Best Children’s Foreign Language Learning eBooks in 2022

Children's Foreign Language Learning eBooks

For more information, check out our articles on BookLingual, Unite for Literacy, Dinolingo, and more. You'll also find many resources for foreign language audio books, too. We've rounded up a few of our favorites below. And don't forget to check out the latest releases from BookLingual. There are many fun, educational, and bilingual kid's books to choose from!

BookLingual's bilingual kid's books

Children have an amazing ability to learn a new language, and bilingual kid's books can help them do so. These specially-designed books are easy to understand and use, and they work with children who know some Spanish but not all of it. You can choose from a variety of eBooks that are full-color and illustrated for a child to enjoy, as well as books that can be read on a computer, iPad, or tablet.

Kids can learn about the Spanish language by reading stories about the lives of firefighters. There are plenty of bilingual kid's books for children of all ages - from toddlers to preschoolers. They can also learn about the Lunar New Year or counting words with Mina's First Day of School, which is available in both English and Spanish. The Spanish-English version of Mina's First Day of School will teach 19 basic concepts like colors, numbers, and letters.

Another bilingual kid's book for foreign language learning is the famous Caterpillar, which has sold over 12 million copies around the world. This book features a Spanish-English character and is written in simple sentences. Children will learn the concept of proximity while enjoying the stories in both languages. It also contains fun activities to help your child understand the concept of proximity. This book is an excellent choice for young children who have a passion for foreign languages.

Another great resource for bilingual kid's books for foreign language learning is Language Lizard. The site offers bilingual books for children in over 50 languages, including many uncommon languages. Often, a single book has several versions, so your child can have multiple readings of the same book. When looking for a book, it's important to consider which language your child will speak most fluently.


Parents can purchase Dinolingo eBooks for children' s foreign language learning, as well as use the apps to help their children learn the language. They are a fun and easy way for children to start learning a foreign language. Children will love the storytelling-based approach to learning, which uses humour and emotions to teach them the language. Children can start with just one lesson, or they can continue to build their skills through more advanced books.

Among the many language learning apps for kids, Dinolingo is a favorite of teachers and parents. Its kid-friendly website and app teach kids the most common 200 words and phrases in the target language. Children between the ages of three and 14 will find the program helpful, and it is recommended for parents with young children. Dinolingo eBooks for children's foreign language learning are available for download in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Hindi.

In addition to the interactive programs, there are also DVDs available for kids. Dino Lingo offers an extensive catalog of instructional videos and audio clips of children's songs, which make language learning fun. Each video features a cartoon dinosaur introducing common words. You can find Dino Lingo videos in eight different languages by browsing by producer. Infobase is proud to carry Dino Lingo products and offers convenient streaming access.

Parents can download a free version of the Dinolingo app for children. The app contains videos, interactive games, and vocabulary reading activities. Children can also listen to a native speaker's pronunciation of a word. Ultimately, Dinolingo eBooks for children's foreign language learning are an excellent choice for the entire family. When it comes to learning a foreign language, parents can't go wrong.

Unite for Literacy

You can download free books for kids to learn another language for free through a website called Unite for Literacy. The website aims to promote literacy among children and young people around the world. The organization provides books for children and families, and also works with cultural institutions to spread important messages to parents and children. Its books for children include bilingual and multilingual versions of stories and games. And it has a growing library of over 100 books.

ManyBooks is an educational website launched in 2004 that provides thousands of free digital books in different genres, including romance, science fiction, mystery, and more. The Unite for Literacy eBooks for children's foreign language learning feature 400 free picture books, with one-fourth of the books in Spanish. The site also features audio narrations for more than 40 languages. Moreover, it offers an app for parents who wish to teach their kids foreign language.

To access Unite for Literacy eBooks for children in different languages, you must know your region's zip code and county. Then, you can browse the list of available books in your region. This website features books in Spanish, English, and many other languages. Once you've made your choice, you can customize the language of the books for your child's needs. For example, you can choose to teach your child a new language by letting him/her listen to an audio translation of the book.

If you're interested in reading for children in a foreign language, Unite for Literacy is a free online picture book resource that is designed to counteract the problem of lack of books for non-readers. This business-supported organization promotes early literacy learning using digital devices. Its simple interface provides easy navigation of its digital book collection. You can select from various languages and genres and listen to audio narration in the languages of your choice. The site also provides audio narration in 43 languages. The International Children's Online Library offers digital children's books in 50 languages.


Children learn best from a teacher, but if you want your child to develop their language skills at home, you should consider using BookLingual eBooks. This series focuses on teaching children the importance of reading, which is an essential skill in acquiring a second language. Children's reading skills will propel them on a lifelong journey of improvement. The books are also fun and contain interactive features, including puzzles and quizzes.

These bilingual children's books will help your child learn the basics of Spanish. The authors have developed their books based on research on language learning. The result are colorful, interactive eBooks that use stories and illustrations to teach children basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar. These eBooks are available for iPad, tablet, and computer, so that your child can practice what they're learning while he or she plays.

There are plenty of bilingual children's books available on the Internet. The first one is from Unite for Literacy. It features books in both Spanish and English. The second one is a Spanish-English language audio book. The bilingual version offers audio translation in more than 30 languages. BookLingual eBooks are easy to use and will teach your child the basics of a new language.

The Spanish for Kids eBook combines English and Spanish words for a fun way for your child to learn vocabulary. These Spanish books for children can be read from a tablet, and parents can download the entire program to their device. With this new product, children can learn a second language without any difficulty. And they can also enjoy the advantages of a bilingual lifestyle. If you're thinking about purchasing Spanish books for your children, make sure to check out BookLingual eBooks for children's foreign language learning.


Parents looking for the best foreign language eBooks for kids may want to look at PetraLingua. Their courses include music, videos, activity books, and talking picture dictionaries, so kids can learn a new language in their own time. They offer a subscription service for $7.99 per month, and also sell physical books and CDs. The website is designed for children ages three to ten, but older kids can also use the free courses available for download.

PetraLingua's lessons are designed to cater for a wide variety of learning styles, because not all children learn best through one main stimulus. In addition to interactive videos and exercises, PetraLingua includes an Audio Picture Dictionary to reinforce learning. This helps kids remember the spoken word through repetition, and it complements other learning strategies like visual graphics. Children enjoy learning foreign languages with these eBooks.

PetraLingua offers downloadable worksheets and activity books for children in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. These programs include 21 lessons, 500 basic words, and eighty language learning videos. Kids can learn a new language through interactive games, music, and videos. Unlike traditional textbooks, PetraLingua offers an interactive picture dictionary to help kids learn new words and phrases.

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