Best Children’s Australia & Oceania eBooks in 2022

Children's Australia & Oceania eBooks

If your child is learning about the continents and their different indigenous cultures, they might enjoy reading about the continent of Oceania. Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and many other islands. These books cover landmarks, indigenous culture, and habitats. You can also find early reader and middle grade books in this area. The continent of Oceania has a diverse collection of eBooks, so you're sure to find something that will inspire a child's curiosity.

Elephant seal

If you're looking for a good book to teach your kids about this magnificent mammal, then this eBook may be the right one for you. The elephant seal is an iconic sea mammal that was once threatened by aggressive hunting for its oil. However, under legal protections, their populations have risen to a healthy number. Children who love these fascinating creatures will surely love these eBooks.

Southern elephant seals inhabit sub-Antarctic islands. The southern seals visit these islands to breed and moult. The four main groups of this animal are southern, eastern, and northern. These seals visit the islands of South Georgia, Iles Kerguelen, Heard Island, and Campbell Island. They also visit Macquarie Island, Campbell Island, and the Antipodes Islands.

Southern elephant seals breed on beaches in spring. The male tends the females' harems and does not feed during this period. While nursing, she stores energy in her blubber. After eleven months of pregnancy, she gives birth to a single pup. The mother seal spends her entire life on the beach with the pup. The dominant male is known as the beachmaster.

Southern elephant seals are the largest carnivores and the largest pinnipeds. Adult males can reach nearly 20 feet long and weigh over 8000 pounds. In contrast, adult females are much smaller than males. This is because males are territorial and have a harem of several females. The females nurse their pups throughout the mating season.

Female and male elephant seals forage in different habitats. While male elephant seals feed on shelves, females forage in the open ocean. Observations show that females have more foraging areas on the southern Antarctic Shelf than do males. The difference between females and males in their foraging habits is striking. In a study conducted by Hindell et al. in 2016, the authors examined whether differences in foraging sites exist in southern and northern elephant seals.

Southern elephant seals use two different habitats to breed. This habitat allows them to migrate to the Antarctic Continental shelf for a breeding season. They travel an average distance of 300 km in one season and 2,100 km in the other. They haul out approximately six weeks later than their counterparts on the Kerguelen Plateau. In southern Australia, males use the Kerguelen Plateau while females use the distant Antarctic continental shelf.


eBooks about the continent of Oceania are a fun way to introduce young children to the beauty of this continent. These eBooks feature a diverse range of topics, including animals, landmarks, and indigenous culture. Kids will enjoy reading about the Australian landscape, as well as the continent's diverse culture. These eBooks will keep your child entertained and interested throughout the reading process. There are eBooks for young readers, middle-grade readers, and early readers, which feature information on the continent.

Elephant seal board book

The Elephant Seal is a strong, powerful and regal sea creature, which swam up the Avon River to live in Christchurch, New Zealand. The elephant seal is part of the First Peoples series, which introduces children to the history and culture of New Zealand's first inhabitants. This first book in the series begins with the arrival of Maori in New Zealand, and then moves on to describe European contact and the cultural revival.

The southern elephant seal is the largest seal in the world, with an adult male reaching a length of six metres and a width of nearly a metre. The female elephant seal is smaller, weighing between 350 and 900 kg. The elephant seal gets its name from its long, snout, which resembles a trunk. While the female elephant seal is smaller than the male, she carries a snout called a proboscis that can grow up to fifty centimetres long. She uses the protrusion to attract potential mates and to add to her roar.

Southern elephant seals spend most of the year on the open ocean. They feed on upwelling ice, and associate with frontal systems and southern higher-latitude fronts. Their foraging success varies significantly according to year, season and sex. The animals may travel thousands of kilometers from their breeding grounds to find food, so they are not immune to frontal systems. A children's book with an elephant seal illustration is a perfect way to introduce young children to this amazing creature.

The Northern Elephant Seal has been protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act in California. Illegal activities that endanger its life could lead to civil penalties or criminal prosecution. A reward of up to $20,000 is being offered for information leading to a conviction. Those responsible for killing this seal may even be subject to civil penalties. The NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

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