Best Children’s Fantasy eBooks in 2022

Children's Fantasy eBooks

If you're looking for books that will keep your children entertained for hours, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll tell you about some of the best children's fantasy eBooks available for download. These titles include The Invisible Library, The Dark Dragon Chronicles, and The House of Always. In addition, we'll give you a review of the genre and tips for writing children's books.

The Invisible Library

If you're looking for some delightful children's fantasy eBooks, check out The Invisible Library by Yvette A. L. Smith. It's the story of a librarian who has access to countless "real world" universes and who obtains variant versions of books. These copies can vary in content and may even be non-existent in some alternate realities. This is due to the highly skilled surreptitious tradecraft of the librarians of The Invisible Library.

The book has a witty plotline involving a librarian and a rare book, a young Librarian, dragons, and adventure. In the first book in the series, Librarian Irene and her assistant Kai end up in Prohibition-era Boston, where they find the Library destroyed, and no Librarian. Luckily, they do manage to find one of the missing books.

A series of books about librarians is the perfect way to introduce children to the magical world of the fae. The characters in the series often cross worlds, from prohibition-era Chicago to revolutionary Paris. They have to deal with nefarious plots, evil masterminds, and dastardly political maneuvers to save the world. The series balances two worlds - Chaos and Order - in an entertaining way. There's magic, science, and technology, while chaos and order are well represented.

The Invisible Library is a series of science fiction and fantasy eBooks by debut author Genevieve Cogman. The Invisible Library centers on an alternate version of London. A librarian called Irene, a professional spy for the mysterious Library, is posted in the alternate city to retrieve a dangerous book. The book has been stolen, and the underground factions of London are ready to fight to the death to find the book.

The Extinction Threat

The Extinction Threat is an environmental issue that affects many animal species, and this story explores the efforts to save them. This book includes information about 43 endangered species that range from oceans to forests to the tundra, from caribou to giraffes. It is a great way to raise awareness of this issue and get children thinking about how to help protect wildlife.

A dystopian future is presented in a series of books featuring animals. The Effort by Nancy F. Castaldo, an author of many children's books, describes how the Earth faced mass extinction because of an intruding comet. Eventually, scientists take up the fight and save the planet, but they must overcome the challenges and dangers of climate change to do it.

The Dark Dragon Chronicles

The Dark Dragon Chronicles is a series of children's fantasy eBooks written by Chris Dawson. His fascination with dragons stems from his childhood love of dinosaurs. These creatures are not only capable of flying, but can also grant wishes and bring great treasure. In this eBook series, David Rain must make a decision about the fate of his beloved clay dragon. To save the clay dragon, David must go on a mission to destroy the dark fire. But if he succeeds, he will have to sacrifice his beloved clay dragon, or risk giving birth to a new darkling.

Minli lives in a ramshackle hut with her parents, who regale her with old stories. After reading some of the stories, she is inspired by the story of the Old Man on the Moon. She sets out to find him and ask him how she can change the family fortunes. Along the way, she meets a variety of magical creatures and a dragon.

The author Chris d'Lacey is a New York Times bestselling author of several books. He has also written the Erth Dragons series and is currently working on his next book. While reading the series, he's sure to find a few new dragons to befriend and slay. It's a good time to share books with your kids! The Dark Dragon Chronicles is a children's fantasy eBook for those who enjoy dragons!

The House of Always

The House of Always by Jenn Lyons is a fantastic series for young readers, with a surprisingly mature tone. This second installment is the final book in an epic fantasy series, and its positive reviews and high reader ratings indicate that readers will enjoy it. Its writers have been compared to George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, and others who have created acclaimed epic fantasy series. Readers who love fantasy will enjoy this series, and the final installment will continue the storyline and characters from the first book.

As with all book series, there are certain things readers should look for in a children's fantasy eBook. A good example is the book ending. Fans of the series may be anxious and hyped up about how the story will end. The fourth book may just hint at how things will end. That is a good way to keep readers interested in the series. This book is not to be skipped.

The Legacy of Lord Regret

The Legacy of Lord Regret is a fantastic novel for fans of children's fantasy and the Strange Threads duology by Sam Bowring. The book takes place in an alternate reality where the once great warrior Rostigan has grown weary of battle and is traveling with the minstrel Tarzi. Tarzi hopes to witness some heroic acts that will be worthy of song. However, the world of fantasy is a dark and sinister place, and the once great heroes have returned from the ancient dead - transformed into monstrous villains.

The Legacy of Orisha

The first book in the popular Legacy of Orisha series is a New York Times Bestseller and a must-read for fans of Sabaa Tahir and Leigh Bardugo. Zelie Adebola remembers when the soil of Orisha was alive with magic. When a ruthless king wiped out the maji, everything changed. Now, Zelie fights to restore the magical orisha to their former glory. But her battle with her enemies is not over yet.

The Legacy of Orisha is an exciting fantasy trilogy that is sure to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The first book, Children of Blood and Bone, debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. The sequel, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, lands in 2023. Children of Blood and Bone is an acclaimed children's fantasy series by author Tomi Adeyemi.

Zelie's quest to restore the magic of the Orisha requires her to outwit a vengeful crown prince, who is hellbent on wiping out the magical Orisha. There's danger everywhere, from vengeful spirits to snow leoponaires. Zelie must learn to control her powers and deal with her feelings for her enemy. The book's pacing makes it an enjoyable read for kids.

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