Best Action & Adventure Manga in 2022

Top 10 Action & Adventure Manga

If you're looking for some good Action & Adventure Manga, you've come to the right place. If you're new to the genre, this list will provide you with some great ideas. Start with the classics, such as Magician, Kubera, and Spice and Wolf. Once you've mastered them, you can move on to more complicated titles such as Attack on Titan, Nejimaki Kagyu, and Fairy Tail.

Chainsaw Man

A Chainsaw Man action & adventure manga series is a great choice for fans of violent genres and unfiltered narratives. The series' harrowing art and graphic violence have won it a legion of fans and landed the manga a Best Shonen award at the 66th Shogakukan Manga Awards in 2021. It also ranked number 10 on Japan's "Most Wanted Anime Adaptations" list for 2020. It's already being adapted for an anime series and a sequel is reportedly on the way.

The story follows Denji, a young devil hunter who has been raised by the Yakuza after his father dies. He fancies himself a rogue devil hunter and battles the fiends with the help of his pet dog, Pochita, who carries a chainsaw on his head. The first series featured Denji battling against yakuza and a gangster.

Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan series of Japanese comics have gained tremendous popularity in the Japanese community. Featuring an unusual shounen protagonist and apocalyptic scenarios, the series has become a fan favorite. The manga has also been the subject of two live-action films and a video game. In the manga, the Eighty-Six pilot autonomous weaponry that helps the world in its quest to destroy the Titans.

The story is set in a world under threat from titans, though most characters and readers do not realize it. The series follows the adventures of three teenagers, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and their friends as they attempt to stop the Titans from conquering their home. As the series unfolds, the characters fight titans, face off with dangerous enemies, and learn new and exciting things about themselves and their world.

In addition to the novel and the graphic novel adaptation, Attack on Titan fans are also getting the Lost Girls manga series. The Attack on Titan manga will be adapted by OAD and will include the characters from the hit anime series. The series is expected to run in American bookstores throughout the rest of 2014.

Nejimaki Kagyu

If you love action and adventure stories, you'll like Nejimaki Kagyu Action and Adventure Manga. It's written by Nakayama Atsushi, the same manga author who wrote Uratarou. The series was released from June 2011 to April 2014, and the first volume was published in 2009. The manga is available online for free and is well worth checking out. You'll be glad you did.

The series begins with the introduction of an 18-year-old martial artist named Mitsuru Yaegashi. His training in the martial arts school Tsumanuda has been legalized, and he encounters a mysterious maid named Dorae. However, he struggles with his sexual arousal, which makes him an odd candidate for the school. After all, 99 percent of Tsumanuda students are female. Eventually, he enlists in the military to fight for his freedom. The story progresses from there.

The plot begins with Medaka winning Student Council elections with a 98% vote. He soon finds himself as the only student on the council. He seeks help from childhood friend Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, who reluctantly agrees to become the lowest-ranking member. He then recruits Akune Kouki and Kikaijima Mogana as his secretary and treasurer.

Fairy Tail

The first volume of the Fairy Tail Action & Adventure manga was published in the August 23, 2006, issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series continues to this day, and the chapters are collected into tankobon volumes published by Kodansha. The third volume of the manga was released on May 17, 2010 in Japan. The manga is now available in English as Fairy Tail+. There are more than 100 volumes in total.

This popular series was first serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, where it has become one of the best selling manga titles in Japan. Fairy Tail was created by Hiro Mashima, a manga artist born in 1977 in Nagano Prefecture. He is also the author of the popular manga series Rave Master, which was translated and published by TokyoPop in the U.S. and was adapted into a video game by CAPCOM.

The story follows 17-year-old Lucy Heartfilia, who dreams of joining the Fairy Tale Mage Guild. She accidentally runs into a mysterious wizard, Salamander, while in search of her magical powers. Luckily, Natsu rescues her, and reveals himself as the real Salamander. They soon find out that they are the same person and invite Lucy to join the Fairy Tail guild.

Yongbi the Invincible

Yongbi the Invincibility is a Korean manhwa by Ryu Ki-woon and Moon Jung-hoo. The series began in 1998 and was completed in 2002. The manga has since been made into an anime, Yongbi the Invincible - A Side Story. Currently, there are 162 chapters that have been translated into English. You can read the entire manga for free online.

It's a long manga, and each chapter is about thirty pages long. That's about average. But it's time well spent. The manga's blend of pristine comedic moments and martial arts action make it a satisfying read. Yongbi the Invincible Action & Adventure Manga by Manwha is a great choice for any manga fan!


In the world of the manga Claymore, women warriors are the only defense against supernatural creatures. The eponymous Yoma is a destructor, having claimed six lives in one village alone. The character, Claymore, is sent to slay the demon, but his mission is complicated by the fact that he seems more monster than human. This makes the manga's storyline even more compelling and engaging.

In contrast to most manga, Claymore has strong female warriors. The series does not have typical feminine characters who are typically mocked by fan service. Female warriors in this world are often emotionally complex, maternal, or even sexy, and Claymore avoids these stereotypes. In addition to strong female characters, the manga features a compelling storyline and a lot of violence. In addition to its female characters, the story features some interesting, relatable characters who make for a fun read.

While the series may lack deep characters and a multi-layered plot, it does have some appealing elements, including brutal action, dark lore, and strong women. It also has an attractive grim art style, but the budget for the anime-style production forced it to take shortcuts with animation. But if you enjoy a dark fantasy anime with an espionage theme, you'll probably love Claymore.


The iconic dark fantasy manga Berserk follows Guts' adventures as he seeks revenge against Griffith. Published in the U.S. by Media Blasters, the series is also available on DVD and Blu-ray. The anime series has also inspired games and video games. The Netflix Castlevania series pays heavy homage to the manga. Despite the series' adult themes, the manga has a broad appeal and is loved by many fans.

The series has been in publication since the late 1980s, first appearing in comic book form. The story revolves around the brooding swordsman Guts and his mercenary band, the Band of the Hawk. The series contains fantasy and action elements, and it depicts the dark side of human nature in unflinching detail. Readers will be forced to confront their own fears and desires in the face of power.

Fans of Berserk will also enjoy the Vinland Saga and Goblin Slayer. These series depict different aspects of human nature, including hardship and war. Unlike other action manga, the Vinland Saga uses cyborgs as its villains. The protagonists and villains often form a tight friendship, but they are mortal enemies and must fight for their freedom. While some of the characters in these manga series are a bit clumsy, they do manage to be a lot of fun.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has many genres, but one of the most common is shonen. This type of manga is not a specific genre, but it caters to the target demographic of boys between the ages of 8 and 16. In fact, shonen can have many different genres, such as fantasy, action, and science fiction. Weekly Shonen Jump is one such manga anthology. This series has a wide variety of genres and is the #1 shonen manga of all time.

The first manga volume features the "boyhood" portion of the franchise. This part of the manga is divided into story arcs, with some filler from the anime. Characters like Emperor Pilaf and Red Ribbon Army, and the Demon King Piccolo all have their own arcs. There are also many side characters, such as Goku's sidekicks. However, there is one main plot line, which is quite predictable: the story of Goku and his friends.

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