Best Children’s Baseball & Softball eBooks in 2022

Children's Baseball & Softball eBooks

If you're looking for a great children's baseball and softball eBook, look no further than this one. Molly Williams, an eighth grader with a special gift for the knuckleball, is determined to play baseball to connect with her deceased father. By learning the game, she becomes closer to him and redefines her identity. This touching and heartwarming story will leave your child with the feeling that everything will be OK in the end.

Matthew Christopher

The author of The Lucky Baseball Bat and other books for children, Matt Christopher, has been writing stories for kids for more than six decades. His books have been translated into numerous languages, selling more than six million copies and earning a permanent place in the hearts of young sports fans. A commemorative biography of Christopher was recently published with exclusive photos, letters, and memorabilia. In addition to writing children's books, Christopher has also authored a series of e-books about sports, focusing on the fundamentals of the game and its players.

While Christopher's books are usually packed with interesting information and a compelling story, this one falls short of Christopher's usual standard. It features black-and-white illustrations that do little to keep the reader's attention. The only thing that's missing is a realistic plot. Despite the author's previous successes, Christopher's novel simply falls short of expectations. However, it is still an entertaining read for kids interested in sports.

A number of the books written by Christopher are fictional, and contain a mixture of fact and fiction. His books feature fictional characters as well as juvenile biographies of sports legends. Though his books are mostly fiction, his readers are loyal and enthusiastic. They have a great passion for sports and have devoted followers for decades. As a result, his books are still among the best-selling children's sports fiction titles on the market today.

Shadow over Second is a novel for young baseball fans. The story follows Nicky Chong, a second baseman for the Peach Street Mudders. He is superstitious, and feels jinxed when his father mentions his record. When his father locks him up, Nicky discovers that his hitting skills remain unaffected and that he is late for the season's final game. In a surprisingly twist ending, Nicky learns the truth about his father's statement.

"Operation Baby-Sitter" by Matt Christopher and illustrated by Karen Meyer is an excellent choice for younger readers. The story combines fun football trivia with interesting facts and colorful pictures. The book was featured in the School Library Journal's forty-seventh issue in 1997. Christopher's books are not only fun but also educational. Children love sports and Christopher's books have been a great addition to their growing collection.

Joan Bauer

Kids love reading about baseball, so if your son or daughter is interested in the sport, you should consider purchasing eBooks of Joan Bauer's children's baseball and softball books. Her books are fun, exciting, and full of information about the sport. Whether you are looking for a quick read or a full-fledged baseball experience, these eBooks are sure to make your child's next baseball season one to remember.

Tim Green

New York Times bestselling author Tim Green brings baseball to life with a new series for kids. "The Home Run Derby," a baseball novel featuring two best friends, Zach and Joey, is the story of two best friends who must overcome obstacles and play to the highest level. In this thrilling story, one friend will lose out and the other will be forced out of the competition. With vivid characters and sharp observations, Tim Green captures the essence of young sportsmanship.

In "The New Kid," Tim Green combines sports and education with an adventure story. The main character, Brock, is a middle school or high school student who is raised by his father. While he struggles to live up to his father's high expectations, he is motivated by his father to fulfill his dreams. The story also encourages kids to follow their dreams. Tim Green's children's baseball & softball eBooks provide plenty of inspiration for young readers to reach their full potential.

Matt Christopher

A former Nickelodeon president, Matt Christopher, has written more than 400 novels and short stories for children, most focusing on sports. Ghostwritten books under his name are published by his family. While a talented athlete, Christopher also loved detective fiction and enjoyed writing about crime. His first published novel was Look for the Body. While the novel's plot is predictable, it is nevertheless heartwarming and inspiring.

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