Best Children’s Christian Inspirational eBooks in 2022

Children's Christian Inspirational eBooks

If you are looking for a great book for your kids, you might be interested in finding a Children's Christian Inspirational eBook. The following list will help you in your search. The Animal Caravan, The Stone of Ebenezer, and God Bless You and Good Night are just some of the great titles available. You can also look for the Growing Hearts Prayer Book, a guide that will help your kids grow as a person and learn how to apply God's promises in their lives.

The Animal Caravan

The Animal Caravan children's Christian devotional eBook series includes stories that have animals reading Bible stories and questions that kids might ask. These questions are both practical and silly, but all are geared to teach kids about their faith and how to live their lives accordingly. This children's devotional eBook series has been written by bestselling children's author Avril Rowlands. It is recommended for readers aged four and up.

Rabbit's birthday parcel contains a Bible, and he decides to read it. However, he narrowly misses a colourful gypsy-style caravan, which makes him decide to go back home and share the Bible with the animals. The journey takes Rabbit to the Bible and back again, as he learns about the Bible's importance to our lives. In the end, he decides to follow Jesus, but not before he discovers a new purpose for his life.

The Stone of Ebenezer

The Stone of Ebenezer is a Christian children's book that retells the story of Jesus' battle with King Ahab over the ark of the covenant. While many books on this topic have been written for children, The Stone of Ebenezer is an interesting take on the story. As a children's book, it teaches about the importance of faith. And the e-book format makes it easy to read anywhere, so parents can read it whenever they want to.

God Bless You and Good Night

If you're searching for a children's bedtime story that reminds your child of God's love, you should look no further than God Bless You and Good Night. This book is filled with sweet rhymes, and the lovable animals in it are ready for bed, too. As a bonus, it also features a prayer at the end. Children will enjoy the story, which has already touched the hearts of more than 315,000 families.

This book contains stories from the Bible about Jesus. The parables he told are powerful messages that are still relevant today. Madge Haines Morrill ties parables and real-life stories into this book for young children. It offers stories about courage and obedience, and it is suitable for ages four and up. It's safe to let your children branch out into other types of reading as long as you're satisfied with the content.

If your child has a particular interest in the Bible, you can give him or her a copy of The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible. This book contains stories from the Bible and will help them develop a love for the Bible. This book features beautiful illustrations and line drawings. The Bible's story-telling capabilities will enlighten your child. The Bible is a great way to teach children about the love of God.

The Other Brother

This is a story about siblings who are always at odds. Patricia Polacco's younger brother and her older brother have always battled it out, and this book is an autobiographical portrayal of growing up with an annoying sibling. Patricia's older brother is always beating her, and she finally gets fed up with his behavior and asks her older brother for help. Thankfully, the older brother does come to the rescue, and soon the two siblings are friends again.

Patricia wanted to be the best at everything, and nothing can compare to her older brother Richard. He is four years older than Patricia, and he does everything better than Patricia. So she gets so angry that she decides to use a falling star to make her wish. She wished to be better than her brother, but she didn't know what the falling star had in store for her. The ending is truly heartwarming.

Dream Big, My Precious One

If you're looking for a children's book that will inspire your little one to dream big, look no further than Dream Big, My Precious One. This delightful rhyming picture book offers children a chance to explore their imaginations and pursue their dreams. In this book, your child will learn that God has a plan for their lives, and he or she should trust in it. Moreover, the book features a variety of occupations that they may eventually pursue. The illustrations are also creative, making this children's book a delight to read.

Using this children's book as a guide, your child will develop the confidence to chase their dreams. Dream big will help you realize your deepest longing. It peels away the layers of distractions that we all accumulate over the years - messages from our parents, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. God created us in His image and for that reason, He created us with big dreams.

Praying the Prayers of the Bible

You can use this book to pray for a child or multiple children. The book is written so that you can read it in one to three minutes. Some people read the book in order, while others read it randomly. Either way, it works just as well. You can even pray for your child at church. The book is available for both children and adults. Just make sure to pick up a copy of Praying the Prayers of the Bible eBook for children and start praying for your children.

This eBook contains more than 50 Bible prayers that can be read aloud. The first few pages contain the original form of the prayers, while the last pages include paraphrased versions of the same prayers. For your child, you can read the Bible with them and help them learn to pray for themselves. It's a great way to share your love for them and show them that God loves them. It's easy to fit these prayers into your daily routine, such as bedtime, mealtime, and personal prayer time. For example, the book includes a prayer that talks about four areas of growth that children can develop and flourish in.

The book is filled with prayers that kids can learn to pray for themselves and others. The text is designed to be easy for children to read and is simple enough that even a toddler can practice these prayers. It's also free, which makes it a great resource for every child. This eBook is an excellent tool for teaching children to pray with faith and love. The book includes both guided prayers and meditations.

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