Best Children’s French Language Learning eBooks in 2022

Children's French Language Learning eBooks

There are numerous benefits to using Children's French Language Learning eBooks. These educational programs are ideal for introducing your children to the language and culture, but which ones are the best? Here are our recommendations. You may want to start with the Everything Kids' Learning French Book, or you can try the French Experiment or Skill Builders. Read on to learn more about each of these titles. There are so many great options to choose from.

The Everything Kids' Learning French Book

The Everything Kids' Learning French Book is an excellent, easy-to-use guide for kids who are beginning their journey into the French language. It contains many useful topics, such as pronunciation, direct/indirect objects, family and questions, as well as charts and cultural notes. It is also a good choice for young children who are already fluent in English. If you are looking for a quick guide to the French language, this is a great choice.

La Souris

When choosing a French language learning eBook for your children, you should consider a book that is bilingual. Farkas Translations, for example, offers many bilingual titles, including La Souris for children's French language learning eBooks. Another popular option is the picture dictionary, which teaches beginner vocabulary through colorful illustrations. This charming method of learning the language includes a glossary and the English word and boldfaced French equivalent.

The Asterix comic strip is another popular choice, which has captivated the French-speaking world since the 1950s. In the story of a small village, the titular hero fights against Roman occupation and embarks on comical adventures with his friends. There are 35 volumes and several films available, and these books are a great choice for beginning language learners. Comics are a great way to introduce a child to French language learning by introducing visual dialogue. Beginner-level readers will enjoy the minimalist format of this book.

A child's interest in learning French may be best served by a story with bilingual elements. Unlike traditional language learning textbooks, these eBooks provide children with the opportunity to read and engage with the language. Many of these eBooks are short, picture-filled stories that help kids learn basic French. In addition to learning French language words, children will learn about French culture, games, and cat sounds.

The French Experiment

The French Experiment is a great resource for kids interested in learning the French language. These eBooks contain four traditional children's stories in French with audio. Parents can give their children free access for 30 days to test their progress. If you are a teacher, you can also provide remote access codes for your students. Regardless of your level of French language learning, you'll be able to find a book that meets your child's specific needs.

Kids will enjoy reading the books. These eBooks have brightly-colored pictures and simple sentences that will help children build their language skills. Kids will enjoy the books and develop a love for the French language. Whether you're learning the language with your child or with a parent, these books will provide an engaging experience for the whole family. This way, you'll feel confident teaching your child French.

If you're interested in teaching your child the language of Paris, you can try out the books written by Nik Marcel. This French-themed movie is a fun and educational way to introduce children to the language. Aside from the books, you can also look for related DVDs and audio files to supplement your child's French language learning. The French Experiment eBooks for children's French language learning

Skill Builders

These French language learning eBooks for kids offer a wide range of activities that will keep your child engaged and on track throughout the school year. Each book contains a series of challenges and activities that introduce new learners to the fundamentals of the French language. The books contain appropriate passages and exercises for elementary-aged children, as well as an answer key. They come in a convenient 6" x 9" package.

This French language learning eBook is easy to use and features engaging illustrations and straight-forward copywork. This makes it a great resource for summer learning. There are over 100 reproducible activity pages, starting with the alphabet and numbers, and working up to more advanced functional vocabulary. You'll also find many activities geared toward everyday topics. For additional assistance, a parent can purchase a student's own copy.

While Kids vs French is not current, it teaches children to understand news articles. It also encourages reading current news articles from French news hubs. The book is filled with colorful illustrations and features a Tap-and-Play Audio feature. Kids will learn over 250 vocabulary words through this book. It is a great choice for a child who is unsure of how to pronounce words.


If you're searching for eBooks for children to learn French, you'll find some of the best options for beginners. Mots-outils, which are the French equivalent of sight words, are an ideal choice for young children. The accompanying bilingual stories allow children to learn through reading. Older elementary students can benefit from bilingual bedtime stories. Children who learn French through these eBooks can also benefit from downloadable audio, which allows them to hear native speaking accents and pronunciation.

Another great option for parents is a bilingual book. These books are great for the summer months as they are easy to reproduce and can be used multiple times. Children can make several copies of each page to help themselves learn. This book contains more than 100 reproducible activity pages, beginning with the alphabet and numbers and moving on to functional French vocabulary. It also contains activities for everyday topics, such as shopping, eating, and playing with friends.

The Quick Guide series provides children with a solid foundation in French grammar. Similar to the 3 Minute series, these eBooks provide an in-depth look at a specific grammatical point. Each ebook in this series includes thousands of practice exercises. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, this series is an excellent choice. The authors cover each topic step-by-step, so you can use them for years to come.


Parents who want their children to learn the French language can now turn to story-based e-books. Storyplayr is an online children's library that works on a subscription model and contains more than 300 books. This application offers audio and video recordings of books that parents can read or record with their kids. A subscription is 49 euros for a year, and schools can receive a discounted rate of nine euros per month.

There are over 350 French eBooks for children aged three to eight, with well-illustrated, easy-to-use interfaces. Stories feature familiar characters and timeless classics, and the titles are divided into age groups and topic categories. There are also bilingual titles available. As of writing, Storyplayr is continually adding new titles. While most other French language learning apps require a subscription, this one has a money-back guarantee.

The Storyplayr app allows children to learn the French language while having fun. It helps kids learn to read by describing the structure of words and providing definitions. They also offer a variety of tools that help children learn to read. They include pronunciation guides, text display options, and audiobooks. Children can listen to the stories while they're learning, which is another way to keep the language fun.

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