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Arthurian Fantasy

Authors who have written in the Arthurian fantasy genre are few and far between, so it can be hard to select a favorite. Here are some of the best: David Drake, Robert W. Fuller, Kiersten White, Thomas Berger, and Robert McCloskey. I hope this article has inspired you to choose an author or two, and get reading. And while I'm sure you'll find a book that suits your tastes, there are many more to choose from.

David Drake

The Dragon Lord is a solid, unspectacular read that adds a gritty touch to the Arthur mythos. While the story doesn't break any new ground, Drake does a masterful job of weaving history into fantasy. The Dragon Lord is a post-roman, post-saxon british fantasy, with plenty of death and magic. Its adult-only status reflects this fact.

Like many fantasy writers, David Drake is also a veteran of the Vietnam War. Although his first three novels were inspired by Norse myths, the third was firmly rooted in Arthurian legend and has exemplary worldbuilding. As a fan of fantasy, I was excited to see how Drake interpreted the Arthurian legend. Drake's debut novel, The Spark, was a hit among readers.

"The Barrow Troll" was a short story by David Drake published in the Whispers magazine in 1975. Whispers was a dark fantasy and horror magazine. Editor Stuart David Schiff edited six best-of anthologies of his stories, and "The Barrow Troll" was included in the first one. It is a great example of combining horror and sword-and-sorcery into one short story.

Robert W. Fuller

The Arthurian Fantasy is an omnibus of stories and myths that focus on the mythical hero Arthur. The stories often revolve around Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail. Arthur meets a host of characters, including the dead Killian Jones and the legendary knight Merlin. In the first book, Knight Life (1987), Arthur runs for mayor of New York City. The second book, One Knight Only, features Arthur battling an Epic Hero for the Holy Grail. In the third book, Fall of Knight (2006), the hero encounters a historical villain.

Other authors have given Arthurian myths new life in their own works. Rosalind Miles' "The Boy's King Arthur" series focuses on Arthur and Guenevere and is a unique retelling of the classic story. Robert W. Fuller's The Rowan Tree (2013) is an interesting political novel that places the Arthurian myth in a contemporary historical setting. Another book from this genre is the bestselling series, The Squire's Tales.

The Rowan Tree reveals the emergence of a democratic Britain. It also foretells a world ruled by human dignity. It is a novel of ideas and sweeping worlds. Its characters include quixotic quests, illicit loves, transformative failures, and inextinguishable hope. The Arthurian fantasy also has global resonances, ranging from catalytic 1960s to world governance. Love is the catalyst for change and its power to transform lives and nations is personified in this international cast of characters.

This course focuses on the fantastic in literature and the role of the imagination in the creation of a new world. Students complete a research paper on the theme of a selected fantasy novel. Other texts include Wells' The Time Machine and Asimov's Caves of Steel. Other authors in this genre include Le Guin, Herbert, and Gibson. In addition to Fuller's Arthurian Fantasy, English students can also take courses on science fiction and fantasy.

Kiersten White

Author of the Arthurian Fantasy trilogy, The Excalibur Curse, Kiersten White, lives near the ocean in San Diego, California. She has written several series and loves to dream of distant places and times. In her latest novel, The Excalibur Curse, she wraps up the first trilogy of the Arthurian Fantasy series. I recommend this fantasy series to fans of YA fiction. It has a strong female protagonist, a captivating storyline, and a great plot twist at the end.

The Guinevere Deception is a story about female agency, while tying together the Arthurian legend with modern sensibilities. The plot begins simple and skim-worthy, but gradually builds momentum and develops into a gripping read. While The Guinevere Deception begins a little simplistic, it eventually catches readers' interest and makes them want to keep reading. The story ends with a twist that will make you want more from the characters.

The plot revolves around a town called Camelot carved out of a mountain. While the town is free of magic, it is prosperous and peaceful. King Arthur sends his queen Guinevere to Camelot to guard against dark magic. In exchange for her help, Queen Guinevere is a changeling, the child of Merlin, and she's meant to be a substitute for the dead princess from the south.

Thomas Berger

Despite its diverse genres, Thomas Berger's Arthurian Fantasy is a classic work of literature. The witty, diverse prose of Thomas Berger reflects the author's wide range of literary interests, including modern retellings of classic genres. The Arthurian legend is a fascinating subject for modern fiction, and Berger does a remarkable job of illustrating the oddity of King Arthur.

While many writers use a medieval language, the language used in Thomas Berger's Arthurian Fantasy is surprisingly simple. The narrator adopts the voice of a medieval epic, using old-fashioned speech, and conveys a story of social and economic problems brilliantly resolved. At the same time, the novel also demonstrates the destructive power of religious idealism. Despite the literary roots of the Arthurian tale, the language can be frustrating.

In addition to the historical setting and style of the book, this book explores the art of fantasy and history. It's also a highly entertaining read for all age groups, and readers will enjoy the narrator's personal biography. It contains many never-before-seen images and documents. It's a must-read for any fan of the genre. The Arthurian fantasy genre continues to grow in popularity, and Thomas Berger's novel will no doubt become a classic.

Among the more compelling characters in Thomas Berger's Arthurian Fantasy is Viviane, the High Priestess of Avalon and Lady of the Lake. She and her sister Igraine foresee a world where Britain will be united under a single high king. The future king is born of their sister, Igraine, and she trains her sister Morgaine to succeed her.

Derek Benz

If you like the fantasy genre, you'll probably enjoy Derek Benz's Arthurian Fantasy series. It includes real events in history, as well as Arthurian legends. Despite being a fantasy novel, it's easy to imagine this story unfolding in your mind. Here are some key facts about the series. First, the title. The story is about the legendary King Arthur. The characters are both human and magical.

- The Arthurian legends have been updated to reflect contemporary times. Some of the most popular modern versions of the legend are based on the legend of King Arthur. Benz's books explore the legend in a post-apocalyptic setting, and others feature a contemporary setting. For instance, the Forever King series is a trilogy about a boy who is reincarnated King Arthur.

David Fielder

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