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American Literature is a genre of literature produced and written in the United States and its colonies. It consists of a variety of texts, authors, and influences. The topic of American Literature is as varied as its authors. While some of the best-known pieces are classics, others are relatively obscure and not widely known. In any case, the genre of American Literature is vast, and is a valuable study in and of itself.

Essay on American Literature

When it comes to an essay on American literature, there are many different approaches to writing an interesting paper. First, you should decide on the topic you will discuss. Make sure to select something that you know something about. Whether it is a particular book, a movie, or even a newspaper article, you should have something to write about. Getting started can be a difficult process, but with a little help, it won't be nearly as difficult as you think.

The Civil War caused the American people to examine themselves and the world around them. It gave ordinary people a sense of purpose and made them speak out for what they believed in. It made them realize that they were not alone and that they had a duty to their country and to God. The war taught us that we have to do good. The Civil War also gave us a contextual history of America, which influenced the works of authors like James Weldon Johnson and W. E. B. Dubois.

The Puritanical movement, which had its roots in the English Reformation, had a profound impact on American culture. While the Puritans favored a Presbyterian form of church, others wanted a national structure. They also rejected the veils of episcopal authority and the Catholic faith. The Puritans sought to purify society and the self. These men created robust prose that endures today. The Puritans influenced the development of American literature, so there is no need to ignore the history of the puritanical movement.

While this literature was popular for a long time, it has recently come under the spotlight. For example, William Hill Brown's novel The Power of Sympathy was published in 1791. This novel portrays the love story of two siblings. However, the novel's plot is tragic. While many people may think it was a satire, it is actually an emotional story about the pitfalls of human nature. In many ways, The Power of Sympathy is representative of the American experience.


The history of America plays a significant role in the development of American Literature texts. For nearly 150 years, America consisted of colonies along the eastern seaboard of the North American continent. These colonies rebelled against the motherland and eventually became the United States of America. The nation's boundaries extended south to the Gulf of Mexico, north to the 49th parallel, and west to the Pacific Ocean. These histories have shaped the way that we look at American Literature texts.

Students often associate literature with being outdated or boring. Try making real-world connections between classic novels and current issues and events. Then, when the students finish the reading, they can share their work with the class. The process of writing a thesis statement will reinforce what they learned about the themes in American Literature texts. Ultimately, this method will make your students want to read more American Literature texts. Here are three tips for incorporating contemporary issues into your class.

The First: Use the most appropriate American Literature texts. American Literature texts reflect the culture and history of the United States. Many of these texts reflect the pioneering ideals of independence and self-reliance. Often, American authors celebrate nature, reject authority, and emphasize equality among people. While analyzing American Literature texts, consider the context and the audience. If you're unsure of what to look for in your text, consider using an online textbook or ebook.

Another way to explore Native American literature is to read the works by writers of the Native American tribe. Many of these texts include traditional texts, such as oral histories, creation myths, songs, and hieroglyphics. These works often draw themes about identity and heritage. For instance, in James Welch's novel Winter in the Blood, the protagonist struggles with his or her identity. At the end, he/she finally embraces her fragmented identity.


If you're looking for a new book to read, you may want to start by checking out some of the works by American Literature authors. Then, go on and check out some of their works as well. After all, nothing is more enjoyable than a book that transports you to another world or leaves a lasting impression. So, go on and start reading! And don't forget to check out the works of other authors, too!

American Literature is an important part of Western literature and includes works by writers from all time periods. They reflect personal experiences and inspire the next generation of writers. In other words, the authors of American Literature reflect and shape the culture and society in which they live. This can be seen in all kinds of literature and in the writing styles of the writers. This way, American Literature readers can learn about the world and the people who created it.

There are a number of things that have influenced the way American Literature is written, but the three primary characteristics are the same. The country's early colonial history, including the Revolution, shaped the authors of this literature. In addition to the American Revolution, these writers developed their own style. One of the first American novelists, William Hill Brown, is credited with composing the first American novel. The works of Mark Twain, another giant of American literature, impacted the way Americans write language today.

The author of The Grapes of Wrath, a bestseller in the United States, was born in Ohio. She attended Howard University and went on to earn her master's degree from Cornell University. Despite her comparatively young age, Morrison is regarded as a legendary writer and has left a profound mark on the future of American writing. To learn more about the works of this American author, visit Amazon. You can also check out the website of the American Literature Association for more information.


There are several major influences on American Literature, and the main characteristics of American literature can be defined by these influences. The first influence is the nation's pioneer ideals, which many American authors reflected in their novels. This influence was a direct reflection of the European style, which American authors often imitated, but critics regarded as inferior. The second influence is a reflection of the emergence of a thriving international literary scene.

After the war with Britain in 1812, American literature began to evolve. Works by Washington Irving and Thomas Ashe delved into nature and the natural world and created works of humor that are still widely enjoyed. Others included nature-inspired poetry by William Cullen Bryant and James Fenimore Cooper. Finally, a collection of works by James Fenimore Cooper called the Leatherstocking Tales (or The Last of the Mohicans) depicts the colonial life in Virginia.

The influences of American literature vary from generation to generation. During the early part of the American Revolution, the Puritan writers dominated the scene. The Age of Reason was marked by the development of the "Transcendentalist" movement in New England, which resisted Eighteenth-century rationalism and established religion. Transcendentalists emphasized the powers of human imagination and transcendence. They celebrated nature and the human soul.

Another influential influence on American literature is the Beat Generation. Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat" became a bestseller. His book was a cultural phenomenon, and influenced the rest of American literature. Contemporary art and social events have also influenced American Literature. American writers have used their personal experiences and the experiences of their time to create their works. By writing, writers also incorporate the opinions of their time. This influence makes American literature unique.


Methods of American Literature are the study of different ways of interpreting works of literature. The main objective of this course is to analyze the literary trends of the XIX century using different linguistic methods. The course materials include various books and web-sites related to American Literature. The theoretical position gained through this course can be applied in different investigations of American Literature. Furthermore, this paper can be used to deliver lectures on Foreign Literature.

In the nineteenth century, major works were published. Some of these works were influential, such as "William Tell," by Pauline Hopkins. Others were important, too. Some works of the early twentieth century were written by Mexican immigrants, including Sui Sin Far. Other prominent writers of the century included William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Emily Dickinson. For example, the novel "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau celebrated individualism and the resistance of organized society.

During the colonial period, the first American authors were Englishmen. These authors were naturally colonial in nature, as their first works were written for an English audience. Captain John Smith is often considered the first American author. His works include "A True Relation of Virginia...and New England," "The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles" (1624). Other writers of the period included Daniel Denton, Thomas Ashe, William Penn, Daniel Coxe, and Gabriel Thomas.

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