Best African American Historical Fiction in 2022

African American Historical Fiction

African American Historical Fiction is not just about black history. The literature that portrays these stories often includes a range of themes and characters. The following list of novels highlights a range of titles. They range from Cora Whitehead's The Underground Railroad to Piper Huguley's The Washerwomen's Promise. A list of the best historical romance novels would also include those by new authors. Alyssa Cole, for example, is a prolific writer whose many novels span several topics and genres. She has expanded the world of Black historical romance to include a variety of subjects.

Cora Whitehead's The Underground Railroad

Cora Whitehead's The Underground Railroad is a fascinating tale of the struggles of the freed slaves of the American south. In this sweeping novel, Cora Whitehead's experiences as a slave paves the way for more women's rights today. The Underground Railroad was a crucial part of the freed slaves' journey to freedom. It chronicles the trials and triumphs of the enslaved.

The narrative is woven through interstitial chapters that serve as teasers, establishing a new setting and character, and rounding out the background of Caesar. But while these interstitial chapters serve to build the story, they also serve to further the characterization of the black characters. For example, one chapter focuses on Cora's relationship with Doctor Stevens, an enslaved helper of the white overseer. Despite the fact that he is a man, Mabel is forced to engage in sex with him.

The Underground Railroad is not just a metaphor; it is an actual underground transportation system. Cora and Caesar's first stop is in South Carolina, which at first seems like a safe haven, but conceals a terrible scheme to free Black people. Cora's journey to freedom is not an easy one, but Whitehead manages to open her eyes to what happened to many enslaved people in the past and present.

During the time she is traveling through Tennessee, she encounters numerous violent men and women. One of them, Ridgeway, has killed a white slave and set a nearby swamp afire. Ridgeway forces Cora to follow him to an Underground Railroad station. She fights back at the entrance and then hurries herself down a dark, long tunnel on a handcar. The next two stops are dominated by an outbreak of yellow fever.

Piper Huguley's The Washerwomen's Promise

A bestselling historical romance author, Piper Huguley, has woven the history of black women into her new novella, "The Washerwomen's War." In this story, a young African-American woman who is determined to make a difference in the world is tasked with rescuing her family's clothing factory from an evil owner. But to save the factory from destruction, she must make sacrifices in order to protect the lives of her community.

A two-time Golden Heart (r) finalist, Piper Huguley writes historical romance with African-American Christian characters. Her first two books in the series, "Home to Milford College," are Amazon bestsellers. Her fourth novel, "Migrations of the Heart," received four and a half stars from RT Magazine and was nominated for a 2014 Golden Heart award for best historical romance.

Valinda Lacey's Indigo

Valinda Lacey is an independent and compassionate educator who hopes to teach newly emancipated people at a Freedmen's school. Her chemistry with Drake LeVeq is nonexistent. Their relationship did not materialize onto the pages and it felt like a bare outline. Despite her love for Drake, she still has to choose between protecting her friend and being loyal to Drake.

The first novel in the Women Who Dare series, "Rebel," was about the emancipated community leader Valinda Lacey. In "Rebel," she defied the Klan and helped formerly enslaved people gain the right to vote. In "Wild Rain," she follows a female rancher named Spring Lee in Wyoming Territory, where women first earned the right to vote.

Kathryn Stockett's The Help

In The Help, Kathryn Stocket creates a vivid portrait of the enslavement of black people and the injustices that occurred during the 1960s. Although the story is based on a true story, the setting is historically accurate. The Help is set in 1960s Mississippi, where white women were routinely raped by black men. Although the story is based on historical events, it still demonstrates how racism affected the lives of people of color in the South.

This book is filled with racism and racial inequality. While white people are usually in the power in this fictional novel, there are moments of hope that allow us to feel empathy for the characters. The Help's main character, Aibileen, tries to protect Mae Mobley from being corrupted by white people. The novel's plot is well-developed and the reader will enjoy this book.

A novel about the struggle for equal rights is a great read for any reader of history. Stockett's debut novel, The Help, takes place during the turbulent 1960s in a Mississippi town. White people in the Deep South were largely resistant to the new changes, and the racial attitudes towards African Americans were no exception. Stockett creates a vivid picture of this attitude in The Help.

While the story contains darker themes, The Help remains an incredibly entertaining book. Kathryn Stockett's writing style is consistently accessible, and the themes she explores remain strong and relevant. Although the book depicts the struggles of African Americans in the 1960s, it's important to note that the characters' lives were shaped by their circumstances and their social class. If you're looking for a riveting read about the civil rights movement, The Help is an excellent choice.

Maya Angelou's memoir

The title of Maya Angelou's memoir, "I Have a Dream," is an apt description. The novel chronicles Angelou's life and her struggle for acceptance. In addition, it is one of the few works of non-fiction focusing on African-Americans. While this isn't strictly true, it does demonstrate Angelou's sensitivity and skill in telling her story.

After writing several volumes of poetry, Maya Angelou became an activist in the civil rights movement. Her autobiography became an important feminist tool and she sent political, artistic, and social change messages to the world through it. Angelou spent years in Ghana as a child and was involved in political activism. She was profoundly affected by the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others. In 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,' she chronicles her experiences of the civil rights movement and living in South Africa.

During the civil rights movement, Angelou's autobiography chronicles her experiences in the US and Africa, from the time of Malcolm X's assassination to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and beyond. Although Angelou's memoir isn't fiction, she has authored numerous scholarly articles about her life and times.

The book isn't easy reading, but it's worthwhile. Angelou acknowledges the special position of black intellectuals in American history. While tracing the short history of the black intelligentsia in the United States isn't easy, the author expects readers to respond to the material and be active participants. Her book is a powerful piece of African American history, which will evoke strong emotions in readers.

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