Best Children’s Chemistry eBooks in 2022

Children's Chemistry eBooks

There are many different Children's Chemistry eBooks out there. Whether you're looking for a book for your child or just want to teach your child more about the subject, there is one for everyone! Read on to discover a few of our favorites! Listed below are some of our top picks for children's books on chemistry. And, as always, we hope you find something you love! Until next time, happy learning!

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments for Children is a fantastic book for introducing the principles of chemistry to young children. Written by Robert Brent and illustrated by Harry Lazarus, the book was published in 1960 by Western Publishing. The Golden Books series introduced science to children in a fun way. Each book in the series features experiments that will engage young minds, and it will help them learn more about their world.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments for Children was published in 1960 by Robert Brent, and features over 200 experiments that are suitable for any age. It is available in multiple languages, has a brief history of science, and includes a glossary of terms used in chemistry. Several experiments are even illustrated with colorful illustrations. The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments for Children is available online. The book has been scanned and can be downloaded directly from Scribd.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments for Children has been a classic do-it-yourself book for children. The original edition was published in 1960 and revised in 1963. Today, there are only 126 copies of the book left in libraries. Many of the experiments described in the book would not be appropriate for children to do without adult supervision. This is a rare book and only 126 copies of it are believed to exist in libraries worldwide.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments for Children is an excellent introduction to chemistry for children. It includes detailed instructions for creating a home lab, complete with equipment and glassware. It also contains instructions for making chemistry-quality items from household goods. The book begins with a discussion of a compound and then goes on to present experiments that introduce the concepts and terminology of the subject. It even includes a simple chemical reaction that can be done with household items.

Young Scientist: Learning Basic Chemistry by Baby Professor

If your child is fascinated by science and wonders how things work, you can make it fun for them by giving them a textbook about chemistry. The Young Scientist: Learning Basic Chemistry by Baby Professor is an excellent choice for this purpose. The books include many images and texts that make science fun for children. Each chapter includes an age-appropriate question to make learning easier. The book's pictures are colorful and engaging and help children understand the concepts better.

This picture book focuses on the first ten elements of the Periodic Table. Each chapter is broken down into smaller sections, with clear, simple text. Each section includes introduction facts, explaining what each element does and how they react with others. The book also includes experiments that can be performed at home using common household ingredients. In short, this is the perfect book for young scientists! When introducing chemistry to your child, make sure they use this book!

The Uses and Importance of Gold

Children's chemistry eBooks about gold will help kids learn about the use of gold. The most versatile metal, gold is extremely malleable and can be beaten into thin sheets. Often used to decorate walls and other items, gold leaf can be applied to irregular surfaces. Children will be able to identify the uses of gold and understand how it is used in modern life.

One of the most valuable elements in the world, gold has been around for thousands of years. It has a limited supply, making it valuable. The first coins were issued over 6000 years ago. This material has the capacity to be pounded into a sheet 300 feet long and one hundred kilometers long. Gold used to be sourced from South Africa, but now is produced primarily in China and Australia.

While gold is widely used in jewelry and other objects, it is also used as a lubricant between mechanical parts. Organic lubricants would be broken down by radiation or volatilize in space. Because gold has low shear strength, a thin layer of gold acts as a lubricant. Gold molecules are easy to slip past each other under friction.

Gold is used in dentistry as well. It was used in ancient times by Etruscan "dentalists" who used gold wire to fasten replacement teeth. It was then widely used in dental care until the 1970s, when a sharp rise in gold prices made the development of cheaper substitute materials necessary. However, today, gold use in dentistry has started to increase due to increased concerns about the impact of less inert metals on the body.

Amber's Atoms: Learning Basic Chemistry by E. M. Robinson

A picture book for young children is a great way to introduce your child to the world of chemistry. Amber's Atoms: The First Ten Elements of the Periodic Table is an excellent choice as it explains the basics of the chemical world in an easy to understand manner. It includes clear, broken-down definitions for each element and vivid images. It features easy-to-follow experiments with simple household ingredients.

A well-written, well-illustrated textbook will make learning chemistry a breeze. The atomic structure is introduced earlier than traditional textbooks, and themes are developed throughout the text. The atoms-first approach will help you acclimate to chemistry and ease the transition to organic chemistry. Whether you're taking an introductory chemistry course or a more advanced course, this book is the perfect companion.

The book includes a review of the periodic table, which organizes the elements according to similar properties. Moreover, it introduces atoms and ions, which are different types of compounds and molecules. Moreover, the book teaches students how to use the concept of moles in calculations and formulas. Using these equations, students will learn how to calculate the energy of a reaction. The rate of reaction is dependent on a number of factors, including the temperature, pressure, and so on.

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