Best Action & Adventure Graphic Novels in 2022

Action & Adventure Graphic Novels

If you are looking for action and adventure, then you've come to the right place. Action and adventure graphic novels aren't limited to superheroes. Various types of graphic novels are available, including Homestar Runner, Those Marked in White, Saga, and many more. These are great options if you are looking to get your kids into comic books or graphic novels. The main characters of these books are often kids, so you can be sure that you'll find some titles that your child will enjoy.


The X-Men Action & Adventure graphic novels are a great way to get started with the popular X-Men franchise. The action and adventure of the franchise is a favorite among comic book fans, so it's no surprise that the first volume is the X-Men: First Class. In this volume, Wolverine is on a solo adventure, which can be an interesting read without knowing the history of the X-Men. The series also features a group of mutants who serve as trouble-shooters for the megacorp Serval. They focus on hijinx and corporate espionage.

The X-Men's power-ups have long dealt with the idea of fate. For example, Destiny's precognition powers continued to affect plot points decades after her death, and the X-Men are constantly searching for her diary, as the diaries often foretell certain events. Likewise, several characters in the X-Men have come to believe that their powers are their destiny.

Besides the classic X-Men saga, X-Men action & adventure graphic novels are also available in different forms. There are series that focus on time travel, dimension hopping, and space travel. During one story arc, the young X-Men are reunited with the original four. Meanwhile, the younger Beast is reunited with his younger self. Throughout the series, the X-Men deal with the consequences of their actions and interpersonal conflict.

Those Marked in White

Those Marked in White is an amazing graphic novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2013. The book follows a young woman named Rachel, who wakes up from a shallow grave in order to find her killer. As she pursues the killer, she discovers something ghastly. It is a hauntingly beautiful graphic novel that follows the adventures of multiple characters. In addition to the ghastly murder, the novel also deals with the nature of love and family.


HOMESTUCK is a webcomic published by Andrew Hussie, which began in April 2009. It features animated GIFs, captioned images, Flash pages with music, and interactive walk-around flashes. The story is complex, and follows the exploits of a group of internet friends who become stranded in a virtual world. It is over eight thousand pages long, and includes an extensive animated sequence in its fifth act.

When it first started, the audience was mainly composed of teenagers. The series is notable for portraying the validity of online friendships, which form the backbone of the series. The series was first released on April 13, 2009.

It was a big hit with readers, but it has undergone a number of hiatuses. The first two epilogues posited characters who would have become totalitarian fascist dictators, sex-obsessed control freaks, and manipulative shells. Its hiatuses resulted in the loss of interest of longtime fans, and the resulting lack of resolution disappointed some.


The Saga series of action and adventure graphic novels is an epic space opera. The series is written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, and is published monthly by the American company Image Comics. While the series is heavily inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise, it is based on ideas that Vaughan had as a child. The stories revolve around a husband and wife, Alana and Marko, who belong to different extraterrestrial races.

Saga is an ongoing multi-volume epic, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. It is a sci-fi story about a pair of star-crossed lovers who are on the run from intergalactic bounty hunters. The series features profanity and magic, and has elements of fantasy and science fiction, as well as spaceship trees.

Astro City

After three years, Astro City has returned to comic stores. Created by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson with cover art by Alex Ross, Astro City takes place in a comic-book style metropolitan setting. This slice-of-life comic follows the adventures of costumed superheroes. While Busiek has been a part of the Astro City team for years, this latest installment introduces some new characters and plot threads.

After a long hiatus, this issue of Astro City finally gets around to the story proper. The current story arc is introduced, and previously-promised subject matter is finally tackled. Although the first few issues felt like setup, issue 20 is a major step forward. It is refreshing to see a graphic novel tackling such a topic again. But what does this mean for fans of the series?

Busiek has a long history of writing comic books, and this series has spawned several critically-acclaimed and award-winning series. His work has also spawned a hit TV show, Marvels, which looked at the origin of superheroes through the eyes of a newspaperman. Astro City features ordinary citizens as heroes, as Busiek uses the characters' everyday lives to tell the stories of their lives.

Multiple Warheads

The title of the new comic Multiple Warheads is a witty take on sci-fi and fantasy comics. The series was based on the cult comic book Revival, but the title has more to do with fantasy than science fiction. The story follows a skateboarder who is puzzled by the disappearance of his mentor and is pursued by a grim gaggle of anthropomorphic 'hoodie cats'. He is also menaced by the mysterious bandage that covers his face.

Brandon Graham has a fun and strange sense of humor in his sci-fi comic book series. The art in Multiple Warheads is a mix of post-manga and pulp, and he manages to combine those two in a fun and interesting way. While Graham doesn't draw anything that may offend a sensitive audience, his style is surprisingly sophisticated. It's also clever and cracked.

Astro Boy

If you are interested in the world of manga, you will enjoy the series of Astro Boy Action & Adventure Graphic Novel. The series is one of the most popular and successful of all time. It has sold over 100 million volumes worldwide. Originally created by Osamu Tezuka, this series has since inspired many manga creators. It has been hailed as one of the most influential in the development of the anime industry and has been featured in various best-of-all lists. The character has inspired a number of manga authors, including Akira Yamamoto, Hiroma, and Shinjiro Moto.

The story begins in 1952 with the birth of the titular character. His creator was a genius roboticist who built a robot that was human-like but had no human aesthetics. This robot is rejected by society, and he ends up in the circus. He is adopted by Professor Ochanomizu, head of the Ministry of Science and an advocate of human-robot coexistence. Professor Ochanomizu creates a family for Astro, a robotic robot that can't age and communicate. Astro must find a balance between the demands of his robotic family and Ministry of Science missions, while learning how to be human.

Astro Boy first appeared in the pages of the popular Japanese comic book series Atom Taishi, which featured Freddie Highmore as the titular character. In the comic, he learns about famous figures and places through the narrator, Dr. Ochanomizu. The series was first published in Shonen in April 1951. Tezuka conceived the character as the youthful embodiment of hope and extra strength. He believed that by making Astro Boy popular among kids, he would empower them to change their future. This sparked a franchise that eventually led to the creation of an action & adventure comic.

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