Best Children’s Christianity eBooks in 2022

Children's Christianity eBooks

Whether you're looking for a Christian story or just a few lessons to teach your children, there are many books and eBooks to choose from. Christina books are a good example of children's books geared toward faith and Christian values. They're both serious and funny, and feature average animals who learn about faith through a series of corresponding shows. These books can also help you introduce your child to the prayers of the Bible.

All About Jesus

The Bible is an excellent source for teaching kids about Jesus. The story of Jesus' birth is particularly interesting because it includes an angel who appeared to the shepherds. The angel said not to be afraid, because he has good news for them. Even though the people of Israel were aware that God would send a savior, they did not know who that would be. The angel told the shepherds that it was the time to see this savior.

In the Synoptic Gospels, Jesus tells the story of his ministry in Judea and Galilee, and the disciples he gathered to help spread his message. This is the time when Jesus began preaching and gathered his twelve disciples. These apostles would help spread his message, demonstrating his love for people. Jesus' teachings were based on the principles of love and respect for God, and were delivered using parables and many miracles.

To introduce Jesus to kids, parents should start as early as possible. Children can learn about Jesus even as young as three years old. When you teach a child about Jesus, it's important to keep in mind that it must be taught in a different way than when explaining it to adults. In addition to the overarching ideas of Jesus, parents should continue to explain him to their children as he grows. The goal of explaining Jesus to a child is to foster a personal relationship with Jesus so that he or she will grow to love and worship Him.

The Bible tells the story of Jesus' life in more detail than the Gospels can. Jesus' disciples, however, may have been repelled by the children's behavior as they sought to protect the Lord's dignity as a rabbi and the Messiah. But they had no idea what to make of the behavior of these children! In fact, the disciples rebuked the parents for bothering Jesus, but Jesus took the children and held them in his arms.

Dream Big

Dream big, little one! This rhyming picture book will encourage your child to dream big. It asks questions such as, "What are your interests growing up?" and imagines all sorts of career choices. The messages are powerful, and you'll find yourself cheering for your child as she pursues her dreams. In fact, Dream Big is such a success story that it's a must-read for any child.

Bob Goff, a New York Times bestselling author, wants kids to know that their dreams matter. In Dream Big, he and his writer daughter invite readers to explore the many dreams that matter to us. Dreams don't have to be grand or controversial. They can come from our creative spirit, our unique sparks, and even our own desires. The important thing to remember is that God created us with a purpose.

The Dream Big Study helps you find your life's purpose by peeling away the layers of deceptive information that can sabotage your dreams. Those layers are made of conflicting messages from family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Remember that God created you in His own image. You were created to be God's mate, and you have value and significance. Dream big, but be real and follow your dreams.

Small Gifts in God's Hands

The Small Gifts in God's Hands series includes several books on how to teach your child about the Christian faith. Children can easily understand concepts like hell and eternity without God. They can also imagine what it's like not to have God and all good things in their lives. A simple way to explain this concept is to ask children to imagine school without God. If they can't see the good in school, they can imagine how horrible it would be if everything was gone.

Children have different talents and abilities. Some are obvious while others take some time to be discovered. Encourage children to develop their talents and use them to reach others. Providing opportunities for them to showcase their talents can be a powerful way to build their faith and foster their spiritual growth. Small Gifts in God's Hands: How to Encourage Children's Spirituality

Using Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, Small Gifts in God's Hands offers a practical, interactive way to teach kids about prayer. Each chapter is an opportunity to teach children a key lesson about God. Several of the stories are lift-the-flaps, and many are suitable for children as young as four. A deluxe slipcased edition includes an audiobook read by award-winning actor David Suchet.

Praying the Prayers of the Bible

Praying the prayers of the Bible is an important aspect of a healthy relationship with God. Developing a spiritual life in children is crucial to their spiritual development. Praying the prayers of the Bible eBooks for children will introduce them to the importance of an active prayer life, and blend easy-to-remember Scripture passages with cute rhymes. This eBook is perfect for daily devotions or bedtime reading.

Each of the ten prayers in the book are written to be read daily, and are written in the form of prayers that a child could understand. The book features Scripture verses as well as prayer phrases that a child can use to pray for his or her child. The prayers are written in the first person, but can be changed to include individual names. The eBooks are designed to be read five times a day, so they can be used for children of all ages.


Priscilla Shirer has written a new book for children called An Extraordinary Teacher. This new Christian book for kids teaches them that learning is an essential component of living a good life. Priscilla inspires her daughter Aquila to want to become a teacher, and this story shows that a mother's words are powerful. Priscilla's devotion to learning has helped her children grow spiritually and intellectually.

Priscilla was a promising young lady, and her looks were poetic. She had golden eyelashes but her hair was more red than gold. Her beautiful grey-blue eyes were so beautiful that the court poet dubbed them "calm pools of thought." No one could explain why she had such stunning eyes, but it didn't matter - they were something else!

Christian eBooks for children can be both fun and educational. Christina books focus on being yourself, loving your neighbor, and learning about God. Their illustrations are fun and feature an easy-to-read rhyming pattern. These books are an excellent resource for growing your faith with your children. All three books can be used together or separately. You'll find many other great Christian eBooks on Amazon.

Priscilla's sisters took attention as a natural part of life. They did not like to be alone, and they liked being fussed over by the ladies-in-waiting. But the truth is, Priscilla's sisters were not as pleasant to look at, and their conduct was even more difficult to control. Priscilla gave up everything to gain the wisdom she received. Her life had purpose, and her sacrifices had a justification.

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