Best Biographies about Notable People in 2022

Biographies About Notable People

There are several different types of Biographies about Notable People that you can read. These titles can range from Robinson's collection of essays to Chernow's George Washington biography. Some people will prefer the personal essays of Smith or David McCullough's biography of da Vinci. Regardless of your preference, Biographies about Notable People will always be a fascinating read. The following are a few of my favorite books about notable people.

Robinson's book of essays

"Is there any such thing as a bad religion?" is a question that has become increasingly common, and a book by Marilyn Robinson certainly does not disappoint. The author's writing style is elegant and regal, but her essays are surprisingly down-to-earth and unpretentious. Her work combines the scholarly and the personal, offering a diverse range of perspectives on notable people.

The Givenness of Things is an argument for the importance of the humanities, particularly those disciplines that deal with the soul. Robinson holds that the human person has a unique value that manifests itself most clearly in the production of great art and thought. In this regard, Robinson stands in opposition to contemporary materialistic academic disciplines, including those that dismiss the "self" as nothing more than a construct and "mind" as a mere set of chemicals. Ultimately, devaluing the human person is detrimental to society.

Marilyn Robinson aspired to mythic status in the early years of her life. Her mother was a source of consternation for her daughters, and her relationship with her mother was fascinating. Robinson's parents were strict and respected, and the way her mother raised her was far from idyllic. Despite the difficulties of raising her children, she always had an outlet for her ambitions, and her book of essays about notable people won the Orange Prize for fiction.

During the Pandemic, Robinson was prevented from seeing her family and friends and from finishing her novel. Her time was cut short, but she continued writing and is now working on other projects. She is also writing a sermon for the 400th anniversary of Plymouth. She's currently working on a Shakespeare book, an Old Testament book, and a collection of essays on Christology. In the meantime, she has been closely watching protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder. She has been enthused by these protests.

Smith's memoir

In Tracy Smith's memoir, we are treated to a series of stories about his life, from his tumultuous love life to the tragic death of his first love. While Smith has written of his childhood in great detail, we don't learn as much about his life as we do about the man who helped define his career. In her memoir, Smith shares many personal and painful details about her relationship with her father, a man who never met his mother and had a violent and abusive personality. But despite her attempts to understand her father's character, Smith does not want to give up on the man who brought her into the world.

The star of the film "Baby Driver" and the Hollywood blockbuster "Suitcase" has written a memoir that has made waves on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. He also has teamed up with Mark Manson to pen the book, which has already sold one million copies. In February, Smith took to social media to thank fans for the support and interest in his book. Although many are skeptical about the upcoming memoir, he's elated about the release.

"Will" is Smith's autobiography, co-written with self-help writer Mark Manson. Smith details his childhood experiences with physical abuse and suicidal thoughts. Smith also reveals his rise to fame, including his work mentality. Although the book isn't a "workaholic's guide", it's a great read for anyone who wants to know the real Will Smith. The star's memoir is a must-read for fans of his work, so make sure to pick up a copy!

Chernow's biography of George Washington

In Chernow's biography of George Washington, we see a man who was a realist, problem-solver, and subtle reader of people. Washington did make mistakes during the Revolutionary War, and he may not have had as much success as he did without France. However, his vision and foresight were far greater than most of his contemporaries. His personal relationships with women and slaves are also portrayed in a way that will evoke empathy and compassion in readers.

Chernow's approach to Washington's life is refreshing and insightful. While Washington is often reduced to a 'wooden figure' by historians, this new biography tries to show more than meets the eye. His ambitions are detailed, as are his disappointments, his financial struggles, and his mommy problems. We learn about his romantic entanglements, too, by examining Washington's letters to Martha and Sally Fairfax.

In an ambitious attempt to create a new portrait of the mighty George Washington, Chernow uses anecdotes and eyewitness accounts to create a dynamic and evocative portrait of the great leader. Despite a wealth of detail, Chernow is sensible in her judgments, and she brings to light a lost world that was previously inaccessible. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in the life of a mighty American patriot.

Ron Chernow's Washington: A Life is an excellent and comprehensive biography of the famous leader of the United States. While many others have attempted to capture the history of the first president in a single volume, Chernow has succeeded in doing it with the best combination of lucid storytelling, close attention to detail, and a clear and concise style. Chernow does a wonderful job of showing Washington's human side, and he does so without losing too much of the mythology that surrounds the man.

David McCullough's biography of da Vinci

Walter Isaacson's da Vinci biography is an acclaimed and entertaining read. A left-handed vegetarian, Isaacson is enthusiastic about da Vinci's life and work. Isaacson's enthusiasm is contagious. The book begins with an account of the artist's notebooks, which are estimated to contain seven thousand pages. His notebooks include the inner workings of the heart, the skull, and the wings of birds. Other pages include to-do lists and doodles.

The author's experience as a historian provides a unique perspective on his subject. He draws on his own experience to write about the artist. In addition to illustrating the value of history, McCullough acknowledges the importance of writing. In a rare bonus section, he discusses his own experiences as a writer. This is a wonderful addition to any biography. The book is a wonderful read for art lovers and history buffs alike.

Schumer's memoir

Amy Schumer's memoir "Amy's World" is a surprisingly dark read. It reveals some of her darkest memories, including an abusive relationship with her father. Fans of Schumer's stand-up will appreciate her honesty. Previously, she's spoken about her dysfunctional family, but in "Amy's World," she also shares the story of her father's bondage sex and his own struggles with addiction.

The book also features some lighter parts. One cringe-worthy exchange involves a prominent film blogger who insulted Schumer's looks. In response, Amy Schumer wrote hilarious sketch comedy. Another cringe-worthy exchange involves an editorial decision to omit Schumer's picture from a Men's Health magazine article in order to focus on airbrushed models. Despite her comic genius, Schumer's memoir is a cautionary tale about the perils of fame.

While Amy Schumer's memoir has a lot of merit, it is not a perfect read. Some parts of the memoir are disingenuous, and some are downright cynical. Nevertheless, she tries to make her memoir likable. For instance, her essay about feeling angry at her mother 20 years ago rings true. However, it seems like Schumer subscribes to the school of Nora Ephron, considered to be the mother of the femoir. She believes the statute of limitations for parental abuse ends once a teenager leaves the home, and women should expose their feelings as they are.

During the Sandy Hook tragedy, Schumer spent time investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting, and she was part of the Everytown committee. She was at the center of President Obama's executive actions regarding gun violence. Her passion for making America a better place is palpable. However, Schumer's message is clear: the middle class is not part of the Democratic Party and the middle class doesn't consider Democrats their party.

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