Best Children’s eBooks on Farm Life in 2022

Children's eBooks on Farm Life

If you're looking for children's eBooks on farm life, you've come to the right place. Here are some recommended books for farm life enthusiasts. You'll find stories such as From Seed to Pumpkin, Levi's Lost Calf, and The Chickens Build a Wall, and more! Here are a few great titles for the whole family to enjoy. Hopefully, you'll find a few titles to make your reading experience more fun and educational.

From Seed to Pumpkin

From Seed to Pumpkin is a charming children's eBook about the importance of caring for your farm animals. Two mice fall in love with a pumpkin growing in their vegetable garden. One of them decides to take care of the tiny pumpkin while the other watches. The two go to the pumpkin patch on separate days and care for the small pumpkins during the evening. However, one day they don't see each other until one cold night.

Children love learning about the life cycle of plants, animals, and even vegetables, and this book is no exception. This engaging book describes the life cycle of the pumpkin and teaches scientific facts along the way. Ages three and up will find it fascinating to read this book, which features clear illustrations. It's not just about the pumpkin, though; the book also contains recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds.

From Seed to Pumpkin: Children's eBook on Farm Life follows the life cycle of a small seed from seed to pumpkin. The book includes photographs of a pumpkin's life cycle. A boy named Buddy receives a package from his Grandma and investigates the seeds through different activities. The boy plants a sunflower seed circle, which turns into a large circle for play in the summer. The seeds he plants will also grow into pumpkins.

From Seed to Pumpkin: Children's eBook on Farm Life

Little Apple Goat

Like the Scruff Sheep and Pond Goose children's eBooks, Little Apple Goat is set on a farm. The story revolves around a quirky little goat who learns valuable lessons about life after a storm destroys his orchard. Whether it's a new way to care for the animals or a new way to eat fruit, Little Apple Goat will have a blast!

The book follows the day of Little Naomi and her lovable farm animals. While Little Naomi is busy working, Little Chick stays home and plays with the other animals. Both characters are connected through an implied friendship and endearing illustrations. The book also teaches the importance of kindness and friendship. It is perfect for little ones who are just starting to learn about farming and farm animals. And, it's great for parents, too!

Levi's Lost Calf

"Levi's Lost Calf" is a children's picture book with a faith-filled message from fifth-generation South Dakota rancher Amanda Radke. It's full of farm-inspired whimsy, with illustrations by Michelle Weber. When the calf is found, Levi rides out to bring it home. The end of the book is a touching message of hope that can inspire children and their parents alike.

The Chickens Build a Wall

"The Chickens Build a Wall" is a satire on immigration that is also a great read for children. This French-language book is published on Storypath and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. The story follows a flock of hens who ignore all other tasks, such as laying eggs and raising chicks. Instead, they spend months constructing a wall around themselves and feeling safe. However, when they come across an unexpected guest, they realize that he is the stranger living in their barnyard.

One day, a hedgehog appears in the barnyard, and the chickens are wary of it. Using rumors, they plan to attack the hens. The chickens begin building the wall around their henhouse. After a long winter of work, they finally get to see the hedgehog, only to realize that the wall hasn't gone quite the way they planned!

The Chickens Build a Wall illustrates the message of unity and community by using the metaphor of a wall. It draws its inspiration from Jesus' admonition to his disciples in Matthew 19:14. The story also features an animal that shares his lunch with a crowd. The story also contains a few rhyming rhymes. This book is an excellent read-aloud for children of all ages.

Ox-Cart Man

"Ox-Cart Man" is a classic children's book that teaches kids about life on a farm in the 19th century. It is a classic tale about a family who grows their own food and uses an ox-cart to deliver their products to Portsmouth market. They sell the ox-cart, which is then resold to other farmers and used for other purposes.

Farmers have long had a positive view of the common good, which extends beyond their own businesses. Farmers also encompass the larger economic community, which includes customers, suppliers, and neighbors. The book illustrates this virtuous circle of development through good husbandry, crop husbandry, and craftsmanship. These virtues are mutually reinforcing and can be learned at a young age.

"Ox-Cart Man" is one of the most popular books for children in the genre. It features illustrations by Barbara Cooney and is aimed at children four years and older. Ox-Cart Man is also available in other children's books including Trouble With Money and Just Shopping With Mom. Teaching Money Lessons With Books is another series that focuses on teaching financial concepts to children.

His Farm Stories will leave children inspired and fascinated with a sense of community. The stories will capture their imagination and interest and will leave a lasting impact on their thinking. Ox-Cart Man is an excellent example of a children's book about a traditional farm life. Regardless of its subject matter, children will benefit from the stories. And if you've never considered this genre before, consider it.

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