Best Children’s Anthropology eBooks in 2022

Children's Anthropology eBooks

Whether you're interested in anthropology of children's play, the voices of the Miskitu, or Ken Guest's Cultural Anthropology, you can find children's anthropology eBooks online that will keep you busy for years. Here are some recommendations:

Voices of Play

Invoices of Play in Children's Anthropology offers the first ethnography of children's play that addresses the interplay between language and music. Minks interweaves Latin American, North American, and European theories of culture to show how music and language create new forms of belonging and enable dialogue across differences. Voices of Play describes the interplay between language and song, the emergence of "self" and "other," and the central role of aesthetics in social struggle.

An Introduction to Childhood

The archaeology of childhood has a short history, but a rich one. It studies children from the very recent past to early modern humans, as well as every period in between. By studying the built environment and skeletal remains, anthropologists gain insight into the lives of children and their environments. This book is an excellent first introduction to this fascinating discipline. If you're considering getting your hands on a copy, be sure to get this eBook.

Although the 'disappearance of childhood' has a global scope, it is important to understand the context in which children are created. In urban Brazil, for example, the construction of childhood varies according to economic and social class. Rich children are spoiled by parents, while children of domestic workers are often sent out to waged work by age 10.

This book provides firsthand accounts of ethnographic fieldwork with children in diverse geographic areas. This book provides readers with inspiration and encouragement to pursue their own ethnographic fieldwork with children. Despite its complexity, it offers an introduction to children's anthropology. You'll learn how to identify different types of children, what influences their behavior, and how to make the most of the experience. Aside from providing a detailed description of children's activities, this book provides insight into what makes childhood unique in different cultures.

Children's anthropologists have long used the coming-of-age genre to explore human nature and human behavior. The stories of Muna demonstrate how children respond to cultural and political discourses, as well as how they can make sense of the world around them. A child's reactions to multiple influences show how children think of themselves as members of many communities. In addition, children often practice the rules of mutual pretense.

The concept of childhood is contested, but the author reveals how different societies define it in their own ways. She shows how children's images are used in transnational representational spheres, arguing that they are a symbol of basic human goodness and innocence, while those who don't fit her definition are seen as category mistakes. The book helps to understand why the status of young people is so difficult to determine in the modern world.

Miskitu children's voices

In Voices of Play, Amanda Minks examines the relationship between music and language in children's discourse. Drawing on Latin American, North American, and European theories of culture, she shows how music and language create new forms of belonging and enable dialogue across differences. The book reveals the interplay between song and speech and the development of a sense of "self" and "other." It also highlights the centrality of aesthetics in social struggle and conflict.

Ken Guest's Cultural Anthropology

For kids who want to learn about anthropology, you may be wondering what they can find in Ken Guest's Cultural Anthropology eBooks. The eBooks are designed to give students the essential tools to understand this rapidly globalizing world. They also feature interactive learning tools that allow students to use their anthropological knowledge to think critically. These eBooks are designed to supplement any introductory course syllabus. Here are a few of their features:

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