Best Children’s History eBooks in 2022

Free Children's History eBooks

There are many sources online for free Children's History eBooks. Some of these resources include FreeBooksy, Project Gutenberg, the Library of Congress, Oxford Owl, and more. However, some sites require a membership. The World Book Encyclopedia is a good choice if you are looking for a large collection of books. Its free eBooks are also accessible on a variety of devices, including computers and mobile devices.


FreeBooksy is an online resource that offers free eBooks for children. You can browse through various genres and age groups to find books that will appeal to your child's interests. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, which will alert you to new free eBooks. FreeBooksy also provides free Kindle books and eBooks for Nook users.

Bargain Booksy and FreeBooksy are both online book stores that offer free eBooks and discounted books. Both sites have large audiences of readers, with more than 230,000 subscribers to each. The sites feature deals for every day of the week, and offer deals in various formats. They also offer a wide variety of genres, including nonfiction.

Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for eBooks for children about history, you have come to the right place. Project Gutenberg offers an extensive library of eBooks for children of all ages. Many of these eBooks are in compliance with the paper editions, and you can even subscribe to receive new releases as they are published.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a huge collection of children's history books, including classics and lesser-known treasures. Many of these books were first published before 1924 and are available online for free. The Library's catalog lists both print and online content, and links to these books are included in the links.

These digital collections make history easily accessible to a young audience. They include books like the 1887 Complete Collection of Pictures & Songs, illustrated by Randolph Caldecott, winner of the Caldecott Medal, given to the author of the best picture book in the United States. Other titles include nonfiction and biographies. Some of them are intended for young children, but are also great for adults.

Another excellent resource for children is the ICDL Foundation, which has digitized children's books from all over the world. The goal is to include every language and culture represented in the collection. This is particularly useful for children who have moved around the world or who are interested in other cultures.

You can also download free children's books from sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The websites allow you to search by subject, age, and user ratings.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl eBooks are a great way to teach children about history and make learning more fun. The website contains a free library of children's books from different genres. They are available for kids of all ages. You can register here to become a member and browse their library of books.

The website offers a range of free children's books, many of which include downloadable audio. Some also contain additional activities to support story recall and reading comprehension. The eBooks are categorized according to age, book type, and series. Besides the free titles, Oxford Owl also offers recommended paid educational resources.

Oxford Owl eBooks are a great resource for children at home or in the classroom. They are leveled by age and include fiction, non-fiction, phonics, picture books, and books for struggling readers. They are fun and easy to read, which makes them perfect for use in classrooms. Teachers can use them during reading time on the classroom computers, and you can also use them to host read-alongs or small-group activities.

Oxford Owl eBooks are free to download and can be accessed on desktop or tablet computers. The site also has games, educational videos, and other learning materials for children. Project Gutenberg is another great resource for free eBooks. You can download most classics for free and read them at home.

Rakuten Kobo

Rakuten Kobo Children's history eBooks are designed to keep little minds interested in a variety of history topics. Whether it is ancient times, ancient Egypt, or ancient Rome, this collection of children's history books is sure to delight young learners. Many of these books come with beautiful pictures and great layouts, making them easy to read.

The Kobo eBook reader is one of the leading digital publishing devices. According to Rakuten, Kobo reaches 10 million users across 190 countries. It is also the most popular e-reader in Canada, with a 50 percent market share.

The Kobo app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. The Kobo app syncs with the Kobo cloud service. This app offers access to nearly six million eBooks and audiobooks. It also offers free top-ranking eReading apps for iOS and MacOS. Users can also purchase audiobooks directly from the app's website.

Rakuten Kobo offers a huge selection of free eBooks, and a search feature allows you to search for them in various categories. You can even find Kobo books by searching for them on websites like Goodreads or Google Play. These websites are designed to make it easy to find the perfect book for any occasion.

Rakuten Kobo has updated their apps for iOS and Android, and now offers an audiobook player. While Android users can purchase and listen to content, iOS users can only listen to purchased titles.

Get Free Books

There are several places online to get free eBooks of children's history. The Internet Archive, a non-profit library with millions of items available for free, has a section with more than 37,000 titles specifically geared toward children. These books can be read online or downloaded to a personal device.

Amazon is another place to get free eBooks. Their website allows you to search by subject or age range. You can even find books based on user ratings. If you want to get a lot of books, you should consider purchasing a Kindle Unlimited subscription. This subscription will give you unlimited access to free eBooks, including popular bestsellers and contemporary titles.

You can also access eBooks for free by creating an account at Oxford Owl. This website is a nonprofit that offers free eBooks in 59 languages. The site is available for parents and teachers and requires free registration. Oxford Owl also provides learning resources such as games and videos. Another free option is Project Gutenberg. Here, you can find more than 60,000 free eBooks of different subjects for kids of all ages. Some of these eBooks are available for Kobo, Nook, and iBooks devices.

If you want free eBooks of children's history, you can also check out epubBooks. The site features a huge collection of English language books. You can read them on your computer, tablet, or phone. You can even download workbooks.

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