Best Asia Historical Biographies in 2022

Asia Historical Biographies

In Asia Historical Biographies, we find that Asian societies have long been divided by caste, class, and creed. Wang Di, for example, describes the exploitation and oppression faced by rubber tappers in her novel The Garden of Evening Mists, and the affluent characters in A Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali treat the rubber tappers with condescension. Both stories depict the dynamic pecking order of oppression.

James Clavell, Gai-Jin

While it's hard to imagine that a novel could be thousands of pages long and span the entirety of one or two decades, James Clavell's Gai-Jin is the perfect example of this genre. The book features an ensemble cast of larger-than-life characters, a faraway land, and an intense power struggle. The novel also features plenty of plotting and a fascinating setting.

As the sixth installment of the Asian Saga, Gai-Jin is an epic tale of two great histories coming together in a single epic. It depicts a wartime Japan, which was largely overrun by the Soviet Union. The novel is based loosely on the infamous Namamugi Incident, which occurred during World War II. The novel also details the political climate of Japan in a contemporary setting.

Lian Hearn

Among the many Asian-themed books on the market are the Asia Historical Biographies series by Lian Hearn. Lian is a pseudonym for Gillian Rubinstein, a well-known Australian author of children's books and plays. Rubinstein chose not to publish Tales of the Otori under her own name in order to allow the first adult book to be judged on its merits. Lian's pen name is a combination of her childhood nickname and the surname of Lafcadio Hearn, an English colonial who lived in Japan during the 19th century.

Lian Hearn's first fiction books, entitled The Tale of the Otori, first rose to fame in 2002. The series is set in a world very similar to medieval Japan and explores the nature of heroism. Despite the success of her books, Hearn's first book isn't very good. Readers will be disappointed, but there are some redeeming qualities to the series.

While the author of Tales of the Otori, a trilogy of feudal stories involving young children, has a long list of future projects. For her next book, Hearn is working on two additional books in the series. Originally, she intended to write just three Tales of the Otori novels. However, after completing the first three, she decided to write another two, which are still in the editing stages.

The third novel in the Tale of the Otori series is Heaven's Net Is Wide, a prequel to Across the Nightingale Floor, and follows Lord Otori Shigeru in the medieval world of Japan. Gras for His Pillow, The Book of Loss, and The Book of Shikanoko are all available through Lian Hearn. These books are also based on the scholarly work of other Asian historians.

Pearl S. Buck

A world traveler, Pearl S. Buck is a remarkable woman. Born in San Francisco, Buck travelled throughout Asia on a number of missions. In 1941, she bought the Asia magazine and gave American writers a forum for discussion of the region. Soon, she founded the East-West Association and campaigned to increase awareness of the East in American society. She received the Order of the Jade for her efforts.

She began interpreting China for her American readers when she was still a young woman. While living in Nanking, she taught English and American literature to students and gained valuable insights from the country's elites. Buck later identified her mentor, radical thinker Chen Duxiu, who taught English literature in Beijing universities and became a leading member of the Chinese Communist Party. In 1924, she returned to the United States and earned an M.A. in literature from Cornell University. Her husband and daughter returned to China in 1927, and she continued to write.

A well-known author, Pearl S. Buck has written several books and short stories. She was also a pioneer in appreciating the People's Republic of China. Her writings show that she was a proponent of human rights and was dedicated to the welfare of Asian children. Despite the hardships of her early years, she has continued to write about her experiences and the people of her home country.

After winning the Nobel Prize for literature, Buck spent several years in Asia as an American citizen. As the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, she was committed to fostering better relations between Asians and Americans. She published several works about her life, including a series of biographies of her family members. In addition to historical biographies, she also wrote memoirs, short stories, and novels under the pseudonym John Sedges.

Julian Lees

The author of Asia Historical Biographies, Julian Lees, is a native of Hong Kong who attended Cambridge University and went on to work as a stockbroker. Born and raised in the British colony, Lees has written two novels, The Fan Tan Players and The Temptation of Yen, set in 1920s and 1930s Malaya. His work has been translated into several languages, including German and Polish.

Jean Levi

A French orientalist, Jean Levi is a leading specialist in classical Chinese culture. He studied Chinese culture in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution and is currently director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research in France. He has written numerous books on Chinese culture, including works on Confucius, Chuang Tzu, and politics. In addition to writing about Chinese history, Levi is also the author of several historical novels, including The Chinese Emperor, which won the Goncourt Prize for historical fiction.

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