Best Biographies of Presidents & Heads of State in 2022

Biographies of Presidents and Heads of State

Whether you are looking for a biography of Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, George W. Bush, or Andrew Jackson, you can find a title that meets your needs. You can find the biography in a variety of formats, including audiobook and Braille. You can also listen to the book on an audio cartridge or cassette. Some NLS titles are also available in Braille and Audio Reading Download formats.

Abraham Lincoln biography

If you've ever been curious about the life of an American statesman, you might be interested in reading an Abraham Lincoln biography. This American statesman served as the 16th president of the United States and was assassinated in 1865. Though he was a lawyer, he was a statesman and a lawyer. Read on to learn more about this amazing American and his achievements. And don't forget to check out his famous quote, "Everything is possible if you put your mind to it".

Although Abraham was born in a log cabin in Kentucky, he had no formal education at the time. In fact, his father Thomas was a farmer and a carpenter, and he often served on a jury. Thomas and Nancy also had three children, including Abraham. While his mother was dead, his father remarried and Sarah Bush Johnston helped raise him. When he was eight years old, he was a carpenter and helped build another log cabin. After his first marriage, his mother died of milk sickness, which was a rare disease caused by poisonous roots in cows. While he was growing up, Abraham's father remarried, and Sarah Bush Johnston was his stepmother. In 1821, he became a captain in a volunteer company and served in the Black Hawk War. He served for three months in this conflict, but

In addition to his wife and mother-in-law, Lincoln had a number of romantic relationships. His first girlfriend, Ann Rutledge, was a woman from his hometown. The couple was engaged, but Ann died from typhoid fever at the age of twenty-two, and her death is said to have left Lincoln deeply depressed. After his first love, Mary Owens was considered his next match. However, the two were never married.

Andrew Jackson biography

When the British invaded the Carolinas, Andrew Jackson was just thirteen. The young man served as a messenger during the war, and was captured as a prisoner. After being captured, he was badly beaten and suffered permanent scarring. While serving as a prisoner, he was also struck with a saber for refusing to shine an officer's boots. Jackson escaped to become a lawyer, and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1787, Jackson studied law and was admitted to the North Carolina bar. After a year of convalescence, he returned to politics and became prosecutor of the western district. He later married Rachel Donelson Robards, a divorcee. They had a son, Thomas. They stayed together for a while, and then married in 1794. Andrew Jackson biography provides insights into his life. You can read about his early years in politics in our country's history by reading his biography.

In his life, Andrew Jackson faced several crises, and his presidency was fraught with controversies. He dissolved the Second Bank of the United States, relocated Native American tribes west, and initiated the creation of the modern Democratic Party. The best Andrew Jackson biography is Meacham's. It's not a life story, but it does offer a portrait of the man. But be warned: Meacham doesn't give a full account of Jackson's life, and he relies on third-party accounts and he doesn't tell the entire story.

Despite his age, Andrew Jackson was popular during his presidency. In fact, he won reelection with 56% of the vote in 1828. Jackson was also a staunch supporter of states' rights. He believed in a small, moderate federal government. However, after his second term, Jackson chose not to run for a third term, and instead endorsed Martin Van Buren, who would win the next election against Whig rival William Henry Harrison. Jackson died in 1845, leaving his legacy in his wake.

John Quincy Adams biography

A John Quincy Adams biography can teach you about a famous American statesman, diplomat, lawyer, diarist, and diarist. He served as the sixth president of the United States from 1825 to 1829 and as secretary of state from1817 to 1825. In addition to his numerous accomplishments, his biography is fascinating, and can give you an idea of what made him tick. In this brief biography, you will learn about the life and times of an iconic figure.

While growing up, John Quincy Adams witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill, and he went on to attend a classical education in Europe. He also accompanied his father on diplomatic missions, and he studied at prestigious academies. As a young man, he served as an interpreter and secretary to Francis Dana in Russia. His father also enlisted him to serve as a personal secretary to him while traveling in Europe. In fact, he negotiated the Treaty of Paris and was a member of the Continental Congress.

After the Revolutionary War, he married Louisa Catherine Johnson in 1797. She was the daughter of an American consul and an Englishwoman. Both Adams and Johnson were deeply in love, but their mothers dissuaded them from marrying. They ended up marrying a wealthy heiress, Louisa Johnson. The marriage was short-lived, and the family declared bankruptcy after the marriage. The couple went on to have a son, John Quincy's first.

The John Quincy Adams biography is a richly detailed account of the life of one of the most influential American presidents. The writer has meticulously researched the biography and writes a vivid portrait of the brilliant man who made a lasting impact on the nation. If you're looking for a more detailed account of the life and legacy of this remarkable American, look no further than West's John Quincy Adams biography. You'll be glad you did!

George W. Bush biography

A George W. Bush biography is essential reading for anyone interested in this American president. He was 43rd president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. The former governor of Texas served as the son of former president George H. W. Bush and is a member of the Republican Party. In addition to his presidency, Bush was also the 46th governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. His father was a Republican, and it's not surprising that he leaned toward that party during his life.

The first chapter of a George W. Bush biography takes us back to the president's childhood. The president was born in 1945. His parents, George and Barbara, had two daughters, Robin and Jeb. Robin was three when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Robin died before she turned four. George didn't know about Robin's illness until he was seven. When he was diagnosed, his parents picked him up from school early. His mother, Barbara, had told him not to boast and not to use too many 'I's' in his sentences.

The President's book includes a chapter on his childhood in West Texas. It also covers early trips with his father on campaigns and his decision to become a politician. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the man behind the presidency. The book is available in print, digital, and audio formats. A reading by the President himself will be recorded for the audio edition. The first printing will be one million copies. This biography is a fascinating read for anyone interested in our nation's history and political current affairs.

After graduating from Yale University, George H.W. Bush moved back to Houston. He worked for an agribusiness company and also for a mentoring program. His education was somewhat unfocused at first, but he gradually improved. He enjoyed history and majored in history at Yale University. In the 1970s, he served in the Air National Guard, and also earned a Master's degree in business from Harvard.

William Jefferson Clinton biography

A William Jefferson Clinton biography provides some background on the 42nd president of the United States. Born in Hope, Arkansas, on August 19, 1946, Bill's birth name was a tribute to his father, who had passed away in a car accident. Bill spent most of his childhood with his grandparents, playing in the yard and learning about social justice and equality for all people from his maternal grandparents. He was the first member of the Baby Boom generation to be elected to the White House and maintained a centrist political stance.

During his presidency, William Jefferson Clinton was elected to two terms as the 42nd President of the United States. He served as President of the United States for two terms, and was the first Democrat to be re-elected to office in over six decades. Clinton's economic record was remarkable, resulting in the lowest unemployment rates in modern times, the lowest inflation rates in over 30 years, the highest home ownership rates in history, the highest incomes in the country, and the lowest crime rates in the country. Among his most impressive achievements were reducing the number of welfare recipients and reducing the unemployment rate. In addition to these accomplishments, Clinton also called for the eradication of racial discrimination and proposed the first balanced budget in decades.

Bill Clinton's early life is filled with notable events, ranging from his early childhood in Arkansas to the rise to prominence as a leader in the United States. As a young boy, he won an essay contest and shook hands with President Kennedy. After high school, he received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University. While studying at Oxford, he worked part-time for Senator Fulbright. He completed his undergraduate degree in International Relations in 1968 and received a Rhodes scholarship to study in Oxford, England. At Yale, he met his future wife, Hillary Rodham, whom he married four years later.

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