Best Angel Drake Mysteries Museums & Collections in 2022

Angel Drake Mysteries Museums & Collections in Toronto

When you are visiting Toronto, you can visit the Angel Drake Mysteries Museums & collection to find out more about the crimes that the story of Bessie Austin has inspired. This fictional series is based in Toronto. The museum houses a variety of artifacts related to the story, including pieces from the Spadina House. Bessie Austin's gang is also depicted, as are other important locations related to the story.

Spadina House

For those fans of television crime series such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a visit to the Spadina House, Angel Drake Mysterries Museum & Collections in Toronto is a must. This stately home near Casa Loma is now a museum, featuring the period from 1900 to 1930. Recently, Spadina House teamed up with the Frankie Drake Mysteries to create an exhibition that blends fact and fiction to create a unique and educational experience.

While touring this historic house, be sure to ask questions about the restoration process and themes of the early 20th century. One of the best-known tours of the house is the Flashman versus Evil excursion, inspired by the 1930 radio play. The exhibit includes both audio and visual presentations. The museum has ten rooms dedicated to mystery, so there's bound to be something you'll enjoy.

Bessie Starkman

Bessie Starkman is a fictional character in the popular TV series "Frankie Drake Mysteries." While Frankie is the series' chief detective, Bessie is his rival on a more personal level. Though she may have had a similar relationship with Frankie in the past, Bessie is still a formidable rival. Despite their differences, Bessie and Frankie share many similarities.

Bessie's first appearance comes in Season 2 episode, "Extra Innings". She is the owner of an underground gambling casino and is framed for murder. Despite her appearance as Frankie's rival, Bessie is a true threat and an excellent detective. In addition to catching the killer, she also solves a murder and helps Frankie with his plumbing problems.

Bessie Starkman Angel Drake Mystories is a television series created by Carol Hay. She also executive produces the show. It is a mystery series set in 1920s Toronto, where women often had different roles from men. In addition to Frankie Drake, the show features other real-life historical figures such as Coco Chanel, a famous gangster named Bessie Starkman, and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey.

Bessie Austin

If you've ever read Bessie Austin's books, you've probably seen the movie Bessie, which starred Bessie Austin and Angel Drake. But do you know the true story behind the characters? Bessie and Angel Drake were childhood friends who had a mysterious connection. One night, they were playing hopscotch when Bessie interfered and led Cassy Merriam into the coal closet. Cassy was a maniac. And Bessie was just as crazy.

Bessie Austin's gang

The Spadina Museum is home to several objects featured in the television show. The museum is home to a 1920s radio, lent to it by an Innisfil, Ontario, man who repairs antique radios. There is also a 1920s Corona typewriter, as well as a police truncheon and cigarette lighter. Several of these objects were featured in Season 2 of Frankie Drake.

The Frankie Drake Mysteries is a period murder mystery series produced by the creators of the Murdoch Mysteries. The series takes place in 1920s Toronto and features the adventures of Frankie Drake and Trudy Clarke, who run Drake Private Detectives, the only all-female detective agency. The show has a romantic atmosphere, as well as jazz music and dancing.

Bessie Starkman's murder

Visit the museum to discover the details of Bessie Starkman's murder. Born in Poland, Starkman came to Canada around 1900 and married a baker named Harry Tobsen. She gave birth to two daughters, Lilly and Gertrude. In 1912, Bessie met a man named Rocco Perri. The two began an illicit romance, and Rocco Perri eventually joined them in their criminal venture.

Bessie's funeral was one of the largest in Hamilton history. More than 20,000 mourners lined the streets and surrounded her grave in Ohev Zedek Cemetery, six kilometers away. The killers had no other reason to kill her, and the rabbi and police were unable to find enough evidence to convict her. Bessie Starkman-Perri's murder was not a violent crime, but it did result in a brutal death.

The CBC-TV series Frankie Drake Mysteries features a fictionalized version of Bessie Starkman's life. The series features a woman who is a mob boss in Toronto. Her character eventually agrees to work with private detective Frankie Drake in order to solve the murder. It is a fascinating mystery.

Bessie Starkman's disappearance

Bessie Starkman's disappearence was the first of its kind in the Canadian history. A powerful crime boss, Starkman was born in Poland and later married to a wealthy mobster. She was later found dead in her garage and her murder was one of the largest ever in Hamilton. Eventually, her disappearance triggered a federal investigation into liquor smuggling.

Bessie Starkman's family

Bessie Starkman, an immigrant from Poland, came to Canada in 1907 and married a baker named Harry Tobsen. They had two daughters: Gertrude and Lilly. In 1912, they took in an Italian immigrant named Rocco Perri. After a short romance, they moved to St. Catharines, Ontario, where Rocco had a job on the Welland Canal.

In 1921, Bessie and her husband lived in a large Hamilton house, surrounded by wealthy and powerful families. Their luxurious lifestyle made them targets for liquor smugglers. In 1920, they were investigated by a federal commission investigating liquor smuggling. Starkman denied bootlegging but was questioned about her lifestyle. When Greyson discovered her husband's past, Mary suspected Greyson of hiding evidence and the murders.

After Prohibition in 1927, the Perri mob sought new sources of income. In 1929, during a drug raid in Toronto, Bessie Starkman was arrested by RCM Police. She was eventually released due to lack of evidence. However, she was shot multiple times by two men with shotguns. The neighbour walking his dog heard Perri and his men yelling that Bessie had been shot. Fortunately, she survived the shootout, but it wasn't enough to save her.

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