Best Children’s Christian Fiction in 2022

Children's Christian Fiction

Children's Christian fiction can be a great way for young people to learn about God and His creation. Themes such as creation and evolution are introduced through the work of Christian authors, such as Matthew Paul Turner and Gillian Gamble. These works are both engaging and educational, helping children to appreciate the history and significance of every living thing.

Little Acorn

Several children's books feature the character of Little Acorn. As a small seed, he wonders what his life is all about, and how he can grow into a giant oak tree. Like his friends, he can't grow oranges or produce beautiful flowers, but as he grows, he realizes his special purpose in life.

During the summer, the acorn only thought about sunshine and the occasional showers that wiped the leaves clean. But when autumn rolled around, he suddenly saw his green cup turn brown and his leaves begin to turn golden. A rough wind blew and swept some of them away.

The Little Acorn in Children's Christian Fiction is a delightful story about nature and growing up. It is a companion to Little Bee and explores themes of nature and growing up. Throughout the book, Little Acorn grows and becomes a large tree that shelters a number of forest friends.

Dream Big, My Precious One

Dream Big, My Precious One is a rhyming picture book that inspires young children to dream big, work hard, and trust in God. The narrator of this book asks a simple question: "What will you enjoy doing as you grow?" The narrator gives various examples: she thinks of becoming a preacher, a cruise captain, a nurse, a zoologist, or an archaeologist.

The Invitation

If you're looking for a great children's Christian fiction book, try The Invitation. It tells the story of Jesus meeting a young ruler who is eager to get to heaven, but who also refuses to do Jesus' will. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story is a great way to introduce children to the Bible.

Small Gifts in God's Hand

If you're looking for a children's Christian fiction book that leaves a lasting impression, Small Gifts in God's Hand is a great choice. This Bible-based story focuses on a poor boy who gave his lunch to feed the 5,000 people in Jesus' time. His mother reassures him that even the smallest gift can do great things for God. Other children's Christian fiction books include the story of Naaman's servant and time travel to Bible times.

While this book is meant for older children, it's still a great choice for parents looking for a unique and original story. The plot is quite engrossing and is worth reading aloud. Sahira Clive, a 12-year-old from India, was born in a poor family. Her parents had died of a fever on a boat trip to deliver two tigers to the Tower of London.

Small Gifts in God's Hand is a rhyming picture book with beautiful illustrations that express the love of God for children. A child will enjoy listening to this book as it explores the wonders of nature and the message of God's love.

The Animal Caravan

The Animal Caravan is a book that has echoes of Alice in Wonderland and Wind in the Willows. The story follows Rabbit as he leaves home on an extraordinary journey in search of friendship and a better understanding of the world. Along the way, he embarks on a journey of faith, grappling with concepts from the Bible and gaining a fresh perspective on God's care for the world.

In addition to the Bible stories, The Animal Caravan is a devotional book series for children. It is written with children in mind, and features animals reading stories from the Bible and answering practical and silly questions that kids ask. These books are especially helpful for young children, as they provide a solid foundation for teaching about God and Christian faith.

The Animal Caravan in Children's Religious Fiction: Avril Rowlands is a children's author whose work is widely respected. She has published more than forty books for children and is an award-winning playwright and television writer. Her Tales from the Ark series was a bestseller for Lion Hudson and has been reprinted as All the Tales From the Ark. She has also adapted the stories of the ark into a musical. The Animal Caravan series is her latest venture and draws inspiration from her own experiences.

In search of the Great White Tiger

In Search of the Great White Tiger is a delightful children's novel. The tiger is fierce and powerful, but he is also a pliable creature. He doesn't want to flee the way other animals do. Rather, he wants to be safe from the evil dragon Reptillion. And so he sets out on a mission to find the Great White Tiger.

Escape From Amsterdam

"Escape From Amsterdam" is a historical novel written for children about the faithfulness of God. Set in the Netherlands during World War II, this novel celebrates God's goodness during a time of great evil. While there are times when it seems that God isn't present, it is important to remember that He is still there, and that he will be there for our children.

The book begins with the story of Helen Smit, a Jewish woman who believed she had been called to teach. She cared for children in Amsterdam before the German occupation. She helped Jewish children escape the city and survive. When she was a young woman, she believed she was called to teach and help others.

The Bible Made Easy - For Kids

It can be tough to get children to read the Bible, which is a big book full of inspired writing. They may not know how to decipher the standard version. Fortunately, there's a new way to help them learn to understand and enjoy the Bible. With The Bible Made Easy - For Kids, your child will be able to read the Bible in a fun and exciting way.

The Bible Made Easy - For Kids is an engaging and educational resource for children ages seven and up. This book includes fun facts, explanations of key biblical terms, line drawings, and charts that help kids understand the stories. It also includes an index for easy reference. This is a great choice for family devotions or supplementing individual Bible study.

The Bible Made Easy - For Kids will take your child from Genesis to Revelation, using simple maps, charts, and explanations to make Bible stories fun and easy to understand. Kids can follow along with the Bible as a single continuous story or can zoom into specific events. It also teaches children about the main doctrines of Christianity and how to worship. It's a fantastic resource for teachers and parents who want to introduce their children to the Bible.

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