Best Children’s Central & South America eBooks in 2022

Children's Central & South America eBooks

If you're looking for children's books set in Central and South America, there are a few good options. Depending on your budget, you can find free eBooks at MakeMake, ICDL, FreeBooksy, and even the local library. If you're looking for something more traditional, you might want to consider Risley's The Youngest Citizens. All of these books have great illustrations and will captivate young readers.

Risley's The Youngest Citizens

This insightful eBook examines the history of children's rights in Latin America, focusing on the dramatic shift in policy and discourse over the last two decades. It covers a wide range of topics, from child exploitation in Central America to the fate of migrant children crossing the southern border. Risley offers a compelling case study of the recent struggles of children in Latin America, and the lessons learned should be of interest to educators, journalists, and child advocates.

Immigrant children often come from countries that have experienced war and political unrest, such as Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union. These children need opportunities to thrive and succeed, and need our help. Risley focuses on children and immigration issues in Central and South America, where she has a doctorate in International Relations from Rhodes College. She is the author of several books, including Civil Society Organizations, Advocacy, and Policy Making in Latin America.


The Oakland Public Library has added makeMake, a digital platform with 300 Spanish-language eBooks for children. The website allows you to borrow books immediately, as there is no waiting list or checkout limit. All you need to do to access MakeMake is enter your Oakland Public Library card number. The collection includes picture books, read-along books, and more. The interface is in Spanish, and the website supports white boards and projectors. You can also enjoy a secure environment with no personal information being collected.

MakeMake is a Spanish-language online library of nearly 300 children's eBooks. You'll find interactive, picture, and read-along books, all aimed at children. The MakeMake interface is easy to use and is entirely in Spanish. The website works on any computer or mobile device with a web browser. The website is not yet available as an app. Children in the Spanish-speaking parts of Central & South America can access the site and read in Spanish.


The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a research project that has a goal of providing a rich library of electronic resources for children worldwide. The ICDL collection consists of approximately 10,000 books, including audio and video titles, in over 100 different languages. Users can register to customize their search interface and select their preferred language of the library. In addition, they can personalise the list of books they would like to view and save favorites on a bookshelf. The program will eventually incorporate video, audio, and other forms of media. Additionally, biographies of authors, annotations, reader reviews, and reading activities will also be included.

The ICDL website also contains links to book exhibitions, a reference service, and a community forum. The FAQ page contains administrative information, while the contact form is infrequently active. The ICDL website also offers bibliographic resources and the White Ravens Online Catalogue, a list of notable children's literature from Central and South America. These resources are designed to provide students with the information they need to create and share their own original works of literature.

For the ICDL website, you can set the language to any of 19 languages. English is the default language. There are multiple search axes, such as language, genre, and subject matter. The ICDL Simple Search page is specifically designed for youth. It allows users to search by book language, as well as browse through multiple categories. In addition to a search function, the site includes a glossary of vocabulary and other useful information.

The ICDL eBooks for children's books are made available for free through the Internet. Publishers who contribute to the ICDL have encryption software to protect the books. The files are encrypted, so it is best to read the eBooks on a computer before downloading them to a device. Moreover, many books are available for free online. For this reason, the ICDL eBooks for children's Central & South America project is a great way to share stories.


If you're looking for free eBooks for kids, FreeBooksy is the right place to start. Not only does this website offer free ebooks, it also helps you discover some of the most beloved children's stories from around the world. You can also share your favorites with your friends on social media! You can also find a huge variety of free books on Gizmo's Best, a website that offers free books online. Although Gizmo's Best doesn't mail books, Free Booksy does.

Unlike Amazon, FreeBooksy offers children's books in Spanish. The collection includes picture books, interactive books, and read-along titles. The site's search and interface are both in Spanish, so you can enjoy bilingual reading with your children. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive personalized recommendations of free children's books that your kids will love. Hundreds of thousands of kids' books are available to download from FreeBooksy.


eBooks are gaining popularity around the world, but demand for them is outpacing supply. This trend will help the ebook industry grow faster and further democratize the Spanish-language publishing industry. For now, Mexico leads the way in eBook sales in Central and South America. Other countries with strong ebook markets include Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia. In the years to come, this region will have the potential to develop the ebook industry.

Amazon is expanding its eBook offerings in Latin America, particularly in Spanish-language content. The language is commonly spoken in Central and South America, as well as parts of the Caribbean. The company is also considering opening Kindle stores in these countries. For now, the company is focusing on the Caribbean and Chile, but it could also look at serving the entire cone of Latin America at once. However, it is unclear what the future holds.

In addition to being the largest eBook retailer in the region, Amazon is also targeting smaller publishers and independent booksellers in this region. For these small publishers, ebooks will allow them to bypass barriers that are associated with print distribution in the region. As a result, they can test their products in the market outside of their home countries before investing in printing costs. And as a bonus, Amazon will help to increase the number of children reading ebooks in Latin America.

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