Best Children’s Holiday eBooks in 2022

Children's Holiday eBooks

When it comes to holiday season, there are many options for children's eBooks. There are many great holiday-themed titles to choose from, including Benita Bensch's School Holidays MINDSHIFT eBook and Hershel and the Mitten. If your child is a big fan of the traditional holiday, this is a great way to introduce them to other cultures. Children's Holiday eBooks are also great for children who might be more open to learning about other holidays and cultures.

The Lotterys Plus One

If you're looking for a fun read for your children during their summer holidays, consider purchasing a copy of The Lotterys Plus One eBooks. The multi-talented author, known for her acclaimed novel Room, has written her first children's novel. Set in cosmopolitan Toronto, this book follows the lives of the Lottery family - seven children, one octogenarian grandfather, a menagerie of pets, and an octogenarian grandfather.

Sumac Lottery is nine years old and is excited for Christmas. She has a special calendar of the holidays for next week. This includes couch surfer Luiz from Brazil, her eldest daughter Sic, and the return of her father from Dehli. But as her family grows, so does her list of family members. She begins to understand the importance of family and her role in it.

The first book, "Sumac," was illustrated by Caroline Hadilaksono. She created the cover art and the book's gray scale illustrations. There are full page illustrations and smaller in-sets of images that create interesting silhouettes. The story begins with Sumac's family identifying themselves, which allows her to build vocabulary and engage in discussions with her family. The family has a special place in the Grumps' life, and their parents do everything they can to help others.

A lot of families share a life together, and The Lotterys's story is no exception. In their home, their parents are imperfect, and Brian explores gender reinvention. MaxiMum, on the other hand, meditates with steely resolve. As winter approaches, multi-ethnic neighbors become friends. The children are well-rounded and lovable. This family-friendly novel focuses on a family's challenges and triumphs, and is also a perfect vehicle for home-school curriculum.


If you're a parent looking to provide your children with a special holiday experience, you might be interested in purchasing eBooks by Hershel, the beloved bear. Children are likely to love this non-traditional holiday tale, which was first published in 1985 by Holiday House and has been a classic for more than 25 years. This collection of holiday-themed books includes classics such as Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins and other holiday favorites.

This children's book is a classic Jewish folktale, and Hershel's adventures have been beloved by families for decades. The original publication was named a Caldecott Honor Book and a Sydney Taylor Award Honor, and it continues to be a family favorite. Hershel is a beloved Jewish folk hero, and his adventures with the goblins are hilarious and terrifying. The goblins attempt to keep Hershel from lighting the menorah, which is important for the holiday of Hanukkah.

Hershel travels to a small town and discovers that the villagers are unable to celebrate the holiday because of goblins living inside the synagogue. The goblins have taken over the synagogue and have been blowing out the candles. Hershel sets in motion a plan to make the goblins powerless, but before he can complete his plan, he must first battle the goblins. The villagers will not celebrate the holiday without him, and Hershel must face them night after night.

Jewish fans will love this eBook for their children. This story is the perfect introduction to Jewish holidays. The Jewish character Hershel, along with the Hanukkah Goblins, are sure to give your child a unique view of the winter holidays. These eBooks will ensure that your child is able to celebrate the holiday as an equal. So, go ahead and indulge in these eBooks this holiday season.

The Mitten

Jan Brett is a beloved author and illustrator and her work has become an essential part of many winter holiday traditions. This charming children's holiday eBook tells the story of a missing mitten, which grows to become a home for larger animals. She also shows the original mitten owner enjoying the snowy woods. While the story revolves around the original mitten, readers will soon discover the story's humorous side.

The Mitten is a classic Ukrainian folktale. In this retelling, different forest animals find refuge in a boy's lost mitten. As the mitten continues to be found, larger animals begin to move in, too, until they're ejected. Larger animals eventually make their way into the mitten, splitting it open and exploding. The story has many ways to be enjoyed by children, and includes discussion questions, illustrated story pages, and even a bookmaking activity.

The story starts with Nicki losing a white mitten in the snow. The mitten subsequently disappears, but her woodland friends share the mitten with Nicki. The illustrations are colorful, detailed, and tell the story as it unfolds. However, some parents may feel overwhelmed by the numerous pictures and illustrations in the margins. In addition, a few people may be overwhelmed by the number of mitten-related props in this eBook.

Jan Brett, the author of The Mitten, also created this early reader book. This book is a companion to the classic Christmas story "The Night Before Christmas," and will make a perfect gift. If you want to make your own early reader book, you can print out the pages and staple them together. Once you have finished reading it, your child can color the pictures as a way to show their creativity. This eBook is not endorsed by the Fulton County Library System.

The Lotterys Plus One's sequel

The Lotterys are a unique family of seven children, five pets, and an old man. The family is organized by Sumac, who is looking forward to a long summer of fun but worries about her grumpy grandad. Emma Donoghue's debut novel for children is an entertaining read filled with heart and humor. Whether you're looking for a holiday gift for a child or a spirited read-aloud for your own family, The Lotterys Plus One is sure to appeal to young readers.

Sumac is the third youngest child in the Camelottery family. She is bright, curious, and bookish, always carrying at least three books. As she grows up, she learns to appreciate the advantages of living in a Camelottery family. In The Lotterys Plus One, Sumac and Popcorn follow an old man they once called Iain Miller to visit his estranged father who is suffering from early signs of dementia.

The Lottery family faces challenges and obstacles in their lives. Brian ponders gender reinvention while MaxiMum meditates with steely resolve. Meanwhile, CardaMom comforts the children. The kids are the strength of the series. Although their parents and the other characters are imperfect, they continue to curate an extensive home-school curriculum. They even manage to make friends with the multi-ethnic neighborhood.

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