Best Children’s Christian Biographies in 2022

Children's Christian Biographies

There are hundreds of children's biographies available, but how do you know which ones to choose? Here are some ideas: Ben Carson, Elisabeth Elliot, Matt Abraxas, Simonetta Carr, and more. Choose one that captures your child's imagination! And don't forget to read the back of the book before reading it! Whether your child is a boy or a girl, a children's Christian biography is sure to inspire.

Simonetta Carr

For young readers, Children's Christian biographies of Simonette Carr are excellent choices. They are easy-to-read, with a strong focus on the church and God's doctrines. Children will appreciate the vivid illustrations and photos, and they'll learn about a beloved Christian leader. Carr has written several biographies for children, including a semi-fictional one: Weight of a Flame: The Passion of Olympia Morata. Her books are published by Reformation Heritage Books.

Children's Christian biographies by Simonetta Carr are illustrated by Matt Abraxas and feature rich text. Each biography includes a brief history of the person, and is intended to educate children about their role in church history. These books feature the lives of several important people in church history, such as the apostle Paul, John the Baptist, and Thomas. Simonetta Carr is also the author of The Life of St. Francis of Assisi, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

Martin Luther, for example, is one of the most famous historical figures in Christian history. The Reformation movement began in 1517, when Luther wrote 95 theses in Wittenburg, Germany. He prayed for peace and was seeking God's grace. Simonetta Carr's Martin Luther depicts Luther's quest for peace with God and explains the truth of Scripture. The book also features many illustrations from Matt Abraxas and includes background facts about the time period.

Matt Abraxas

The Children's Christian Biographies of Matt Abraxas are illustrated, educational books that introduce young readers to important historical figures in the Christian faith. These biographies include volumes on John Calvin, Augustine of Hippo, Athanasius, Anselm of Canterbury, and Lady Jane Grey. All are perfect for the classroom and the home. The children will learn the historical and theological relevance of each character.

The detailed illustrations in this Children's Christian biography by Matt Abraxas make learning about the life of Anselm of Canterbury a fun experience. The story's compelling illustrations are sure to keep curious young minds interested. The book includes a timeline and several fascinating facts about the time period. The rest of the book covers the history of religious freedom in England. It will keep children captivated from beginning to end.

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson was once a troubled youth, raised in a poor family in the inner city. Despite his low self-esteem, he was determined to reach his dream and became a world-renowned paediatric neurosurgeon. This extraordinary story is one of faith and perseverance, and the steadfast support of his mother, who encouraged him to reach higher. Now, Dr. Carson is a respected pediatric neurosurgeon, dedicated to saving the lives of critically ill children around the world.

Aside from his medical career, Dr. Carson's interests in politics are also prevalent in his children's books. His first book, America the Beautiful, was co-written with his wife, Candy, and shows how his faith and passion for helping others helped him reach the top. In 2013, Dr. Carson addressed the National Prayer Breakfast, where he criticized U.S. President Barack Obama. His political and religious beliefs have earned him a place in conservative circles. In 2014, Dr. Carson joined Fox News Channel as a commentator. He is also an outspoken opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage. He believes homosexuality is a choice.

Carson attended Southwestern University and earned his medical degree in 1977. He also became a senior commander in his school's ROTC program and received a full scholarship to Yale University. He completed his undergraduate degree in psychology at Yale University and began his medical training at the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan. He chose to become a neurosurgeon and became a board-certified doctor in 1974. He married his wife, Lacena Rustin, while at Yale. In 1975, the two were married and had three children.

Elisabeth Elliot

Children can learn about Elisabeth Elliot through a variety of stories about her life and faith. Her missionary work in Ecuador helped her become a role model for godly women. After the tragic death of her first husband, Elisabeth turned to the Bible and found courage to preach the gospel. She was an incredible witness for Jesus and carved a niche for the gospel in a culture where it was often deemed dangerous to spread the word. She was so inspirational that she later wrote a biography about her husband, Jim Elliot.

For children, this book offers an accessible and engaging portrait of Elliot's life and legacy. The book also teaches lessons about taking up one's cross and accepting suffering. Long-time fans of Elliot will appreciate the new perspective that this book provides. This book will encourage children to be courageous in the face of obstacles and to be true to their faith.

Aside from sharing personal memories of her life, Elisabeth also shares her philosophy of raising godly children. She believes that faith begins with trusting the words of their parents. Faith starts with truthfulness, and it is crucial to communicate this truth. Parents should regularly incorporate grace into their home life. When children sin, they are not punished but given a chance to admit their need for a Savior.

Hannah Hall

The A God Bless Book series features the stories of Hannah C. Hall, who has written over a dozen children's books. The books are illustrated with beautiful recognizable art and contain sweet rhymes. Hall lives in a small town in Arkansas. Her family is thankful that she can add her own books to her children's bedtime routine. Here is a brief biography of Hall, a best-selling author and children's author.

Peter's Perfect Prayer Place

In this charming picture book, a little boy named Peter longs for a special prayer room where he can talk to God. Despite the fact that his mom has a special prayer room in her home, Peter can't seem to find one. But, as his parents tell him, God will hear your prayer no matter where you are. Peter's Perfect Prayer Place is an ideal gift for any child who wants to learn about the power of prayer and the importance of prayer. The book also includes stickers and a prayer poster, which will help kids develop a practice of praying to God.

As a leader of the apostles, Peter was an essential figure in the early Christian church. This role is described in the Book of Acts. While his life was short, he had a great influence on the early church in Jerusalem. As a result, his life and ministry were filled with many miracles. Peter suffered imprisonment, persecution, and even death as he served Christ.

The story of Peter's death has many similarities with the stories of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke, for example, portrays him as the Apostle who had received the keys to the kingdom. The Apostles were commissioned by Jesus to be the light of the world, and they are often depicted as fishing boat captains. Peter's perfect prayer place in Children's Christian Biographies includes scenes from the Life of Christ. Even without Jesus, Peter is identifiable in scenes that do not include Jesus.

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