Best Children’s Aliens eBooks in 2022

Children's Aliens eBooks

When you have a child who loves science fiction, you can give them a Children's Aliens eBook. The series includes Bloom, The Runaway Alien, and Alien Characters. For a fun and engaging experience, consider these children's space opera books. These eBooks will entertain your child while teaching them about the wonders of outer space and science. You may even be surprised to learn that these eBooks are suitable for a parent's youngest reader.

Children's Aliens

Young children will love the action-packed alien adventures in Children's Aliens eBooks. This space opera series will make First Contact with friendly aliens, with the goal of linking their home galaxy with our own. Parents will enjoy the puns and humor thrown into the mix, and the series is similar to Star Trek and Doctor Who, with aliens, outer space, and time travel. Children will enjoy these eBooks, even if they are reluctant readers.

The first book follows a group of kids who crash into a mysterious jungle, complete with two moons and shredder birds. They must use their anti-gravity tool to survive, and begin to suspect that someone has created a dangerous world just for them. A glowing green bird bites one of the kids, and they need to figure out who is responsible for this. Unfortunately, one of the kids dies in the process.

Alien Characters series

The Alien Characters series for children features an alien race, who is traveling the galaxy to make First Contact with humankind. Their mission is to find a way to link their home galaxy with ours. Parents will enjoy the puns that are included in this space opera series. Fans of Star Trek and Doctor Who will also enjoy this children's series, which features alien worlds, time travel, science, and outer space.

While the characters are usually cute and cuddly, the aliens are not as easy to get along with. They are not only difficult to make friends with, but they are also quite different from humans. The aliens often have rules that they have to follow. Sometimes they even try to kill humans. Fortunately, the best Mowgai in this series is Gizmo. He is lovable and sweet, and he understands why humans shouldn't be allowed to mess with him.

This series has been popular since the 1960s, but it remains popular today. These books are written by authors with children in mind. These books are available in both print and ebook format. Alien Characters books are fun for all ages, and many readers will find themselves drawn to the series time again. They are an excellent way for children to learn more about alien life, including how humans live and the different ways of communicating with aliens.


The series of Bloom Children's Aliens eBooks follows a group of kids who crash a plane in the Arctic Circle and crash land in a sinister jungle. The plane is powered by an anti-gravity tool that the kids use to fly to the jungle. They suspect that someone has created a dangerous world for them to survive. In the first book, Molly gets sick after being bitten by a glowing green bird. Molly and her friends must save the planet from the aliens, and the plot is so thrilling that it will leave kids breathless. However, one of the kids dies at the end of the book, so they'll have to get their own help.

The Runaway Alien

If you're looking for a fantastic science fiction and fantasy book for kids, look no further than The Runaway Alien. This fast-paced story follows a soccer-mad alien who runs away to Earth during the World Cup. It is full of mind-bending twists and unearthly surprises, and it's sure to keep your kids' attention for hours. Read this book to find out why this story is one of the top children's eBooks.

The Runaway Alien is an acclaimed series by Dan Santat and Dav Pilkey that features illustrations that are full-color and stunning. The book is about a boy who moves to a new planet and becomes the leader of a band of survivors. There are tons of books in this series. These books are a great gift for kids! And don't forget to pick up a copy!

The Runaway Alien is set in an underground compound on Mars, where Bell's group is isolated from the other colonies. When adults fall ill with a deadly rodent disease, Bell's group escapes to another planet. They try to get help from other colonies to save their own lives, but they must first save the alien colony. This incredibly imaginative story is a must-read for children who love science fiction.

This sci-fi book is a fantastic choice for a family or child who wants to experience a science adventure. With its humorous narrator, the story will entertain and excite your child's imagination. The story also has an exciting science adventure with lots of fun black and green illustrations. It has many positive aspects and is recommended for ages four and up. This children's book series will definitely keep your child entertained for hours.

Dave Whamond's Children's Aliens

If you're looking for a book for emerging readers, you've come to the right place. Dave Whamond is a talented cartoonist, writer, and illustrator. His award-winning comics feature witty dialogue, puns, and the usual school-daze business. But the main character Oddrey is different from all of them, which makes the story full of playful curiosity.

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