Best Biographies of Rap & Hip-Hop Musicians in 2022

Biographies of Rap and Hip-Hop Musicians

Biographies of Rap & Hip-hop artists tell unique stories. Oftentimes, they also contain personal anecdotes, viewpoints, and opinions that weren't covered in their music. The result is a fascinating look at the lives of these icons. Read one to learn more about your favorite music artist or rap star. Here are a few of our favorite biographies of hip-hop musicians.

Scarface's memoir is a time capsule of the origins of Southern rap

Written in his own words, Scarface's memoir is a time-capsule of the Southern rap scene. He has never shied away from talking about his troubled childhood, which included mental health issues, a suicide attempt, and overdosing on purpose. His memoir also explores his drug-related escapades, including slitting his wrists. He also discusses how his relationship with David Geffen changed his life and how he came to be a successful rap artist.

The best song from the album is "I Seen a Man Die," which is one of the most recognizable songs of the '90s. It highlights Scarface's talents as a writer and musician, and it's one of his best songs. The memoir begins in the third person with a man whose crimes he'd committed had left him incarcerated. The book then moves into the first person perspective, following him as he considers his past actions.

The Diary, Scarface's fourth solo album, was released in October 1994 and became an instant classic. It perfected gangster monologues and added serrated politics and emotional depth. It was the first true solo rap album in the South and Texas, and it was the catalyst for the rise of Southern rap. The Diary has been imitated and surpassed, but few artists can convey the depth and emotion of Scarface.

The storyline of Scarface's Diary is riveting, and the emergence of his talent as a producer is fascinating. The memoir's co-writers, Mike Dean and N.O. Joe, are both talented and well-known producers and musicians. Mike Dean is a veteran of Texas music royalty and has even collaborated with Kanye West. N.O. Joe is a Louisiana-born producer who helped UGK with their hit "Ridin' Dirty."

It Was All a Dream: Biggie and the World That Made Him

It Was All a Dream: Biggie's life story is well-known, but how did he manage to remain so unique, so different from other rappers of his generation? Author James Tinsley uses Biggie's life to tell the story of Reaganomics and the crack era, putting the reader in Biggie's shoes. But while his book is fascinating, some aspects of it are a bit unoriginal.

Tinsley blames Tupac for their falling out. She holds Biggie accountable for the missteps he made in his other relationships. She also highlights the friendships he made in his Brooklyn neighborhood. It is not hard to imagine Biggie stooping at the front door of a school classroom, watching everything around him. But his story is not a happy one. In fact, Tinsley makes it clear that her relationship with Biggie was complicated.

It was all a dream, as the rap star claimed. The rapper was a piece of shit, and he even attempted suicide. Hopefully, his mistakes would catch up with him in the afterlife. Lord Finesse's record was created with copious amounts of liquor and weed. He also ate six or seven pizzas before starting the song. The book makes clear that BIG had a life of extreme desperation and anxiety.

It Was All a Dream: A biography of Biggie's life is filled with personal insights, including his struggle with rapping. As a rapper, Biggie was a true chameleon, and his life was enough material for a biography. But his tragic death in 1999, a few days before the release of his second studio album, Life After Death, was the last chapter in a storied career.

Rick Ross' first book

Rick Ross's memoir, My Life in the City, chronicles the star-studded rise to superstardom that ushered in the hip-hop revolution. His personal memoir recounts coming-of-age in the midst of the Miami crack epidemic, star-studded controversies, and star-spangled rap music. It is an honest and entertaining look at the life of an underground hip-hop legend.

"Rick Ross: A Memoir" is set to hit shelves this fall, and the release date is unknown, but the book is due out sometime before the end of the year. Both authors have vowed to deliver the most honest, insightful accounts of their own lives. Ross will speak to fans about his upbringing and career as a corrections officer, as well as his rise to stardom in hip-hop.

In 2010, Rick Ross launched his own label, Maybach Music Group. The label released albums by rap stars such as Meek Mill and Wale. Ross' appearances on other artists' tracks were accompanied by a "Maybach Music" drop sung by supermodel Jessica Gomes. While running a label didn't seem to stifle his own output, he signed deals with the likes of Drake, Pharrell, Kanye West, and Gucci Mane.

In his new book, Rick Ross answers questions about business and entrepreneurship. He also interviews entrepreneur Neil Martinez-Belkin, who discussed pivoting business strategies during the pandemic, how to hire a solid team, and why you should never be afraid to fail. While he may have made mistakes in the past, his insights provide inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs. If you've ever wondered how to build your empire, this book is a must-read for any businessman.

After his breakthrough in the music business, Ross has written a memoir based on his personal experiences. His autobiography is an account of his life from childhood to adulthood, and he'll shed light on controversies that have dogged his career. During a feud with 50 Cent, the rapper leaked photos of Ross working as a corrections officer. After much controversy, Ross finally admitted to having the position in 2014 but maintained that he was not doing so for sinister reasons.

Jay-Z's autobiography

Decoded is the autobiography and memoir of hip-hop artist Jay-Z. Released by Random House in 2010 in hardcover and paperback versions, the book combines the rapper's lyrics with explanations, anecdotes, and autobiographical information. If you're a fan of hip-hop, you may want to pick up a copy. Read on for some of the best insights about Jay-Z.

The book follows a chronological order, and jumps back and forth between his story growing up in Marcy Projects and his early years in the music business. Jay-Z's autobiographical portion describes the life of an impoverished child in New York's Marcy Projects, where he grew up on the streets. He also reflects on the poverty and drug dealing in the midst of the crack epidemic. This book gives insight into how he struggled through his beginnings in rap, and reflects on harsh times.

Decoded is a first-person memoir about Jay-Z's life, which is filled with personal stories and in-depth discussions of lyrics. Former The Source editor Dream Hampton helped Jay-Z write this book, and the result is a unique first-hand account of the rapper's life. The memoir is 336 pages long, and includes interviews with Jay-Z. Jay-Z's book Decoded will be well worth the price.

"Decoded" is a fascinating study of rap's formula, which includes the artistry behind the lyrics. While it doesn't mention the rapper's marriage to Beyonce, it does contain interesting insights about his family, his struggles, and his many endeavors. Jay-Z has become one of the most successful and well-regarded artists in the music industry. Jay-Z has been known for assaulting rivals in the record business and for his support of Barack Obama in his campaign for president.

While it is a biography, Jay-Z is still a hustler. He had run-ins with the law. His arrest in early December 1999, shortly after his debut album was due to be released, was a defining moment in his career. The book's unique approach to storytelling brings a fresh perspective to the discussion of the music industry. Although Jay-Z does acknowledge his humble beginnings, there are a few instances in the book where he makes a clear reference to his early days.

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