Best Children’s Middle East eBooks in 2022

Children's Middle East eBooks

If you're looking for eBooks for your little one about the Arab world, you've come to the right place. There are a number of multicultural titles available that have an excellent track record in representing the Arab world. Below are a few suggestions to get you started. And be sure to check out our reviews of these eBooks, too! Read on to learn more about the Middle East and its people! And remember, there's always something new to discover, and a book that's right for your little one!

About the Night is a love story

In her novel, About the Night, French author Delphine Minoui shows two young boys in the 1940s in Jerusalem falling in love. In the story, they meet a man who is a Christian Arab, while the woman is a Jew. They are separated not only by a physical wall, but by distrust between the two regions. Because of this, they cannot talk to each other until 1967.

In About the Night, the protagonist, Elias, is on his deathbed, reflecting on his life decisions and past. The story is loosely based on the true story of an Israeli author's close family friend, though this does not obliterate the fact that the author was born and raised in the Middle East. Anat Talshir, a prominent Israeli investigative journalist, also teaches creative writing.

Naguib Mahfouz's trilogy of novels first came out in Arabic and were translated into English after his 1988 Nobel Prize. Mahfouz was born in Cairo and has since published more than fifty novels and 350 short stories in the Arabic language. He is the first Arabic author to win the Nobel Prize for literature and has a remarkably insightful perspective on life in the Middle East.

Unlike most retellings, the Arabian Nights have a very rich heritage. They combine historical elements with myth and magic in an effort to capture the essence of the original tale. Napoli's retelling is a good attempt to capture the essence of the original story. The book is full of adventure and fantasy, as well as a solid frame story about Scheherazade's plan to save her life and win her husband's heart.

Marwa was eighteen years old, happy to be done with school. Omar was older than her, but had a smile that was infectious. The two soon became friends. But the two boys' lives were not entirely happy, and they felt threatened by the Mukhabarat. Omar, meanwhile, had a brother in the United States, who had fled the Iraqi invasion.

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea is a non-fiction book

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea is an empowering story about the struggles of refugees in the Middle East. The book chronicles the true story of Doaa, who fled Syria with her fiance, Bassem, in 2011. They hoped to find safety and a better life in Europe, but their boat was attacked by a smuggler and they drown. Throughout the story, Doaa's perseverance and faith provide a necessary rebuke to the young reader.

The main character of the book, Doaa, is a teenage refugee in Syria. Her family is thrown into chaos, and Bashar's army captures her town. Women and children are routinely searched by security forces. Doaa and her family flee to Egypt. The Egyptians are welcoming to refugees, but the country has been suffering from economic stress for years. The story is powerful and moving, and a must-read for any child interested in Middle Eastern issues.

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea is an inspiring children's non-fiction book about refugees. Amina is a refugee from Syria, where war has swept her family from their home. Upon reaching England, she finds herself in a new country, unable to make friends or trust anyone. Despite her new life, she struggles to survive and make her way.

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea is another powerful children's Middle Eastern non-fiction book. It aims to provide an enlightening introduction to life in the Middle East. It also features interviews with Palestinian children and youth. The book avoids stereotypical images and portrays the children's stories in a respectful and sensitive manner. It is an important resource for teachers and parents alike.

The author's background provides a fascinating context for the story. It describes life in war-torn Lebanon. This children's non-fiction book is fun and colorful, and it adds historical context. Although the story is based on personal experiences, it is an important read for young children who want to learn about the Middle East and the Arab world.

Book Girls Say by Nahr

"The Book Girls Say" is a memoir by Australian author Noor De Olinad, who grew up in Kuwait and lived in the conservative neighbourhood of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, before emigrating to the US and settling in San Francisco. Though her roots are in the Middle East, the author studied sociology, history, and cultural anthropology. The book is both personal and universal. It is recommended for readers who are interested in multiculturalism and women's history.

The novel tells the story of a Palestinian refugee, Nahr, in the 1970s. Her family's financial circumstances deteriorate when her husband disappears. Nahr must earn enough money to support her family and her brother's education. However, her first love jilts her and she is forced to prostitute herself in order to support her family. However, the US invasion of Iraq leaves her without a job and her family in dire straits.

When she is released from solitary confinement, Nahr discovers that she wants to marry an Israeli "war hero." When she finds out that her husband will abandon her, she is forced to take up a job as a sex worker. However, her boyfriend's wife is a woman who will save her, but this isn't enough. Nahr meets Kuwaiti woman Um Buraq and she begins to learn more about sex work.

Abulhawa is a prolific writer who consistently makes her readers pause and think. Nahr is born into a Palestinian refugee family and dreams of marrying, raising a family, and opening a beauty salon. Unfortunately, her husband jilts her soon after they marry and she is forced to prostitute herself to survive. As the US invades Iraq, she becomes a refugee in an incredibly challenging place.

The themes in the novel include nationalism, radicalization, and women's rights. Nahr's story is timely because of its themes - women's rights, radicalization, and nationalistic sentiment. Nahr's story reflects the global news cycle and her life. While it is challenging to read and comprehend, Book Girls Say will be an important addition to your reading list. When you're looking for a book about modern feminism, this novel is definitely worth reading.

A Kid's Guide to Arab American History

A Kid's Guide to Arabic American History offers a modern and historical look at the Arab American experience. This collection of ebooks includes a chapter on one of the countries most represented in the United States - the Middle East and North Africa. It features the stories of individuals, communities, and places, as well as crafts and games to capture your child's imagination and attention. The rich tapestry of Arab American life is presented through an engaging and interactive format, and the corresponding crafts will keep your child's attention and imagination captivated.

The content is presented in an engaging and gentle manner, emphasizing modeling good behavior instead of depicting the brutality of bullying. The book is appropriate for young chapter book readers and is a treasured mirror for Arab American children. It's highly recommended for grades 2-4. The eBooks also feature interactive activities that encourage kids to learn about important figures in American history and the Arab world. These are especially helpful for children who are just beginning to become readers.

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