Best Children’s Marriage & Divorce eBooks in 2022

Children's Marriage & Divorce eBooks

When you're working with children through a divorce, it can be helpful to have books that are written specifically for children. This eBook is perfect for helping children understand the process of divorce and how to deal with it. It explains divorce and normalizes the feelings of children, and it asks questions that will get them engaged in conversation. The story follows a young girl whose parents are divorcing. Because she can't talk about her feelings, she imagines herself as an animal and tries to talk to others about her feelings. The book provides questions to spark conversation about the divorce, and animals can help with this as well.

Room for Rabbit

Kara and Rabbit are best friends. They follow each other everywhere, but when they get home, they can't lay on the couch together because their capes and gloves are tangled. Instead, they must find places where they can hide and protect themselves from the world. This children's marriage & divorce eBook provides valuable advice for navigating this difficult time. The book's humorous tone helps readers identify with the characters.

Two Homes

"Two Homes in Children's Marriage & Divopr" synthesizes nuanced research and offers big picture recommendations for parenting separated children. The book provides specific tips to reach those goals, from maintaining a healthy relationship with one authoritative parent to fostering peace and harmony between parents. The eBook stresses the importance of being the adult and shielding children while promoting healthy emotional and physical development.

"Was It the Chocolate Pudding?" uses a young narrator to tell the story of a typical family's divorce. While children may not be able to understand the complexities of divorce, they can learn to understand the feelings that arise in the separation and the changes that follow. Two Homes in Children's Marriage & Divorce eBooks highlight how parents can help their children deal with the changes and maintain positive bonds.

"Two Houses" is an insightful eBook on the subject of divorce and parenting separated from one parent. The author is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. He earned his B.A. in psychology from Brown University and his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University. Emery discusses the impact of divorce on children and provides practical advice for co-parenting and dealing with new relationships.

"Two Homes in Children's Marriage & Divopr eBooks

Dinosaurs Divorce

The Dinosaurs Divorce eBook is a great tool for children to understand the divorce process. The book breaks down terms commonly used in divorce and provides sympathetic text to help young children understand the changes divorce brings about. It addresses important topics like parenting after divorce and living with one parent. The eBook addresses the many changes that a divorce can bring to the family and explains the reasons why parents separate or divorce.

Marc Brown, who wrote Dinosaurs Divorce, includes a helpful Q&A section to answer common questions about divorce. For example, he addresses how to handle holidays when visiting one parent and what to expect when the kids move in with their stepparent. In addition, Pat Thomas, a family therapist, explains how the divorce process works and how children react to it. Parents should use the book as a starting point for further discussions with their children.

Let's Talk about Your Parents' Divorce

One of the books available on this topic is Let's Talk about Your Parents' Divotion. Unlike the title suggests, it is not a child's guide to divorce. Instead, this eBook explores the emotions and feelings that children experience during the divorce. While some of these books deal with negative aspects of divorce, some are positive. Let's Talk about Your Parents' Divorce tackles topics such as bad behavior from parents, legal battles over custody, and one parent moving away.

One eBook that addresses the challenges of dividing parental responsibility is Two Homes by Claire Masurel. This book offers reassurance to children who are dealing with life in two homes and miss their parents. This eBook helps children realize that they are loved by both their parents, regardless of where they live. Children need to know that they are loved and that they are not alone in the world. Let's Talk about Your Parents' Divorce eBooks for Children

Weekends With Dad

"Weekends With Dad" is a sweet, touching children's book, written by award-winning author and former Children's Laureate Anne Fine. It explores the difficulties of divorce and the impact on children, focusing on the emotions children experience during this time. With humour and a child's perspective, the book reveals the devious ways parents keep secrets and protect their children from the truth. Scarlet's dynamic mother leaves him behind to join her new father, but she can still see him on the weekends. Scarlet has her best friend Alice, and a new way of coping with this difficult time.

This children's eBook highlights the benefits of spending weekends with dad. As a child, you may not be ready for this change, but this book provides tips and suggestions to help you cope. Melanie Walsh is a psychotherapist and counselor who has worked with children who have experienced the breakdown of a family and divorce. She has authored more than a dozen children's eBooks.

Lily-May is sad when her father moves out of the family. But she focuses on the positive aspects of this new situation. She has more time with Mum and grandparents, and she also has her birthday party with Peter and his young sons. Her new family life is not as stressful as her parents initially thought. Ali Pye's illustrations are bright and clear, making this a great book for kids who are going through a divorce or separation.

The authors of Weekends With Dad in Children's Marriage and Divorce eBooks are a mother and son team who are both coping with their parents' separation. They knew that their lives would change, but they still managed to write a children's book for children when they were 15 and 13 years old. The book covers a range of topics, including how to adjust to living in different houses, birthdays, and special occasions, as well as how to cope with stepparents and blended families.

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