many music schools and professional venues refused to perform her, but she eventually became a huge star throughout Europe. In this biography, Selznick incorporates gospel songs throughout the story and captures the emotions behind these songs. During the turbulent 1960s, Dylan was one of America's greatest musical talents, and Paul Rogers' artwork captures these emotions in his illustrations.

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