Best Biographies of the Air Force in 2022

Biographies of the Air Force

You've likely heard about the many interesting characters in Air Force Biographies. Here's a look at some of them: Colonel Collister, Staff Sergeant Lindley, and Airman John Q. Doe. Each of these men and women had a very different path in their Air Force careers, and each deserved a book about their life stories. These men and women are an interesting mix of military history, personal stories, and a little bit of both.

Colonel Collister

The Deputy Commander of the 913th Airlift Group, located at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, is one of the most notable Air Force officers. As a Deputy Commander of the 913th, Colonel Collister is responsible for providing tactical airlift and combat-ready Airmen to the military's front lines. His unit is part of the 19th Airlift Wing of the Air Mobility Command. This biography tells the story of a true hero.

The book is a biography of a former Colonel, who served in the U.S. Air Force and the Air National Guard for over three decades. While in the Air Force, Colonel Collister served in several organizations, including the Special Operations Command, the Air Mobility Command, and the Joint Staff. Colonel Collister has served as a Wing Commander and has held staff officer assignments at Headquarters Air Force, the Joint Staff, and the Air Force Special Operations Command. He has commanded backshop maintenance squadrons, deployed squadrons, and Maintenance Groups in Air Mobility Command and Special Operations Command. He earned an MBA from George Washington University and has completed an Air Force Intern Program.

Captain Yau

Captain James Yau is a U-M graduate and former cross country and distance track team captain who has been commissioned into the United States Air Force. He will be stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California as an Air Force Specialty Code 13N Nuclear Missiles Officer. While in the Air Force, Yau will compete in his last outdoor season as a member of the Maize and Blue, competing in the Big Ten Championships May 15-17 in East Lansing.

The Air Force gave Captain Yau the title Buffalo Wong. In the book, he describes his experiences as the 29th PS Squadron commander of a bombing run on the Tienho Airfield. He helped lead a team of nine lower dive bombers during this mission. His experiences as a pilot and commander have molded him into the man he is today.

In addition to being an Air Force pilot, Yau was also an acquisition officer in the Airforce Life Cycle Management Center. He later served as the Cyber Infrastructure Program Manager for the Defense Red Switch Network and the Deputy Program Manager of the Personnel Recovery Command and Control program. Upon graduation, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and subsequently became a Master Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant Lindley

This Staff Sergeant Lindley's biography provides an interesting insight into the life of this famous soldier. Born in 1923, he was one of the first airmen to be promoted to sergeant. He received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and the Air Force Achievement Medal. His life is an uplifting one that reminds us of the value of service. But why did he end up as a sergeant?

Lindley was captain of the Upper Saluda Regiment in South Carolina. While the majority of the up-country settlers supported the Crown, many were hostile and attacked Charles Town. This is when Lindley was mustered by Colonel Thomas Fletchall of Fair Forest. The officers of the regiment unanimously supported the Crown, and Lindley served as one of the company's sergeants. Lindley and his men were later killed by three Loyalist deserters.

After a six-month tour, Staff Sergeant Poor reported to the Marine Aircraft Wing's Alpha Company 1/25 in August 2008. He served in the Maintenance Administration Shop and was subsequently mobilized to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In September 2010, he reported to Marine Air Logistics Squadron 16 and transferred to a position as a Command Operations Center watch chief. He later received the rank of First Sergeant and was assigned to Kilo Company 3/23.

The collection is mostly composed of photographs and artifacts, including correspondence, separation papers, and rosters of servicemen. In addition, it also contains a photo album of Staff Sergeant Lindley. Despite the traumatic circumstances, Lindley is proud of his service and will never be forgotten. It is an honor to learn about his life. This Staff Sergeant's biography will provide a deeper understanding of the life of a hero.

Airman John Q. Doe

A biography is a description of someone's career in military service. An Airman's biography is written by someone who knows the person well and has the ability to write a compelling story. Generally, biographies are written by former Airmen, so this is an excellent biography for anyone looking to learn about a well-known Airman. The author is Tony Carr, an independent writer, commentator, and analyst. He served in the US Air Force for 22 years, commanding a flying squadron and assuming multiple key advisory posts. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2013, and began his project John Q. Public, which pushes the Air Force to reform its procedures. He brings transparency and rigorous reporting to the project.

After graduating from high school, Sergeant Chapman joined the Air Force on Sept. 27, 1985. He felt a calling to be a part of the special operations community and cross-trained to become an Air Force combat controller. In college, he played soccer on the varsity team, rebuilt a Pontiac GTO, and was a member of the varsity soccer team. Combat control training is one of the most rigorous programs in the U.S. military.

Charles Quinton Brown Jr. was born in 1962. He is the 22nd chief of staff of the United States Air Force and the first African-American to serve in any branch of the armed forces. His ceremony at Joint Base Andrews on August 6, 2020, marked the first-ever inauguration of an African-American as the head of the Air Force. Doe's biography was written by a fellow Airman.

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