Best Children’s Asia eBooks in 2022

Children's Asia eBooks

If you're interested in learning more about the region, there are several eBooks available in the market that can teach children about this diverse continent. From factual tales to colorful pictures, children can learn everything they need to know about Asia. Whether you're looking for a resource to complete a school project or a personal guide to reading, there is an eBook for every child's taste and learning style. Let's look at some of the best options available today.

Let's Read is a new initiative to cultivate the skills of local authors and illustrators

A growing number of Asian parents are finding a new way to connect with their kids via reading. Let's Read supports the development of children's eBooks by cultivating the skills of local authors and illustrators, while creating a thriving book market in Asia that benefits children, families, and communities. In addition to helping children and parents learn the value of reading, Let's Read supports local creative industries by fostering a strong, vibrant community and a culture of reading.

Alexander discovers his new town is FILLED WITH MONSTERS

Alexander Bopp just moved to Stermont, a new city in the Philippines, and finds a notebook filled with monster drawings. He's also seeing arm-waving balloon men, which is a little strange. He must figure out what's in the notebook and save Stermont from the monsters. He finds clues in the notebook left by night crawlers, which lead him to giant fish and a monster eating fish kabob.

Alexander learns he is a dragon master

Children's eBooks about dragons are great fun for young readers. Alexander the Dragon Master is learning about dragons, his new powers, and the world around him. In this children's eBook, he meets a new dragon, Lalo. He realizes that this dragon is not a regular dragon and wants to be one of the Dragon Masters. He and his friends must work together to rescue the king.

Drake learns he is a dragon master

In Drake Learns He is a Dragon Master, an eight-year-old boy is whisked away from his potato farm to become a Dragon Master. Along with three other young Dragon Masters, he must discover how to harness the special powers of dragons. As he tries to find his dragon, he encounters a variety of obstacles. And, of course, the dragons don't like him very much!

On the journey, Drake meets the Dragon Master Mina, who has been studying in England. She tells him about her kingdom. However, she is frightened because of a spell that Astrid has put on Drake. The evil wizard is about to cast a dangerous spell and she is determined to stop Drake and his friends from escaping. But, in the meantime, the dragons Rori and Vulcan have disappeared from Drake's castle, and he must find them.

The first book in the series, Sky Dragon, is an enchanting adventure for young children. Featuring vibrant, colorful illustrations, it celebrates the courage of a little dragon. Children will love this story because of the characters' courage and bravery. It also teaches children that dragons can overcome challenges. There are many ways to make your child a dragon master, and this book can help you teach them.

Alexander discovers he is a dragon master

In Alexander Discovers He is a Dragon Master, an Emergent Reader will learn to communicate with a Dragon and control it. The Dragon Masters series features short sentences, paragraphs, and chapters, easy-to-read dialogue, and a rich vocabulary for young readers. Black-and-White sketch-type drawings are an attractive touch, lending depth to the story and character emotions. The Dragon Masters series is ideal for Emergent Readers, as it is appropriate for ages 8 and up.

The Dragon Masters Drake and Alexander must travel to the island of Kapua to rescue the Sea Dragon. They are on a mission to stop the evil wizard Astrid, who has stolen something from Alexander. Astrid is determined to get back the item, but first, the Dragon Masters must find Wildroot's Dragon Master. Alexander's Dragon Stone reveals that he is actually Oskar, the dragon master who wants to capture a big fire-breathing dragon.

Alexander is determined to save his kingdom, and he does so by discovering that he is a Dragon Master. He learns that dragons can be dangerous and must be trained by a Dragon Master. However, his mission is complicated when he is kidnapped by a young woman named Eko, who ran away with the Thunder Dragon Neru years ago. Eko has plans to kidnap every dragon in the kingdom.

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