Best Children’s Football eBooks in 2022

Children's Football eBooks

If you're looking for a great football eBook for kids, you've come to the right place. These eBooks are packed with information for children of all ages, and include fun, wacky characters like Billy Bonkers. They're perfect for KS1 soccer fans looking to improve their skills. They come with easy-to-understand tips that can be used on and off the pitch. The eBooks are also the perfect size for newly independent readers.

Tom Palmer

If your little one is keen to learn about the beautiful game, then Tom Palmer's children's football eBooks are perfect for you! Whether it's learning about the great teams and managers of the world or the legendary goals and celebrations, Tom Palmer's books have something to offer. With a great mix of witty and absorbing content, these eBooks are perfect for young football fans.

The author of these free eBooks is a football fan himself, and has been involved with the author's work for many years. His Foul Play and Football Academy series have influenced many young boys' reading habits. Tom Palmer is the coordinator of Reading Partners, an organisation that works with the National Literacy Trust, the Reading Agency, and many other organisations in the UK. He also served as the official writer for the Premier League Reading Stars scheme for five years. His books are sold in over 40 countries around the world and are available free of charge to subscribers on his mailing list.

The author has written books for children and is now collaborating with Rebellion Publishing to create Roy of the Rovers eBooks. This new series combines the famous Roy Race character with the joy of football and the magic of reading. Tom Palmer has won numerous awards for his children's books, including the FCBG Children's Book Award for Armistice Runner and D-Day Dog. His literacy work has earned him the Ruth Rendell Award from the National Literacy Trust.

Helen Pielichaty

Kids' books about football are not limited to the big leagues. Children can also enjoy football-themed eBooks from Helena Pielichaty. This writer and enthusiastic fan of women's football is an author whose works are published across the world. Her latest series of children's books, Girls FC, celebrates friendship and the beauty of the beautiful game. She is also a keen fan of the game and has written books about both girls and boys.

Kids will love learning about football, as well as its lingo. There are books for children about the best teams, players, managers, and iconic goal celebrations. Helen Pielichaty's children's football eBooks provide a comprehensive guide to all things football. There are over fifty titles to choose from, so parents and kids can find one that reflects their tastes. With so many great books to choose from, you can be sure to find a book that captures your child's interest.

Kids can also enjoy the Girls FC series, which features a variety of female football players. In this 12-book series, kids will learn about an all-girls football team. Each book focuses on a different teammate. The first book in the series focuses on a girl goalkeeper named Megan Fawcett. The next book, Girls FC, explores the future of the team after the original team moves on to secondary school.

Jonathan Meres

Jonathan Meres is an award-winning author of children's books who left school at 16 to join the merchant navy and spent seven years sailing the world. He has also worked in the fashion industry, in Harrods and in pop videos, and has become a renowned stand-up comedian. Since leaving the merchant navy, Jonathan has written over 30 children's books, and is perhaps best known for his World of Norm series. He lives in Edinburgh with his family.

The first book in the series, The Football Academy, is a quick and easy-to-read biography of Manchester United's under-12 team. Children with dyslexia will find these books interesting, as they contain fascinating facts about each player's life. For example, a young Van Dijk once had to wash dishes to support his career, while Kante was promised pizza by the manager of Leicester City if he could keep a clean sheet. As a bonus, this book is written in a child-friendly style, making it a good option for reluctant readers.

Eric LeGrand

If you're looking for a unique way to teach your child about football, then you should consider checking out one of Eric LeGrand's Children's eBooks. These eBooks will be a fun and unique way for your child to learn the game while enjoying the game of football. They're great for parents and teachers as well, and will keep your child engaged in the game for years to come.

In 2010, the former Rutgers University Scarlet Knights' defensive tackle was seriously injured during a game against Army. After he recovered from his injury, he went on to speak to kids about his remarkable story. His mother, Nancy, has stood by his side every step of the way. The book, "Believe," is a true account of the life of a young athlete whose injury changed his life forever.

The book also includes photos of Eric LeGrand, who has adapted his inspirational quotes for children. LeGrand has partnered with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries. And he's not stopping there. He's also going back to his old university to co-host a radio show with Kyle Flood. And he'll keep his television job as he makes the transition to broadcasting.

Sybil Nelson

A children's book about a beloved sport has many elements, but none can rival the fast-paced adventure of a children's football eBook. Written for younger readers, these books feature endearing characters who make even the most impossible situations seem possible. The book, "Priscilla the Great," is part of the award-winning Priscilla the Great series. In addition to this series, Sybil Nelson has written sixteen other novels, as well as short novellas that accompany her novel.

Howard Bryant

Fans of children's football and the Super Bowl will enjoy reading the My First Book of Football by Howard Bryant. Featuring engaging action photography, a glossary of important football terms, and a storyline based on the Super Bowl, this book will be a perfect read for young fans. Parents and young football rookies will enjoy sharing this book together, as it teaches kids everything they need to know about the game.

Sports writers are always great for sports books, and Bryant has no shortage of them. Football and basketball fans will be fascinated by Bryant's detailed history of the sport. His account of the development of these sports has a decade-by-decade timeline of the sport's history, complete with key players and memorable moments. It also highlights the many colorful nicknames given to players and teams. This book also features countdown lists of the top players and teams throughout history.

Dan Freedman

Jamie Johnson is the protagonist of Dan Freedman's series of books and has been adapted for TV by the BBC. His books are bestselling and have been adapted into a hit TV show, which is currently in production. The author of this series talks about his inspiration for writing, meeting world-famous football players and the process of re-drafting the stories. Dan has also been a managing editor of The FA for seven years. He has also been to two World Cups as a member of the England team. The author is also a sports enthusiast and gives talks to sports clubs and schools.

The eBook series includes biographies of famous footballers and their stories. This series features books about famous players and a host of other subjects, including how they achieved fame and success. Each book covers different aspects of the beautiful game, with photographs and infographics to make the subject more appealing. It will also help children develop their reading skills, as it provides information on the history, lingo, techniques and iconic goal celebrations.

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