Best Children’s Equestrian eBooks in 2022

Children's Equestrian eBooks

Whether your child is learning about horses for the first time or has always been fascinated by them, Children's Equestrian eBooks will help you get them started. These books are designed to teach kids about horses and horse care through pictures and facts. They also teach your child about different types of bears. Luckily, these eBooks are free, so they are a great way to keep your child's interest during the summer.

Hello, Horse by Vivian French

"Hello, Horse" by Vivian French is an excellent introduction to horses and nature. Its combination of information and story makes it the perfect first introduction to the world of horses for young children. Vivian French blends tender words and beautiful illustrations to make this picture book a fun and informative read. The story begins with the narrator meeting Shannon, a big brown horse, and learning about the animal's character and behavior. The story follows Shannon as she learns to handle and ride Shannon, an easy-to-read introduction to horses.

This gentle introduction to horses will appeal to both dedicated horse lovers and those who are uncertain about horses. The horse in the story is named Shannon, and the boy gets to meet her through her friend Catherine. Catherine reassures him that Shannon will like him. Soon, the boy has been talking to horses for days. Ultimately, the boy falls in love with his new friend. He even tries blowing at the horse to let it know he likes it.

The illustrations are stunning. Catherine's water-colour illustrations of Shannon are delightful. Her gentle, inquisitive nature shines through in this sweet, heartwarming book. Whether your child is afraid of horses or just wants to learn more about them, this book will make a great addition to their library. A must-read for every child's book shelf! If you love horses, you will enjoy this book.

'Lightning Jack' by Glenda Millard

'Lightning Jack' is a charming picture book for young children about a brave and gallant black stallion named Sam. Sam Tulley has always dreamed of riding his new horse, but his family and a strict overseer do not let him. Sam uses his horse, Lightning Jack, to round up the cattle, and the overseer offers him five hundred steers for him. Sam refuses, and the two continue to travel the world together, and even become part of other stories.

Lightning Jack is a free-spirited horse who dares Sam Tully to ride him. After Sam is equipped with stockman's gear, the two ride a herd of steers down the mountainside. A grazier watches them and is amazed. He then offers to buy or trade the horse with Sam. Despite the many adventures that await Sam and Lightning Jack, the story is not over.

The illustrations in 'Lightning Jack' by Patricia Mullins are enchanting. The book is filled with vibrant colours and fluid illustrations that capture the story's movement. It's a delightful, memorable visual experience for children. Glenda Millard and Patricia Mullins have teamed up to create a rich story that celebrates Australian legends. The story is structured to let children interpret the layers of meaning and history as they see fit.

Students will love the adventure in 'Lightning Jack' by Melville. The story is filled with thrilling adventures and a touching story. A must-read for young children! If you're looking for a good book to read on a bus trip, this is a great choice! The characters in 'Lightning Jack' are realistic and a joy to read.

'For Sale or Swap' by Alyssa Brugman

Shelby is convinced her ugly pony Blue is holding her back at Pony Club, but she can't afford a new one. Then she discovers Maxshine Celtic Copper, a high-strung pony with a brown coat that washes off with shampoo. But it's not just her old horse that's holding Shelby back. In 'For Sale or Swap', she meets the perfect horse for Shelby - Maxshine Celtic Copper, known as Brat.

'Pud and Charlie' by Samantha Wheeler

If you're a horse lover, you'll enjoy 'Pud and Charlie' by Sam Wheeler. Born in 1943 in Ponca City, OK, Wheeler has been sober for over five years and has since become a mentor to others with addiction. In late 2018, Wheeler updated her post to include some new favourite books about horses. Wheeler has also written a book about her horse, Spud.

'The Everything Book of Horses and Ponies' by Alison Lester

This enchanting picture book features a little girl named Matilda, and the story starts with a pony named Lucky. In this book, she learns about the freedom of having her own pony. In addition to her own experiences, Lester shares her love of reading with children. 'The Everything Book of Horses and Ponies' by Alison Lester is a must-have for any child's library.

The beautiful painted illustrations in this book make the story even more appealing. Each page depicts the dream of a little girl who is inspired to become a horse trainer. The text is also wonderfully whimsical. The horse-themed story is sure to inspire kids to dream big, and it will encourage them to follow their dreams. The author's creativity and imagination come through in the book's beautifully written stories.

Alyssa Brugman is a young horse owner and rider who loves animals. Her books are great for children who want to ride a horse but can't afford one. She thinks her pony Blue is holding her back, and she needs a beautiful one so that she can improve her riding skills. But, she can't afford a new horse, so she is forced to make do with her current pony.

If I Had a Horse is another charming book for children. It is a story of a young girl's fantasy about a pony, and is beautifully illustrated with impressionist pictures. 'The Everything Book of Horses and Ponies' by Alison Lester is a wonderful way to introduce young children to this fascinating animal. It is full of interesting facts about horses and is easy to read with large, bold text and plenty of photographs.

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