Best Children’s Action & Adventure Literature in 2022

Children's Action & Adventure Literature

If your child enjoys reading, then he or she might like to read some Children's Action & Adventure Literature. The genre has been growing rapidly in recent years, and there are many great titles available for children. Some of my favorites include: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The Cross of Lead, The Terror of the Southlands, and The Runaway Princess. Below, I'll give you a few book suggestions that you might want to check out.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is an award-winning novel for middle-grade readers that challenges prevailing gender stereotypes in children's action & adventure literature. Set during the 19th century, this historical novel is a journey of self-discovery for the title character. While written for a younger audience, it speaks to themes that will resonate with readers as they grow older.

The novel is a Bildungsroman, a German word for a "coming-of-age" book or "educational novel." Although Charlotte never enters a classroom, she is a rebel who challenges Captain Jaggery's tyrannical order. She does so by gender-bending, making her crew question their own roles. The book has many educational benefits for children.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is a fun story about a girl named Charlotte who has been sent to America to live with her family. The ship she boards is full of families who were supposed to join her, but two of them don't. The crew seems to push Charlotte away, and Charlotte doesn't have anywhere else to go but her cabin. Captain Jaggery, a sea captain, has picked this ship and its captain for a reason.

The Cross of Lead

The Cross of Lead by Brian Jacques is one of the classic children's adventure stories. Set in 14th century medieval England, Crispin is a nameless boy who escapes his village for his life after a priest reveals his true identity to him. In this adventure novel, Crispin must fight for his life to find his identity, and in the process, must face a terrible crime.

The book starts off a little boring, but as you continue to read, the plotlines are exciting and twists and turns are introduced to keep the reader interested. The ending is a cliff-hanger, and the ending leaves you wondering what will happen next. It is recommended for readers of children age seven and up. The book is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese. The author has also written a series of other books featuring Crispin.

The Cross of Lead is one of the most popular books for young readers. The story follows a boy named Crispin who is born into poverty and struggles to find his true identity. Along the way, he develops bravery, self-respect, and boldness. And he also learns to respect himself and others. Crispin's perseverance and determination make him a cherished character and a favorite of readers everywhere.

The Terror of the Southlands

Caroline Carlson's Magic Marks the Spot is a fast-paced pirate adventure with plenty of positive messages and a cast of unlikely characters. The young Terror is especially appealing to independent-minded tween girls, and readers will enjoy the way the author punctuates the narrative with newspaper stories, ransom notes, and gargoyle memoirs. The book is a perfect fit for tween girls, with a lively heroine who is sure to keep the reader interested.

Hilary Westfield has always wanted to be a pirate, but her parents do not accept her application to the Very Nearly Honourable League of Pirates. Her parents send her to Miss Pimm's Finishing School for Delicate Ladies, so she doesn't get the chance to join the league. But she manages to escape from the school and joins a freelance pirate ship, "The Terror of the Southlands" - and sets off on a quest for treasure and adventure.

The Runaway Princess

This traditionally-drawn children's book is the latest in a new trend of graphic novels for children. Cartoonist Johan Troianowski has created a story with a simple plot - a rebellious princess named Robin runs away from her castle and goes on adventures. Her mother and the castle's stern wizard, Elias, are on her tail, and she meets two homeless brothers on her quest to save her kingdom.

In this enchanting tale, a red-haired little girl named Robin runs away from her castle with her tutor and mother to the faraway city of Noor. On her way to the Aquatic Carnival, Robin befriends a group of brothers who live in the woods. She is also pursued by a mud monster and a wolf, and she encounters a giant ogre.

Kate Coombs' series The Runaway Princess is another excellent choice for fans of this genre. The titular princess, Meg, discovers that her parents are planning to marry her off, and she sets out to save herself. Along the way, she makes friends with an old witch, a young wizard, a bandit queen, and a baby dragon. Along the way, she learns how to make friends, save the kingdom, and escape her tower and avenge her father's death.

The Blackthorn Key

The Blackthorn Key is a fast-paced historical mystery for middle-grade readers. The book is chock full of mystery puzzles and codes, thrilling action, science, and outstanding friendships. And while it may be a middle-grade novel, there are plenty of adult-level themes that will appeal to older readers. As a bonus, this book includes a narrator who also enjoys reading.

Christopher Rowe is shipwrecked in 17th-century London. With no memory of his own identity, he is convinced that he is possessed by an unseen evil. After a visit to a witch, he becomes aware of his identity and is shocked to discover that his new master has been plotting an assassination of his own. As he unravels the mystery, Christopher realizes that dark events are brewing around him. Children are disappearing without a trace, and many think that the White Lady is returning.

The Blackthorn Key is set in 1665 in London, England. The Restoration Era marked the return of the monarchy to England. The era is characterized by turmoil and mistrust, and the murder of apothecaries reflects this sentiment. In the end, it is a mystery that will leave readers wanting more. This book is a great read for young readers!

The House of Arden

The House of Arden is a 1908 novel for children written by E. Nesbit. The story is about two children, Edred and Elfrida, who are forced to move to a crumbling castle. In the book, the children are confronted with the possibility of losing their father, who they believe is hiding in a lost civilization in South America. In this novel, they find that their father is in danger, and the children must save him from the evil forces threatening to destroy the world.

This fantasy novel is a favorite among children because it is about adventures and kindness. The main characters try to be kind to each other for a day, then three days. They believe that over time, being nice will become easier. They say that outsiders are more polite than family members. The House of Arden is a story about love, adventure, and kindness. Those who are able to identify with these characters can relate to the story.

The Blackthorn Key series by Kevin Sand is a great read for children. The series is action-packed and suspenseful, and is comparable to the darker imagery in the Harry Potter books. Christoper is an orphan apprentice who must solve the puzzle of murders committed by apothecaries. A number of well-drawn characters add to the story's appeal.

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

The Last of the Really Great Whangdoos is a children's book written by Julie Edwards, a married name of Dame Julie Andrews. It was first published in 1926 and is now available in several editions, some of which are attributed to Dame Andrews. The novel is a classic and has been translated into numerous languages. It has been hailed as a modern classic.

The story follows Professor Savant and three young children on a journey to discover Whangdoodleland, the home of the last of the really great Whangdoodles. There, they discover the secret to the Whangdoodle Land, and must work together to find the final Whangdoodle. In this adventure, children will learn how to use their imagination to solve problems and become heroes.

The story begins with the discovery of an ancient cave by the professor, who reveals a way to reach the king's secret cave. The children follow the trail of the professor to help him find his way out. After the last Whangdoodle is located, the travelers are guided by the professor to the treasure. The last Whangdoodle is a powerful warrior and the king wants to protect him. The story is a classic and is well worth reading.

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