Best Children’s Easter eBooks in 2022

Children's Easter eBooks

Easter is the most wonderful time of the year, and you can take advantage of that by reading a children's Easter eBook. These fun stories are sure to delight little ones. If you're looking for a cute Easter story for your little one, consider Poppy and Sam's Easter Egg Hunt. It's a short story with cute illustrations and small sentences that will engage tots. Peeping Hole Finger Trails add to the sensory learning. Kids love to trace the cute animal characters throughout the story. Each chapter closes with a fun activity.

Poppy and Sam's Easter Egg Hunt

This beautiful Easter Egg Hide and Seek Book is perfect for little ones! Featuring beautifully illustrated eggs, children can spot them through cutouts and then determine if they're real or not. The book includes fingertrails that add a touch of texture to the pages. It has the perfect mix of humor and learning opportunities for young children. Whether you're looking for a new way to learn about Easter, you'll find it in this eBook!

Poppy and Sam's Egg Hunt eBook has hidden Easter eggs and will provide hours of fun for your little ones. They'll love searching for them! There are even double-pages for them to find a hidden egg. Each egg is a different color, so kids can try spotting them and determining whether they're real or fake! The egg-hunting action will be sure to keep their attention all day!

Children will love discovering colorful eggs while playing in the Apple Tree Farm! Detailed illustrations and small sentences keep the attention of even the youngest tots. They'll also love the Peeping Hole Finger Trails, which help them improve their sensory skills and make them more aware of their surroundings. They'll be able to find hidden farm animals as well! This Easter egg hunt eBook is a perfect choice for toddlers and preschoolers alike!

Parents who are looking for a good Easter book can't go wrong with this eBook by Scholastic. The stories are engaging, beautifully illustrated, and communicate the message of the holiday in a way that children can understand. The author has curated a fantastic selection of Easter books for kids of all ages, so you're sure to find a gem for your little one. If you're looking for a new Easter book to give your child this year, consider adding this one to your girls' basket.

The Story of Easter

The Story of Easter eBooks for children are an excellent way to share the meaning of Easter with your child. These books are a close retelling of the Bible's most famous story, told from the perspective of a first-century Jewish woman. This eBook guides readers through Jesus' arrest, death, and burial, concluding with Easter Sunday. Written for KS2 children in the years 3 to 6, these eBooks are great for teaching children about Christianity and Easter.

Each eBook in The Story of Easter contains a variety of engaging and informative activities to help teach your children about the true meaning of the holiday. Each story is written by a teacher and designed with the needs of KS2-aged children in mind. Each book is written in a way that children will find engaging, and each one is beautifully illustrated with attention to detail. If you're looking for an Easter eBook for children, look no further than Twinkl Originals.

With an abundance of options, it's easy to find a book that reflects your child's age and interests. Many children enjoy tracing the cute animals throughout the story. These books also feature activities for parents and teachers to complete during the holiday. They also feature stickers and a fun activity poster that reinforce the story. For older children, it's also possible to find the story of Easter through an audiobook on Easter Sunday.

Another option is to use a children's Bible. Candle Bible for Toddlers has delightful illustrations and is a great first introduction to the Bible. Candle Bibles can be a great resource to introduce children to the story of Easter. This Bible is biblically faithful and can be used as a starting point for daily family devotions. The story of Easter is also included in 99 Stories from the Bible. This book is a great choice for parents who want to share the gospel story with their children.

The Story of Easter eBooks for children should be well-designed and illustrated. Some books are even more interesting than others. Several popular Christian books include Noah's Ark Bible and the Jesus Storybook Bible. These books are ideal for children between the ages of five and seven. Each book has an age-appropriate layout that introduces fifty stories from the Bible. A third option is a Bible with stickers. With the Bible, the story will be retold through animal eyes.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

If you're looking for a great Easter book, try The Jesus Storybook Bible for children. It is unlike any other Bible, and invites children to join the greatest adventure ever. This children's Bible uses Jesus as the central character and does away with any moralizing stories that might deter children from becoming Christians. This book contains 32 beautifully illustrated stories that are suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Unlike other children's Bibles, The Jesus Storybook tells a Story beneath all Bible stories, pointing to the Savior. From the Old Testament to the New, your child will see Jesus as the Savior and be drawn to the book. The stories unfold chronologically, from Adam and Eve to Jesus' birth and death. Every tale whispers the name of Jesus, making it a great choice for young children.

As a parent, you'll want to choose a Bible that's appropriate for your child's age. This children's book can be read by parents or children. The storybook has 40 full-color, beautifully illustrated stories, each with an accompanying conversational question. The book focuses on the life of Jesus and how it relates to Easter. It also includes important facts about Jesus' resurrection and his death.

The Easter Storybook

The Easter Storybook is an eBook that tells the story of Jesus' life, beginning with his birth in the temple and ending with his appearances after his resurrection. Its stories bring the reader into the big picture of God's love. The story is written for children and their parents to share, and is sure to spark conversation. Parents, too, will enjoy reading this eBook with their children. Whether you want to share the story with your children or read it on your own, you'll find plenty of inspiration in The Easter Storybook eBook.

The Easter story is an important part of the celebration, and this eBook is an excellent choice to share with your child. The Easter story is told through text and illustrations, so it's ideal for sharing with a child. It also helps children understand why the celebration of Easter is important, and it's a good way to get them excited about the holiday. The Easter story, of course, is important to any family, but it's especially important for young children who are just starting to learn about the meaning of Easter.

If you're looking for a great resource for your classroom, you can't go wrong with The Easter Storybook. The eBook is packed full of educational resources that will help teachers teach the story effectively. Parents can find engaging activities in this eBook for their children and make the experience memorable for everyone. It's a great gift for a child this Easter. It's the perfect way to introduce the concept of Jesus' death and resurrection, as well as how he loves people.

While the Easter story isn't a true story, it is nonetheless an essential one. Children are often eager to learn about their religious heritage. The Easter story tells them how Jesus was born, how He was put to death, and why his death and resurrection are so important. A good way to begin the conversation about Christianity is by reading The Easter Storybook. For example, it can help a child learn about why Jesus came to earth and how he came to be God's love.

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