Best Children’s American Historical Fiction in 2022

Children's American Historical Fiction For Young Readers

In this article, we'll discuss some of the best works of Children's American Historical Fiction for young readers. For instance, we'll consider the young, sensitive protagonists of Anne Finlayson's Rebecca's War and Dumas' The Prisoners of September. Our discussions will also include the historical approach of Scott and Dumas. For more information, please visit our website. We hope you enjoy our selection! There's a lot to learn in this article!

Burton's protagonists are young, intelligent, and sensitive

The young, intelligent, and sensitive characters in Burton's children's American historical fiction are often at odds with the prevailing values of their period. They are often given heroic proportions, and while this can be satisfying for young readers, it also challenges suspension of disbelief. The protagonist of the novel in this collection, Kenny Watson, is a ten-year-old girl who records outrages in a diary and then reports them back to her mother, who is the local mayor.

Scott and Dumas' historical approach

The approach of Dumas and Scott to children's American historical fiction combines fact and imagination, creating a rich field for collectors and readers alike. Both authors' historicals use sources and records as the basis for their stories, allowing their characters to come to life and provide a sense of context and significance. Regardless of age, children will enjoy reading historical fiction books by these two masters.

The primary difference between Dumas's Queen Margot and Scott's Treasure Island is the accuracy of the historical elements. Dumas and Scott chose volatile periods of history for their characters. But the historical elements are interwoven to create a gripping story for young readers. Similarly, Stevenson and Scott's approach to children's American historical fiction is different from that of postmodern writers.

The authors' approach to children's American historical fiction is both historically and culturally sensitive. Using historical events, fictional characters, and historical details in a narrative style that captivates young readers is an important goal of children's historical fiction. However, the authors must understand that children may not be familiar with historical events or the specific circumstances that led to their events. They should make sure that these events are presented accurately and respectfully in children's historical fiction.

From the 1930s onward, children's historical fiction took a different turn. Dumas' historical approach to history emphasized rites of passage, which still persist today. For example, in the book One Is One (1965), a child discovers that he must mature in order to survive in the world. Another example is the fens-draining story, "Many Waters" (1974), written by Violet Bibby. Lastly, An Edinburgh Reel (1968) by Iona MacGregor is a classic of children's historical fiction.

While focusing on the past is important to any children's historical story, the authors of Tales out of School and Scott and Dumas' Otto of the Silver Hand take a distinctly different approach. In Otto of the Silver Hand, the authors rely on historical events only slightly, and great historical figures are almost non-existent. These works portray the robber barons of Hapsburg, the dark ages, and the cruelties and destruction that accompanied them.

Anne Finlayson's Rebecca's War

In "Rebecca's War," Anne Finlayson draws us back to the American Revolution. As a superchild, Rebecca copes with the British officers billeted in her home, arranges a sale of smuggled brandy to feed the American prisoners, and holds the secret of a cache of gold. Her spirited spirit and unwavering tenacity keep the novel moving forward.

Anne Garfield's The Prisoners of September

The Prisoners of September is a complex historical fiction novel that will keep you guessing throughout. It is a very strange book, with a convoluted plot and eccentric characters. Luckily, a study guide from can help you navigate the difficult terrain. You'll have access to over 30,000 guides, including the Prisoners of September study guide. And you'll also get help with over 350,000 Homework Help questions answered by experts.

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