Best Children’s Chinese Language Learning eBooks in 2022

Children's Chinese Language Learning eBooks

If you're looking for an eBook for your child to learn the Chinese language, you have several options. These eBooks are a great way to learn the basics of the Chinese language while still having fun! Some of the most popular titles are Hai Zi Yao Shang You Er Yuan Liao and Easy Peasy Chinese. Depending on the level of your child, you can also try iHuman or Wawayaya JoyReader.

Mantra Lingua

Mantra Lingua is an award-winning publisher of dual language books for children. Their bilingual titles include classic tales and modern retellings of traditional characters, as well as contemporary stories and non-fiction texts. Their bilingual titles provide children with the opportunity to learn both languages while fostering independent reading skills. The books' English-language content provides children with the opportunity to practice their newly acquired Chinese words and phrases with a linguistically-appropriate text.

A London-based company, Mantra Lingua creates bilingual books and audio solutions for children that are interactive and bring stories to life. With 65 languages and counting, Mantra Lingua provides books that allow children to learn through reading and listening to both languages. They're committed to fostering a love of reading and helping families bond over the shared experience of reading together. Research shows that bilingual children develop better reasoning skills.

The company's bilingual eBooks for children feature dual-language audio on every page. The books support reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through the use of video and audio. The bilingual books also include vocabulary building activities. Parents and teachers will find the materials highly helpful as they help their children develop their Chinese language skills. And because Mantra Lingua eBooks are bilingual, parents and children will be able to share them with each other.

Easy Peasy Chinese

The easy Peasy Chinese series is a popular series for children, and has been rated highly by the international community. Its easy-to-understand books introduce the Chinese writing system and the 200 most common characters. Each book also contains a separate workbook. The books teach children the basics of Chinese words and phrases, as well as the basic vocabulary needed for conversation. These books also include a free audio app to help children with their pronunciation.

Each of these eBooks is designed for different levels of children. The Chinese Storybook Book is best for intermediate to lower-advanced learners. It is broken down into bite-size chapters that teach children about traditional and modern life in China. It also includes natural dialogue and diverse sentence structures. Each paragraph contains a list of the pinyin romanization of each word or phrase. The book also contains questions and answer sheets.

The Chinese Grammar Book series includes key grammar points and exercises, with a combination of English and pinyin definitions. These books are intended for children and parents of all Chinese-speaking backgrounds. They include exercises to help students practice a range of Chinese words and phrases. For more advanced students, there is also a section that includes Chinese idioms with English translations. These books are great for children who are eager to learn the language.

The books for kids in this series are written by an experienced teacher with decades of experience. Each is comprehensive and crystal clear. This is a must-have for parents and teachers. Chinese is the world's most popular language, and the Easy Peasy Chinese series provides an excellent foundation for children. Learning Chinese is not easy. However, with the right books, the journey can be fun and rewarding. And there are many other options for kids to help them learn.


iHuman offers a subscription model with a monthly fee of around $8 per month, but no yearly option. For an extra $10, you can upgrade to a lifetime access package, which offers 1300 words and picture books in the language. This is the most comprehensive app for children, although it lacks an auditory component like Dr Panda's. Despite the low price, iHuman's program is still an excellent choice for families looking to teach their children the Chinese language.

iHuman's program follows a sequential linear map and uses vivid imagery to help children retain information. However, the language instruction is only in Chinese, which isn't always clear to non-Chinese speakers. iHuman is only available on tablets, which makes it more difficult for non-Chinese-speaking adults to understand some screens. Thankfully, the app can be used together with the 130 physical story books to supplement the iHuman program.

The iHuman Children's Chinese Language-learning app is available for free, so you can download a trial for a month before you have to pay. Android users will have to pay for the app via AliPay Tourpass or WeChat pay. You can also use the free trial version for a while, but it will get stuck at Level 20. After that, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue learning.

iHuman Children's Chinese Language-Learning eBooks are divided into topics for easier learning. The book's content is organized by level. You can select the level you want your child to reach by taking a test. If your child isn't native Chinese-speaking, you can turn off the audio narrative and pinyin. For non-native speakers, there's a toggle to switch between traditional and simplified Chinese.

Wawayaya JoyReader

Aside from the Wawayaya JoyReader children-Chinese language-learning eBooks, this collection also features an array of popular audio and animated books for kids. Children aged three to 12 can explore these books with a variety of ways to interact. The library encourages reading habits and is an essential part of every school and home. The books can be used by children in any stage of their language-learning process and are perfect for any age group and reading level.

This series contains children's Chinese language learning eBooks geared towards intermediate and advanced levels of reading and comprehension. While the book is geared for children from the earliest stages of reading, it is also beneficial for beginning readers. Children as young as two can enjoy the rhyming and rhythmic language of this book without understanding the Chinese texts. This series is also available in English and can be used to supplement the school's existing Chinese language learning resources.

If you're considering a Chinese reader for your child, try the Wawayaya JoyReader Pro and WuKong Books' Wu Kong Yue Du apps. Wawayaya JoyReader Pro has more books, an easy-to-use interface, and a recording function. Both apps offer free trials. If you decide to use the paid version, make sure to subscribe. The free trial period will allow you to see all the materials before you pay for it.


If you're looking for a great Chinese language learning program for children, PubU Children's Chinese Language Learning eBook series might be the perfect choice for your child. With 48 pages of fun learning content and 500 words per story, you'll have no trouble finding something for your child to enjoy. The best part is, the program has nine levels and is available in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Children can choose a book for their reading level or choose the all-you-can-read option.

FluentU is another excellent option for parents who'd like to make learning Chinese fun and effective for their child. With a free trial period and an Android or iOS app, this program teaches spoken and written Chinese. Reading Chinese texts in context helps your child internalize language structures and grammar. You can also download this e-book series to your child's e-reader, tablet, or Google Drive and read them whenever you'd like.

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