Best Breton eBooks in 2022

Breton eBooks

You can find many great Breton eBooks online. From the Anthology of Black Humor, Nadja, to the gray antiquated chateaus, there is something for every reader. From the sea-coast to the dark and gray interiors of these quaint, ancient cities, there are so many books to choose from that you can easily find a Breton eBook that will entertain and inspire you. Browse through these eBooks and discover some of the great stories told by the authors of these novels and more.

Anthology of Black Humor

The Anthology of Black Humor is a compilation of texts by practitioners and precursors of Surrealism. It represents the first codified example of black humour, and has since gained prominence. Readers can enjoy a selection of these short stories as an eBook. This book is a must-have for black-humour fans! So, why not purchase one today? Here are some reasons to do so:

The first use of black humour can be traced back to the eighteenth century, when it was first used by Jonathan Swift. In 1914, French writer André Breton was influenced by the work of Arthur Rimbaud, who criticized French nationalism during the Franco-Prussian War. He was an admirer of Rimbaud's works, which sounded like a bitter guffaw.

The Anthology of Black Humor is comprised of texts by forty original contributors. Later editions added the work of Charles Fourier. Breton wrote short introductory pieces for each excerpt. He also wrote an overall foreword that elaborated on his theory of black humour. The Anthology of Black Humor eBooks is a must-have for all serious fans of black humor.


The Nadja Breton eBooks are a great way to get a taste of this famous novel. Written in 1960, this novel is based on the relationships between two people. It features journal entries that create an air of reality. It takes place in Paris, a city that has inspired numerous works of surrealism and innovative fiction. The city is also said to be "like street theater" and evokes many different emotions.

The novella, Nadja, by Andre Breton, is an intriguing, engrossing work. The novel explores the concept of gender roles and the importance of submissivity. Andre Breton has created a character that is both intriguing and engrossing. Nadja Breton eBooks feature a fictional woman who is a submissive and an artist.

Breton's work reveals the complexity of identity. As the reader discovers more about Andre and his life, Nadja evolves into a meditation on identity and the self. Andre Breton's novellas, poetry, and essays are incredibly diverse and spanning decades. If you're a fan of Surrealist writing, this might be a perfect choice for you.

The sea-coast of Brittany

The sea-coast of Brittany is a beautiful part of France, and a number of books are available that will help you explore it better. Books that explore the region's natural beauty and history include "A Walk in Brittany" by Wendy Mewes. This bestselling novel takes you from the dock to the lighthouse where Nazi soldiers guarded the shore in July 1940. The reader will discover how a woman is able to escape the Nazis and save her life and the lives of other people during this period.

The Sea-Coast of Brittany: Walking Guide by Fabrice Moireau is an ideal travel companion. This eBook contains detailed maps and instructions on 28 circular walks in Brittany. The guidebook contains maps of the paths, places to stay, and refreshment stops along the way. Detailed maps also detail the historic significance of the area. A great book for outdoor lovers, the sea-coast of Brittany is sure to inspire you.

For the outdoor adventurer, the sea-coast of Brittany offers secluded coves, glorious beaches, and quaint fishing ports. In addition, the region is also home to several historic sites and places of worship. The cathedral of Saint-Yves, patron saint of Brittany, contains the tomb of St. Yves, who was born in Minihy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect destination for a family holiday.

The Shore Guide to South Brittany, by Adlard Coles, is packed with beautiful photographs and practical information. This eBook is aimed at sailors and spans western Brittany as well as the softer areas of the region. Paul Heiney, an experienced sailor, describes the harbors and marinas in a way that readers will appreciate. The book also highlights the string of peaceful islands that make up the region.

Until the 1990s, the Armor department was known as Cotes du Nord. The northern coastline of the region is stunning and has dramatic cliffs. The mystical Pink Granite coast is a spectacular sight, with fantastically shaped rock formations. The popular Ile de Brehat is also a must-see for a summer holiday in Brittany. Alternatively, the region is home to rugged hills and ancient forests. In addition to its beaches, the region is also home to the Sept Iles bird reserve and the mighty Ile de Brehat.

The gray antiquated chateaus

Breton Legends are a fascinating blend of myth and legend. While they have much in common with German Tales and National Tales, they are deeply coloured by the character of Brittany and its rough sea-coast, mysterious bays, and dark immemorial traditions. The gray antiquated chateaus, with their turrets and fosses, strike the reader with awe.

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